Review Say No! More “No!” – winner’s answer Review

Say No! More is a game that teaches the importance of refusing to people in your life. It’s also one of the most bizarre two hours of my existence. Check out the full review.

  • Producer: Studio Fizbin
  • Publisher: Thunderful Publishing
  • Please enter the date: April 9, 2021

Every person is different in our determination. Certain people are able to stand up for their personal desires. Others are unable to refuse colleagues, friends, or boss, usually at the cost of time and resources . are willing to take on more assignments, stay late at work or take loans…

The second version is different in its determination.

The second kind of individual is Say No! More’s main character (you can alter his appearance, gender as well as the voiceover’s language; you can also choose various languages which include Russian) or an intern working for a firm in which”no” is a word that “no” is not permitted. The corporate rule is always to declare “yes” which is so deeply embedded in the brains the employees of this company that they’ve totally forgotten that it could be different.

Our protagonist however feels as unsecure as he can be – taking the most uncomfortable office seat and even handing his boss a lunchbox making him a lunch-time snoozer. It’s an incredibly hopeless scenario and when the employee catches his attention and pulls out an audio cassette player that teaches him an instruction on how to say no.

It’s also where his rise to self-confidence begins. He follows his boss’s instructions to collect his lunch box and starts to refuse every time and leaves his colleagues stunned. To get coffee, scan documents, or to purchase groceries: for all of these demands, there’s only one option: a clear “NO! The impact of a negative response is so powerful that people splinter tossing furniture and papers.

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The trainee is faced with bosses and guards who aren’t easy to dismiss. Luckily, the motivational tape offers some suggestions, that the participant learns new tricks , like laughing sarcastically, patting your sarcastically to decrease the self-esteem of your adversaries and using new forms of rejection such as strange, lazy and more. You can also use with your “NO!” and amplify its impact that can be useful when fighting corporate leaders.

Say No!

Say No! More is a game for one player which has virtually no gameplay. the main character moves on rails, and all players need to do is look at the cutscenes, then press the button to refuse.

However, you can’t label it boring because it features an aesthetic style that takes you into classic PlayStation games of the early PlayStation era, some pretty funny jokes, some truly bizarre graphics, and an interesting tale with a simple, but moral lesson about when it’s necessary for people to be able to tell “no” however, in the same way it’s important to not always be the one to say “no” to requests. Most enjoyably, Say No! The game is finished in two hours that’s the ideal amount of time to play the game. It manages to entertain you or amuse you, and not bore you.

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