Review of the PS5 version of The Medium – Better than the Xbox Review

The game that is a psychological thriller The Medium was released on MS and Xbox Series X|S in the early 2021. The game was announced to be an Xbox console exclusive, however the exclusivity time was short-lived after which it was released on PlayStation 5. The updated version came with some distinct features that we’ll discuss within this report.

  • Producer: Bloober Team
  • Author: Bloober Team
  • Please note: January 28, 2021 – PC, Xbox Series; September 2 2021 2nd September 2021 PlayStation 5

The storyline in The Medium has not changed in any way – it’s the same game we knew in the first few weeks of the year. It’s An atmospheric but not frightening thriller with a non-boring story, a love of The Silent Hill series, and an unfinished conclusion. There aren’t any scary episodes, and the monster constantly haunting the protagonist, psychic Marianne, doesn’t trigger emotions. An in-depth analysis of the game is available at this link, but this review will focus on the capabilities included in the PS5 version. PS5 version.

There’s plenty to talk about in these games. Bloober Team has spared no effort or time in implementing the DualSense gamepad that makes the game more immersive. of the competition more intense than MS or Xbox Series X versions. When Marianne creates a protective shield that shields her from a crowd of moths, their effect on the object can be felt by the fingers of the point vibrations generated by the controller. The motors begin to pulse to match the blinking lights, transmitting the intensity of the heroine as she breathes. In general, they respond to various scenarios that the game offers.

Additionally, adaptive triggers contribute their share of immersion. For instance, when the spiritual energy builds up, the trigger will resist any energy Marianne absorbs. However, the necessity of pressing the trigger each time I’d like to run is highly annoying. On the other hand, it’s difficult to ignore this aspect since, without acceleration, the heroine is moving very slowly.

Additionally, the developers make full use of the gamepad’s speakers. The gamepad’s speaker can be heard through this device when the player “sees” previous events. The DualSense light and touch panel are also utilized – every one of the features on the controller is employed. It’s certainly not the most thrilling experience, but you’ll wish to shut off the new options in any way. In this regard, The Medium on PS5 is superior to PC or Xbox Series versions.

The game’s technical implementation isn’t all smooth for the technical side of things. The developers raised the minimum resolution to which the game plays (The Medium game is played with dynamic solution). However, they did not allow ray tracing to be used, so don’t expect authentic reflections in PS5. The frame rate fluctuates, and the jumps in frame rate are apparent to the naked eye, mainly when playing split-reality games. Finally, the download speed is not as fast regarding the game’s performance. Despite running in the external SSD console, savinggame loads very slowly, taking about one minute.

If you’re looking to play The Medium on the PS5 to enjoy the most immersive experience possible, The Medium is ready to provide you with that experience. The features for controllers don’t alter the gameplay but make the game more enjoyable. But it has the same issues as eight months before. The Medium isn’t an eerie, fast-paced, and at times, unwieldy horror. The story and the atmosphere are enjoyable; however, don’t expect too much from the Medium.

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