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The creators of Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem have been able to fix the plot hole before the conclusion of Serious Sam 4 and realize a goal of long ago to publicly declare their affection for the series from the perspective of the game’s developer. The game’s first impressions are shared hereā€”fun and chatting about the game with the Timelock Studio team leader.

  • Producer: Croteam, Timelock Studio
  • Publisher: Devolver Digital
  • Date of release: January 25, 2022

Timelock Studio is a small group of mostly professionals who have dedicated several years of their passion and craft to their favorite game, the Serious Sam franchise in particular. It’s just that the Siberian Mayhem game, was an entry point to game development for some of them. Here’s what the studio’s leader Evgeny Yagudin, referred to among people as “DedKadath,” is saying about the experience:

The whole thing began when new participants from Timelock Studio were on the Serious Sam 4 beta tester team. Before the game’s release, it was evident that Serious Sam 4’s Russian setting of Serious Sam 4 had much more potential and, after the game’s release, feedback from players confirmed this. The concept for the DLC, which would allow for the expansion of the Russian episode, was first conceived at that moment, but at the time, it was not part of the realm of jokes and fantasies.

In the following days, I brought together some of the Russian-speaking beta testers and presented them with an idea to create the idea of DLC that will extend the third season in the game. The people I invited were extremely adept at mods and modifying games, which allowed me to evaluate their skills objectively and create an interesting concept.

After two weeks of constant brainstorming, we came up with an 80-page design report that we emailed to the creative director at Croteam. We weren’t sure what would happen to our ideas if they were approved or not-the risk was very high, even though we were optimistic. We were correct because Croteam noticed the project.

We held many live meetings online with the founders of Serious Sam. We in-depth discussdiscuss the objectives and concepts for the venture and lay out the process of development. Once everything was approved, Croteam and Devolver Digital took us under their wing and provided us with all the equipment and funding. That was the start of the Siberian Mayhem.

According to the creators themselves, this game (“midquel,” hasdescribed the game) is set in the penultimate and finale episode Serious Sam 4. After the events at the drilling rig for the Stormtroopers, Sam is determined to bring down the notorious traitor General Brand before he joins the final fight for Tunguska.

It is presumed that players are aware of the storyline of the first Serious Sam 4 and have taken the time to study the game’s innovations like the system of talent and the combat tools (we did, for instance, write an overview of this portion). You’ll be rushing from the location and moving on to Stone’s most-favorite scenario – removing the mental monsters that are sweeping the Russian areas.

Siberian Mayhem was originally supposed to be a download add-on to Serious Sam 4, in the same DLC format as the add-ons to SeriousSam 3 and SeriousSamHD (we are talking about Jewel of the Nile and Legend of the Beast). Just three maps contained the bare minimum of the content not available present in Serious Sam 4’s main game.

This is the area where Siberian Mayhem stands out. We attempted to create entirely new environments packed with fresh content, develop new game mechanics, and add a player’s arsenal. The process began by observing the reactions to the near-completed Siberian Mayhem from our publisher Devolver Digital. In a nutshell, it can be described as “wow, it’s the most amazing thing that has happened to Sam in the last 15 years!” It was the turning point at which, from the very beginning that it was DLC, Siberian Mayhem became an independent add-on.

In a way, this helps give Siberian Mayhem its own face and distinctiveness. It’s very practical for players It’s not necessary the download Serious Sam 4, which is twice as big as Siberian Mayhem.

However, Siberian Mayhem does not feel like a minor expansion. It’s quite the opposite. It’s a tiny yet distinct game with its storyline, innovative and unique gameplay, and an ode to the classic Croteam games. You’ll see, for instance, platforms that are anti-gravity and again take part in battles in multi-story arenas.

Timelock did not forget about the places to explore and also about sidequests that allow you to acquire new devices, like inflatable hoverboards. There are three new weapons in the game Siberian Mayhem,, including the one previously unveiled during an event AK-74MX.

In the game Siberian Mayhem, we have tried to find the perfect balance between the action from the original Serious Sam titles (The First Encounter, The Second Encounter) and Serious Sam 4 with its new features and action.

The player also has the option of using the skill tree and other gadgets; However, this time, there was a lot of emphasis on the surrounding environment during battles, and we brought back the traditional indoor battles and traps, jumpers, distinctive enclosed arenas, and a variety of geometries in combat.

The weather conditions will also be added to the game. For instance, blizzard storms, rain, and winds are sure to add some excitement to the game and, to a certain degree, impact the game’s gameplay as visibility during a snowstorm diminishes. Between battles, players can go through the depths of the game and locate the so-called “points of interests in which he might find additional enemies or even a bit of the game’s lore. Or uncover a part of the puzzle, the correct answer.

It’s a truly unique (for Serious Sam) experience that involves you fighting waves of aliens in the snow, exploring the area, and solving problems, and then at one point, you realize it’s been a while since the snow stopped, and the winter sky is chilly and the evening sun is peeking out through the thick clouds.

Then you’re presented with an amazing perspective of the stark and spiritually romantic Siberian landscapes that are spread across the rugged uplands and snow-covered plains of Russia’s northern coastline, as well as on the horizon are the imposing homes and endless coniferous trees which trample the indestructible mountains.

If you don’t have to be able to enjoy the “cranberry” as well as Sam’s signature humor, it’s impossible to live without it. All over the world are audio recordings as well as informative text files. You will frequently hear hilarious dialogues of the gamma stormtroopers as well as the new cast members aren’t lacking in charm. This is all due to the talented minds of Timelock Studio, working in close collaboration with Croteam representatives.

Timelock Studio currently employs eight staff members. Our team consists of longtime supporters and many of the well-known modders within the Serious Sam community. The team is comprised of team leaders Evgeny “DedKadath” Yagudin (mods RedDay, Ursul Stubbs, and so on. ), Svyatoslav “UrbanDeHuman” Rutskoi (Operation the Sunrise, various animations for weapons Mods), Nikita “YANexus” Koshkarov (Operation Skyfall), Alexey “NSKuber” Oblaukhov (popular scripting mods), Arthur “Ar2R-devil-PiNKy” Sidorin (mods for Serious Sam 2 Renovation, Samolash video magazine, DIO’s Bizarre Encounter mod), Igor “Asdolg” Grinkevich (various tools to work in conjunction with SeriousEngine), Vladimir “FreekNik” Remezov (translator, writer, and creator), Georgy “MintFritter” Koshelev (professional artist and modeler).

That’s how the entire creation of Siberian Mayhem was done. Everyone on the team have extensive experience with modding Serious Sam – some of us have been modding for more than 10 years while others members have been playing various games prior to.

Vladimir, who is part of our group, is a source of storytelling techniques. The most significant project was his Russian translation of a different Croteam game called The Talos Principle. The game’s creators comprised Jonas And Verena Kiratzes. Pirates also played a part in creating the Siberian Mayhem storyline.

It is important to note that some elements were not as Vladimir initially proposed We didn’t want to go against the original vision of Talos or Serious Sam 4 writers, therefore we had to make an opportunity to them at certain instances. We hope that the plot twists of Siberian Mayhem will surprise players.

The players will ride the snowmobile as well as on a quad bike alongside players battling Black Tower guards; they get into this cabin made of old Russian fur, cut it with chainsaws and transform into mincemeat the aliens of the universe to the tune to the tune of “Kalinka-Malinka.” But there’s a problem: after you’ve had a taste of it when Sam’s journey in Russia is done, the game has only five levels. The total amount of time after completing the various side quests will not exceed six hours. But, Timelock Studio will hardly end at that point.

Working with Croteam has been a satisfying experience. We hope to keep our friendship warm. In the present, we are planning to provide support to Siberian Mayhem for a while. This will include updates and bugs and bug fixes. Then we’ll introduce survival mode, as well as new models for players. The next step remains a mystery to us, even though there are some interesting concepts. What they could bring us to is what we’ll find out.

Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem – an extremely short and intense adventure with the typical old-school gameplay, but with a fresh and exciting landscape, fascinating discoveries, and occasionally very serious challenges (depending on the challenge level chosen).

Timelock Studio didn’t create something “out of the blue”; however, they certainly showed that they do have something valuable to offer into the universe that will delicately add to it and expand it slightly, not just on the scale of improvements and enhancements.

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