Review of Road 96 – A game that can surprise Review

This game, Road 96 from the creators of Valiant Hearts and 11-11: Memories Retold, combines procedural generation and a focus on storytelling, the feeling of a journey toward the unknown, themes of politics, comedy action, and a thriller. The way this mix was, we will tell in our review.

  • Producer: Digixart
  • Publisher: Digixart
  • Please note: August 16, 2021

The stories Road 96 will show us take place in 1996, in the fictional state of Petria, which is on the edge of a major transformation. The presidential election is near in the country where the major battle is waged between the incumbent state president Tirac and the candidate of the opposition Flores.

The former supports preserving the current system, whereas the latter supports liberal values. In this context, the citizens are split on their opinions. Unrest and protests occur everywhere, and economic uncertainty is causing more and many people to seek their happiness elsewhere.

Petria’s media are subordinate to the state and reports information in a manner that favors Tirac

However, getting out of Petria isn’t an easy task: The country that is closed is unwilling to let its inhabitants quit the dictatorial “paradise.” Furthermore, Brigada, a terrorist organization proponent of change, is beginning to speak out. A decade ago, it was the subject of headlines after the terrorist attack that claimed the lives of a large number of people. And now it’s making headlines. Crime is rising and has resulted in increased police patrols on the streets.

These introductions will help you start your journey. You’ll meet numerous teenagers who have dreams of going away from Petria. What happens to them in the next place is unimportant, as it isn’t an objective but rather a sign of freedom. Thus, they pack up their belongings and head off for their journeys one at a time.

Transit can be accomplished on foot, on bus or cab, via hitchhiking or carjacking

Digixart Studio head Yoan Fanise worked for fourteen years with Ubisoft creating titles like Beyond Good and Evil and Valiant Hearts.

Road 96 has a fascinating procedural character generation. You would expect this to be seen in a roguelike. However, it is not a narrative-based action game. The characters are randomly created and are a distance of a thousand or two kilometers from the frontier. The character will be involved in several episodes and make several decisions that determine the story’s direction after the report concludes by either making a success of escape or an unsuccessful escape – either death, prison, or both.

Characters will experience a distinct and unique adventure

The adventure will start yet again – with a new teenager but with the knowledge gained before making decisions that have impacted the state around the globe, as well as receiving constant rewards such as locks, improved vocabulary, safe-breaking abilities, and more.

Character generation isn’t a factor in anything: They don’t have a face or voice, and the way they interact with others is similarly whether they’re 14-year old boys or a 19-year old girl. The only time the choice of the protagonist was a crucial factor: was when the system made me into the position of a teenager who had no energy, and he soon went through a trough and was sentenced to prison.

Acquired abilities are passed down between teenagers. the next

While traveling, the protagonists meet attractive strangers like an unidentified trucker that travels through the streets with an unknown cargo, an aspiring hacker, a local TV personality as well as a couple of reckless criminals, a policewoman suffering from family issues, a troubled and dangerous cab driver, and a girl who runs towards the border. Every episode lasts between 10 and 15 minutes, where you can talk to a traveler, share your concerns and political opinions, provide tips, and enjoy enjoyable and unpleasant encounters.

The game’s genre changes between thriller and comedy and adventure to detective, to the detriment of many characters. Road 96 shuffles situations through the procedural generation and distributes them like a dungeonmaster in D&amp’D. It’s impossible to predict what’s going to occur next, and that’s the game’s primary appeal. It gives the feel of a real-life road trip that sees a driver who has stolen a car from someone else trying to earn some money in an eatery, then is an innocent accomplice in an armed robbery. Or even fights for their life and escapes the murderer. The emotional rollercoaster in which the protagonist sleeps under the open sky, and then the next moment it’s in a luxurious limousine, has enthralled me many times.

Sonya is among some of the more controversial characters on Road 96

The non-linear narrative format with various unrelated protagonists allowed the game’s creators to create a cohesive storyline. We do encounter the same NPCs. However, our character will become an alien to them each time and a random friend during their journey. This is something they’ll soon leave. This seems like a sensible approach and allows the writers the chance to tell different stories.

As politics are a constant in all aspects of the Road 96 scenario, you might prefer to stay as uninvolved as you can, not engage in political debates, and avoid glancing at the candidate’s posters everywhere. It’s the same for vice versa when you choose to root for “your” potential president and advocate for what you believe is the right decision. You can also entrust each character with opposing political beliefs.

Sometimes it is possible to get distracted and then relax and enjoy playing a game

The randomness of the events at the start of the game is changed in a more linear pattern in the final chapter: on the day of the presidential election, the actions you’ve made prior can affect the nation’s future to some degree or not. The game keeps track of your activities and every decision you make. The character can talk about what happened to him and your prior versions, and specific actions are pivotal and can have profound effects.

They could be as simple as a phrase written on the wall of a cave or as broad as you assist a girl to escape by helping her publish important information exposing who is the leader in Petria. Your hero’s success will prompt future characters to find new ways to cross the border since the authorities swiftly shut down the alternatives.

Despite their intimidating appearance the robbers are actually quite funny characters

If, from the information above, you believed that Road 96 was all about traveling around the world and having conversations with NPCs and NPCs, then… the game is quite right. Sometimes, however, the game has thrilling episodes like some shootouts, chases, mini-games, and more. The game allows you to search for each location by opening safes, finding keys to cars, finding an energy bar, and then finding the right place to stay to sleep. The game’s mechanics are sufficient to create an unpredictable game. As we’ve mentioned before, you don’t know what you can expect from the trip positively.

What else does the game has to offer:

  • A wonderful soundtrack that you can collect piece by piece as cassettes (even the chapters are named in honor of famous songs);
  • Beautiful scenery reminds me of Firewatch or Journey;
  • High quality character voice acting
  • Many emotions From joy to fear.

Road 96 is fantastic. The creators have blended the odd, combined different narrative styles, and provided players with a thrilling adventure. Though the ideas presented could seem superficial, the plot will be to dispel the escapist away from the “politic” jumping out of nowhere. However, the game lets you write your storythat can turn into an exciting trip to the border and the declaration of the struggle for power and the freedom to choose.

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