Review of Redout Space Assault – dancing with rockets Review

We went to space to protect those interests for Poseidon Corporation. Poseidon Corporation in the sequel to the indie shooter developed by the Italian creators. In a short and simple way, tell us the story behind Redout: Space Assault is about and if the game deserves your attention.

  • producer: 34BigThings srl
  • Publisher: 34BigThings srl
  • Please note: January 22, 2021

Redout: Space Assault is the sequel to the game with the same name that received mostly positive reviews during its time. The protagonist in the game is a dark-skinned security agent Leon as an air fighter pilot is assigned the most difficult assignments, but is unaware that he’s caught up in a colonial company’s battle with rival forces.

Redout: Space Assault

The story acts as a backdrop to the missions develop, hoping to keep us entertained with fascinating stories and heartfelt conversations that have philosophical undertones, but with mixed results. I, in any case was able to spend a significant portion of the conversations trying to survive , not discover what I’m doing where I am, who my enemy is and the reason he invested all his energy into the destruction of one tiny ship.

There’s a main mission, and two additional mission within Redout: Space Assault. The first one is typically an adventure-based one that we are able to manage while the two other missions are classic missions in the “kill 80percent of the enemies” or “don’t be damaged by the missile” style.

It’s important to note that Leon’s vessel has incredible maneuverability. It is equipped with energy shields, numerous principal cannons (only one at the start) and missile launchers which are able to be shot as often as you like, and release many rounds at a time.

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In the majority of quests, the ship, caught in the whirlwind of events moves through the map and even shoots at enemies that are in its crosshairs automatically , if you have it set up correctly. While you’re at it you earn coins, swirl barrels and move through obstacles.

There are also missions it is possible to explore the surroundings in relative freedom or do not need to fight or even run against an armada, an aggressive corvette , or something else. Sometimes it’s a race and sometimes an exploration game but for the vast portion, it’s more or less an old-fashioned Third-person Rail Shooter.

Bossfights can be of interest This is the area where the developers went crazy. The first real opponent you’ll face is during at the end of Chapter 2 as well as in chapter 4,, you’ll battle man-to-man against Capital Ship. Bosses can change their strategy to surprise and delight you with their new weapons.

Each time you complete a mission, the game asks players to select one of two cards to be an incentive. They’re usually modifications for the ship’s system, and have basic , and occasionally additional effects. There is only one enhancement onboard, and selecting a different card removes the one you had previously.

Your credits can be used to upgrade permanently armor, energy shields, ship’s energy main as well missile weapon. The cost increases as you upgrade. Then, when the maximum level is attained, the item is upgraded to the next level.

In contrast to standard space shooters, the absence of a lever to alter thrust can be a bit confusing. You can perform a brief sprint or slow down the ship however there is no option to manually alter the speed to return.

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Graphics in Space Assault aren’t bad. The space models and ship backgrounds are beautifully drawn however the developers overdid the graphics with color and effects. Some of the models appear very black, and also have textures that the designers forgot to add intentionally or due to any oversight, while other look darker.

Your fighter is flying towards the sun-drenched asteroid belt its engines and lights shine and in between you is a sea of enemies that are blazing with explosives, missiles and God knows which other sources of light. All of this is mingled in and blocks you from moving and shooting. In other words, it can blind the player. In certain situations, it can be extremely painful to be playing.

If you’re into shooting games, that you’ll fall in love with Redout: Space Assault, however it doesn’t need to be. It’s not as popular as PC games, both in shooting as well as action, and begs to playable on mobile platforms, rather than PC.

The developers also implemented intriguing bosses, even they aren’t the most spectacular however, they still tell a story. And most importantly, they didn’t overlook to accompany Redout: Space Assault with an energetic soundtrack that perfectly compliments the game’s gameplay.

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