Review of Neurodeck – KKI about phobias and fears Review

The world has seen various game types of collectible cards (CCI), including fantasy or fantasy, inspired by popular universes, military, superheroes cartoon… However, no one could have considered bringing to the real-life format themes such as our fears and anxieties, which was the first feature of the CCI Neurodeck that is psychological and includes aspects of RPG.

  • Producer: TavroxGames
  • Publisher: Goblinz Publishing, Maple Whispering Limited
  • Please note: March 18, 2021

The company behind the development TavroxGames has just eight people. Neurodeck was their first major project that has won regional and national grant funding from French businesses Le CNC and La Region Occitanie.

It’s not the kind of thing where an untrained team with no knowledge of the game industry was able to make an original game that is a masterpiece for indie developers, as the game has important merits and a host of scathing imperfections.

Then Neurodeck provides a psychological adventure with two characters. One of them is one girl named Lay who emigrated to another nation in search of a better life, but it was not enough to solve her problems. Another heroine is Jupiter, which is at first not available, but according to images from the developers, the game’s creators have confirmed that she … was also a part of her homeland to find the world of a different kind. The concept behind playing the game is to pick an individual character and follow his story as he goes along the way, fighting his fears and attempting to find an escape from the dark realm that individuals create within their minds.

There is nothing of this kind to develop a plot Neurodeck as far as plot. The heroines are different only in appearance, and the plot is not mandatory. You can read the girls’ notes during battles and phobias. It is only available at the moment and does not convey any significance. This was a negative for me since games with this type of setting lack an emotionally moving story, like GRIS and Sea of Solitude.
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In the beginning, it is easy to proceed with the game. This is where the game could be a bit frustrating and a lot of fun.

The game revolves around the KKI’s mechanics-you have a deck and set of cards you need to spend fighting against your opponents. To avoid feeling like a Gambit, it has an energy mechanic. Each card requires a certain amount of energy to be used, and you can spend on a maximum of three cards per round. The heroine is equipped with a health reserve, referred to as “Adequacy,” in line with the theme.

The heroine is a healthy reserve.

The designers should be commended for their maps. There are many. In just a few hours of traveling, I came across increasing numbers that are everyday things in life that can make us feel a bit or even a lot more joyful. Also, there’s Random Thoughts, Antistress Ball, Cozy Bed, Write the details of Your Day Was, Fruit, and many more. Similar to other CCIs, Cards are classified (item or action) and possess different properties (attack energy, energy, replenishment, or something else).

A small Note: Some cards may be unclear. For instance, “Tattoos” take away 15 health points for the person and phobia. It’s not clear how they can help to combat the fears. Hot drinks are also a factor that can increase the fear of attack, but if you consider it from a psychological perspective, can that be the answer?

Participation in Neurodeck is similar to Slay the Spire – the player follows a path that resembles a typical day. The heroine rests and works out in the library, lays in the living room, and faces her fears between these actions. When you make the “stops,” there is the possibility to boost up the heroine’s stats. You can also create new cards or duplicate existing cards and get a buff for the next battle by eating.

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All of this happens to a pleasant soundtrack, another great feature of Neurodeck. The visuals, as well as the music, allow you to immerse yourself in the experience. Although there are a few small bugs with the game’s interface, there are some technical issues.

Unfortunately, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, Neurodeck has a serious drawback: boring gameplay. Each adventure is created randomly; however, battles soon become boring, and upon dying, there’s nothing that will keep you going.

The characters don’t seem like people, and the story is dull and ineffective. At the end of your playthrough, you’ll be encouraged and praised to go back and play again. We can conclude that with just a couple of runs, it is not very interesting and, furthermore, the 1-2 minutes it’s not difficult to complete the game. Then, after the game, I’m still unable to comprehend how he was able to help the girl to overcome the fear (and how it was helpful in any way).

If the game featured a coherent plot that was focused on ridding a particular persona of fears and the gameplay could throw new challenges, Neurodeck could be a fantastic indie game that could be the first representative of CCI. CCI. It is essential to make an adjustment, as this is the first game of a small studio, and in addition, the game isn’t lacking in virtues. In addition, should you be a fervent enthusiast of the genre, it’s worth waiting for sales on Steam and enjoying your free time playing the game.

You’ll need to keep an eye out for discounts to appear on Steam and enjoy an evening of the free night playing the game.

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