Review of Mutropolis – A Too Classic Quest Review

Fun, tight, but at times, extremely confusing and unlogical. Tell us about the story of Metropolis of Pirita Studio. Spanish Pirita Studio. Pirita Studio.

    • Producer: Pirita Studio
    • Publisher: Application Systems Heidelberg
    • Publisher: Application Systems Heidelberg

Date of Release Date: February 18, 2021

The distant, extremely distant year of 5000. Humanity left Earth long ago and migrated to Mars; however, it is not uncommon to return home with a solely research-based purpose. Archaeologists go through the remains of civilization, searching for objects dating back centuries.

  • Humanity has gone from Earth and relocated to Mars some time back.
    The principal character, a man, known as Henry Dijon, is one of these archaeologists. His professor boss, Professor Total, dreamed of a Metropolis, a mythical lost city. One day the professor is taken by unknown attackers, and Henry and his team members embark on a rescue mission. In this tale, many aspects are entangled – the past and the future technology, ancient gods and modern technology, humor and tragedy.

    Metropolis extremely.

    Metropolis is a cute, fun, adorable, and intriguing quest. The characters are unique and include the classic geek, the person addicted to work and the tough girl, the femme fatale, and the creepy crook. These characters are quickly etched into your brain.

    The plot is compelling enough to keep you wanting to follow it to the very end. And the humor is excellent uplifting the monotonous game. The jokes make up the most significant part of the game’s appeal, and it’s enjoyable to read the posts of 5000 people who see things familiar to us and then try to understand what they are trying to accomplish. But, of course, it’s not devoid of references to contemporary pop culture and, as such, is difficult to comprehend for those from the future.

    It’s all spiced with a beautiful aesthetic reminiscent of Broken Age. You must give it to the artist Beatrice Gascon, who was responsible for the characters and the surroundings: despite huge differences in the places the characters are placed, the overall style follows the same theme, so the whole world is solid.

    The graphics and the narrative of Metropolis are excellent. However, the gameplay can be a bit shaky. It’s a classic game of point-and-click and takes on the primary flaws of this genre, which are complicated and confusing puzzles.

    Sometimes, I couldn’t determine what the game’s creators wanted to accomplish in a specific scene, so I had to search through the various items I had in my inventory to hope that some could work. I’m not saying that the game lacks reasoning, but often our 21st-century brains can’t discern the peculiarities of Mars’ thinking for the first time. Also, you need to be extremely carefulto pay attention to the small details and learn that dialogues conversations that aren’t important can reveal crucial clues to pass.

    However, developers have made the controls as simple to the maximum extent possible In Metropolis; it is possible to utilize the left mouse button to do anything from moving the character to using objects. This lets you relax and unwind and concentrate on solving the challenges.

    I’m unable to resist noticing the game’s outdated save system. The load and keep menus are integrated, which means that should you attempt to modify an older save, you risk downloading the file and losing your progress. I had to play the game again for 1 hour due to this issue – not the most pleasant experience. The game comes with an auto-save option; however, be cautious if you choose manual saving.

    In the end, Metropolis is a good adventure with good humor and attractive graphics, which could be a bit more friendly for players. It’s not terrible for a debut game. However, I hope Pirita Studio does even better with its next games.
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