Review of Ender Lilies Quietus of the Knights – A Gothic Story of the Girl in White Review

Ender Lilies Quietus of the Knights is a gothic 2D action RPG metroidvania that lets you are an innocent little girl who is protected by knights immortal.

  • Producer:Live Wire, Adglobe
  • Publisher:Binary Haze Interactive
  • Date of release:June 22, 2021

The game was quietly released onto early access the month of January 2021. The game has since quietly received hundreds of highly positive reviews, with players not shy about sharing their most heartfelt praise. I had the chance to play the beta version and I’m able to say that the majority of the praise is genuine.

Ender Lilies transports us into the dark fantasy world into the world of Outland which has fallen due to the mysterious “rain of demise”. In the dark and dark world, in a deafened church, a beautiful young woman with white hair, who plays the protagonist, comes back to her senses. The loss of memory prevents her from recollecting her name, however she’s not the only person in the room. A mysterious ghost knight dressed in the rags promises to keep her safe. So, our adventures begin.

The game should be appreciated for the story It’s told with a lucid flow through notes, occasional monologues and dialogues between villains and heroes These little clues that are easy to grasp and are interested to read. We soon discover what the character’s name was Lily and that the entire world is plagued with a certain “filth” which turns the people around into mutants.

The adversaries themselves, as well as the bosses themselves, played a role in the intrigue of the story. They too, were once human and some are very closely connected to the life of the heroine.
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First “enemy” can be found just 5 minutes following the event begins and, following a quick victory, it’s revealed that the girl knight was protecting our heroine’s cause in the church and the filth had been able to take its toll, and has turned her into an apocalypse. The stories of the characters are informative however, the most interesting thing is that enemies like these are able to be released and forced to fight for your cause.

Final Lilies: Quietus of the Knights was anticipated to raise expectations prior to the release of the sequel Hollow Knight, and the final product is one which is capable of competing with it. It’s an atmospheric intriguing, intricate and beautiful metroidvania that is sure to draw people who enjoy the genre and also anyone who enjoys dark fantasy.

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