Review of Doom Eternal (Switch) Hell on minimal settings Review

With Nextgen and the console wars and the release of the most awaited game of the past eight years, as well as the related Internet discussions in a way even Hell appears to be an incredibly calm and peaceful space. Particularly since we were able to take the game with us when DOOM Eternal was released on Nintendo‘s hybrid console. If it’s required, let’s discuss the game through this article.

  • developer id Software
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Date of release: December 8, 2020

Our new little DOOM

Title screen. The soap begins here.

It’s not really needed for this review to explain exactly what DOOM series is about. Particularly, the core of the game could be described in one sentence: a single fighter fighting demons from hell. The 2016 relaunch had an in-depth look at the genre’s history, however the core of the game did not change.

I have a long-standing and close relationship to DOOM Eternal, and with the DOOM series overall. I can recall how Doom 1993 was among my first DOOM games as a child and, following the release of Eternal and the lack of a suitable gaming console I decided to purchase an outdated Xbox One so I could test this incredible driving game on it.

Its box-based version obviously it was not as good as the PC-style beauty I experienced during the presentation of the 2080 Ti however, thanks to the the high frame rate and great optimization, the difference was barely evident. Therefore, when Eternal launched on Switch I couldn’t wait to test it on the portable. Can we successfully port the AAA shooter to this new baby yet again? It was especially interesting since it seemed to work quite well in the previous installment, and it worked in the three previous installments.

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Soapy Hell

However, despite trying to be as honest and affectionate as I could about the console’s hardware my first impressions of the console was not a raving one. Perhaps I’d have been less critical if I hadn’t played it before on the PC or “box” but the dramatic reduction in graphics quality was eye-catching.

It is evident the differences in both the Switch or Xbox One versions in the pictures. Be aware that this is an elementary “box,” not S or an X and definitely not a nextgen that I would not even consider comparing with.

Even on a tiny screen, it’s hard to cover the “soap” on the screen all the way to the weapon models on the hands, title screen, early 2000s-level detail, and the 30 FPS frame-rate. Naturally, I didn’t want to play on the dock again after the fact. If you’re able to remember, it was around 15 years ago that they began launching top shooters on low-end computers by turning all settings to minimum and lowering the resolution that they didn’t cause the game to become slower.

Are you sure?

It’s actually not. In the background of XCOM 2 with a minute and a half loading time, the sluggish FPS and the universal “soap” even within the interface, and even impossible to play Outer Worlds optimization DOOM Eternal is considered to be nearly perfect. It’s just not able to play the game at the way it can. In other words, it’s a decent Eternal which plays quite good on a handheld.

The gameplay in all shooting, movement as well as melee gameplay, as well as all weapons and their modifications as well as the lore and gorgeous metal soundtrack have been carefully and faithfully transferred into the portable format. Its frame rates, although evidently low, does not drop to levels that are unplayable.

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Joycons controls are in no anything inferior to the regular gamepad that, in my opinion, is much better suited to DOOM. DOOM as opposed to a traditional mouse or keyboard. An added benefit is the ability to control gestures. This is a unique and interesting experience on a handheld, however, it can take some time to get used to. It’s also worth mentioning that the Switch has complete Russian localization that isn’t always present in the Switch even when it’s available for other operating systems.

DOOM 64 is a Nintendo exclusive. It’s somewhat odd in that there’s no controls for the vertical axis.

If you do choose to save the Earth with an portable format There’s a nice delight in store. DOOM Eternal comes with a revamp from DOOM 64, the Nintendo 64-exclusive game from the series. It gained fame for its far darker style than the original numbered games.


Despite all the reservations and issues it is exactly the DOOM eternal which is quite real to play on a mobile and also to enjoy. The only thing not quite clear is the target market. Only the most committed people who love the genre and/or the series would buy an unremarkably graphically poor port for the price of 4,500 rubles. For those who believe that Switch can be the sole option accessible.

I’m sure there’s people who are like that. In my opinion, there’s a lot of games that play on Nintendo console. Nintendo console that are more beneficial to purchase. Additionally, DOOM is not the best game to play in other places.

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