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The most popular games of the last few years has been a source of controversy that include bugs, poor performance and unplayable games on PS4 as well as Xbox One, unfulfilled promises and this is just an insignificant portion of the information about the idea from CD Projekt RED. With this backdrop it’s unfortunate to hear the negative reviews of the game, but after all, it’s, with all its flaws an excellent game. Now, we’re ready to discuss our thoughts about Cyberpunk 2077.

  • Producer: CD Projekt RED
  • Publisher: CD Projekt RED
  • Publisher: December 10, 2020
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  • 1 The game’s context
  • 2The Cyberpunk 2077 is a fantastic story and a fantastic production.
  • 3The Cyberpunk 2077 is a huge open world However, it’s boring
  • 4 The cars in Cyberpunk 2077 are awesome however, they’re a bit awkward to drive.
  • Five The artificial intelligence in Cyberpunk 2077 is horrendous.
  • 6In Cyberpunk 2077 is a beast of shooting game.
  • 7The system for role play in Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t perfect.
  • 8Cyberpunk 2077 looks great and also sounds fantastic
  • There are some bugs found in Cyberpunk 2077.
  • 10Claim.

Concerning the current situation surrounding the game

Forums are buzzing, Sony is removing Cyberpunk 2077 from the PS Store and angry players are asking for refunds and sharing videos of hilarious bugs. Who’s responsible? Both the developers and their customers.

The developers are at fault.

The first two have clearly been too ambitious. Their goals didn’t align with the possibilities. As it turned out, certain mechanisms had to be removed off of the gameplay (which is standard for developing) The game that was left did not work exactly as it is supposed to.

CD Projekt RED should have been aware that the interest in the game will be greater than it was and they should be more cautious when making promises. Profiting from the huge confidence that was handed to game makers following The Witcher series, they were planning a bigger project and openly communicating with the players. This is why they were ecstatic at any news of modifications to other content, like removing subways and tuning cars hanging up the walls that, according to the developers, caused a break in the level design.

The creators could adopt the method Rockstar Games uses – quietly create the game and keep players in the dark regarding the game’s content and status by limiting themselves to just the release of a few trailers, and not making rash promises. Of of course, it was crucial to CDPR to keep its image as an “people’s studio” however, this ended up backfiring on them.

However some players had unrealistic expectations of Cyberpunk 2077 thinking about it being a combination from GTA, The Witcher, the TES V: Skyrim and who knows what else, a definite masterwork and most popular game in the era. You invented it and were disappointed. Of course, it’s impossible to not fall for the hype wave in a world where the players are being discussed at every turn However, it is much better to be able to evaluate the potential product so that you don’t feel irritated by the difference between what you want to see and real world. There is every reason to be wary regarding it.

What happens after the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 is not yet known. CD Projekt RED will probably somewhat address the issue by releasing patches, improving performance, and release the story DLC. In addition, I’ll attempt to look at the game’s performance in the context of the hype surrounding it. What’s to come in the vibrant and exciting Knight City?

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpunk 2077 has a great plot and fantastic staging

A mercenary dubbed V seeks to make it in Knight City, a vast city where he is assigned many jobs, which includes, of course those that are illegal (in all, notion about “legality” within Knight City is very relative).

There are three possible choices for backstory to choose from – “Nomad,” who arrives in the city in search of the chance to live a better life “Street Child” with a desire to climb into the princely realm of world or “Corporat,” who is not employed by an enormous company. This is essentially a false choices, as each is only a half-hour of the prologue following which the story continues to unfold exactly the same for all. Except that the gamers will have their own unique characters in the dialogue – for instance, “Child of the Streets” may include a sentence or two about urban criminal gangs. There aren’t any more grave consequences to expect from the decision to use the backstory of this or that.

In pursuit of a different assignment, Vee and his partner Jackie enter a posh hotel in order to steal particular chip. In the hotel they witness the murder by the head of Arasaka Corporation. Arasaka Corporation The chip appears inside Vee’s brain which is later discovered to be the brain of Johnny Silverhand, the rock actor, terrorist and anarchist who was responsible for the nuclear explosion that occurred at the Arasaka headquarters fifty years ago.

You shouldn’t be walking around using a chip for a long time and very soon, the main character’s personality will be changed by the mind of Johnny and not because he wishes to, but due to its nature. The mercenary must make every effort to resolve the issue, and he must get it done as soon as possible, since there’s no way to solve the problem by using antivirus.

The story is among Cyberpunk 2077’s biggest strengths. It’s well-written, beautifully choreographed and generally logical in its relation to the location. Characters are unforgettable: Silverhand is a real awful, sham-faced, a**hole. Judy is strong and sturdy initially but is incredibly vulnerable in real life; the AI Delamain is extremely interesting. Also, make certain to follow the quest’s chain of quests to find the “lost” vehicles from Delamain’s taxi station – this adventure shook me up by a surprising Portal hint.

The game has plenty to provide.

There’s not as much role-playing as I’d prefer. V isn’t Shepard or Geralt, but rather the character who has an established character, which means it’s impossible to behave rudely either way or similarly, be an obligingly courteous goody-goody. This means that Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t just an RPG, but an action game that has aspects of roleplaying. You play along with the train without the ability to turn around or alter the character’s appearance. I’m not saying it’s an issue however, it’s important to accept the fact that it is.

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If you’re interested in playing your part, then the challenge is definitely worth taking part.

The relative freedom of dialogues only occurs only after pumping. Certain responses require a particular test, for example the V could be threatening the person speaking to him with force if the value is greater than, say 10 points. This can open up a variety of possibilities, but doesn’t affect the progression of the narrative in general.

Similar to the variety of quests: you can play Deus Ex-style, get into bases of enemies with weapons drawn on the ground employ stealth, come up with a solution, or become hacker and hack into devices that track enemies and tracking devices remotely. However in the end, with a few exceptions, you’ll reach the same end of the quest. There are stories that may connect with each other and the execution of other missions may affect the characters and the events of the main story however, this effect is minimal and in the majority of cases is a brief glimpse of the character’s fate we’ve before encountered.

It is also important to be aware that this isn’t an issue in the actual story.

However, despite these shortcomings it’s worth repeating that the story of Cyberpunk 2077 is great and the action scenes were staged in a manner that other game designers who work in first person could take of CD Projekt RED: there aren’t any talking heads, and the characters are active and gesture with great force and don’t hesitate of swearing, which is extremely appropriate for the game. But what do you think they behave in public?

The Cyberpunk 2077 is an expansive open world, however, it’s boring.

Night City is a lovable city. At night and day, the city looks gorgeous, with its massive advertisements as well as the glaring outlines of high-rises and the stark contrast between affluent areas and urban slums. Even outside of from the urban area, VEE’s towering billboards are visible in the desert and the garbage piles remind us of the ugly aspect of our human civilisation.

It’s a large city with wide roads that make fantastic motorcycle rides. There are also narrow alleyways that are filled with people who are scumbags, sidewalk eateries and a neighborhood dubbed Chock Street, and more. Knight City is exactly the kind of city that cyberpunk is supposed to be: noisy and dirty modern, futuristic, and captivating. The developers have discovered a variety of artifacts hidden in the city and filled the city with things to do that will make you smile to the heart.

It’s important to be clear right off the beginning: not all missions within Cyberpunk 2077 will be equally enjoyable. You’re not able to focus on anything other aside from the yellow icons in the main quest, and additional quests. Blue icons conceal optional battles that are worthy of closing solely for the experience and money gained as well as – at any time. In addition the yellow dots of interest may conceal the boring kill-or-be-killed mission.

However you begin to discover that the city is only a fictional representation. Outside of the mission, there’s nothing else to do. The people who live there are statists who are sluggish in their response to the player’s actions. Their only recourse is swear at V whenever confronted, and then sprint away or crawl when a firefight breaks out. Conversations between NPCs are recorded while characters and vehicles disappear out of the blue without a hint of a routine whatsoever. They’re fascinating to observe only in the context of a “here right now” moment, for instance such as when you walk into the club and listen to an exchange between prostitutes which are played out before you in this particular time and location.

It’s also impossible not to be in love with the city. It’s gorgeous, large and extremely captivating. It’s all you have to do is be convinced but also be fooled by its unsteady realism, and shut your eyes from the intricacies. That’s not something everyone would want to do. And it’s likely to be true.

The vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077 are extremely cool, however they are uncomfortable to drive.

Even the most basic “car” on the market is pretty impressive. What about the sports cars that cost millions of dollars?

There are talented designers designing these cars , and in each one, you’ll want to take a seat and take a look and discover what it is able to accomplish.

However, once you hit the W key it becomes apparent that you don’t want to take a ride in the local variants of Plotva. The driving mechanics here are quite mediocre. The cars are very naughty and difficult to adjust to. Of obviously, this isn’t an actual racing game, and it will take you a lot less time on the road than you would on your own two however I’d like to see more of these techniques.

It is the AI that is in Cyberpunk 2077 is a nightmare.

Not the one operating the smart cabs, or the homing weapons of the game’s history – he’s excellent, and Delamain, as we’ve mentioned was an fascinating character.

In addition, the level of intelligence of NPCs in the ranks and enemies was not what I expected. They are incapable of basic actions, like driving around with a car abandoned at the end of the road. They can demonstrate the basic principles techniques, however not much greater than. They can cover themselves throw grenades, or even remotely hack V however, they’re quite easy to fool. You are able to hide from them without any difficulty, so combats aren’t really a huge threat.

The higher difficulty level will make your enemies stronger, but not more intelligent making them blast sponges. Therefore, I suggest avoiding the highest difficulty level at least for the first time, to avoid from having to take on bandsits for long periods of duration, and removing only a tiny percentage of your health by taking headshots. We can only hope AI bugs will be addressed in the future patches.

The camera work that takes place in Cyberpunk 2077 is awe-inspiring.

The majority of games missions boil down to fighting in one form or in another. Weapons are plentiful with slots that allow up to three weapons or melee weapons, and another slot that is dedicated to arm-enhancing tools like mantis blades and so on.

The guns scream with confidence. A volley from the shotgun is enough to turn the opponent, while a shot from the sniper gun will take away the majority of health, or even completely empty it all at the same time. The weapons are divided into different various levels of rarity, starting that range from “simple” up to “legendary” and can be made, upgraded and customized by using modules. You can set the top-of-the-line sight, use non-lethal weapons and so on. The guns are changed frequently and, in the inventory they grow at an incredible speed. After each battle, “vacuumed” the battlefield it is necessary to go through the items you have found, then decide on what should be kept, and what to take apart and then decide what to sell.

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The inventory can be a bit confusing here, it’s a place for control of the mouse and is not always easy to navigate. However, this does not just apply to the management of items as well as other aspects in the interface. It is easy to get lost in the tabs, and consumables are alike to one another and the quest log I could not understand initially, it appeared that the information about the vehicles that are available for purchase aren’t included on the quest list.

Moving back towards the system of combat, it is likely to be the second element after the story , and for which you’d like to be awed by the game. The combat may not completely well-balanced, and it has “imba” guns as well as blatantly unnecessary gadgets, but it does serve its purpose, which is to provide enjoyment to its fullest degree.

The Cyberpunk role system 2077 isn’t perfect.

In terms of RPG components, we’re not as lucky. V is powered by the basic attributes and capabilities. These are the typical RPG strength and intelligence, as well as technique and other such. The more points that are invested in a particular trait is the greater the associated capabilities. For instance strength influences combat, agility and even destruction. Furthermore, certain these traits, as previously mentioned provide additional possibilities for responding in certain dialogues.

Abilities are V’s active as well as passive abilities. They are broken down into branches of skill. For instance, the Athletics branch is comprised of 22 skills which include increasing the payload, reducing damage sustained, boosting armor and the list goes on. When you invest the points earned from your skill when you increase your level your character, you boost the power of the character into one direction or the other.

However, not all directions are equally beneficial. For instance in the stealthy branch, there are a lot of skills that remain untapped such as poison immunity or throwing knives.

I have found I found the Intelligence section to be most beneficial since it exposes the existence of the hero in the cyberpunk universe and makes you want to use his hacking abilities to fight. V is a virus that enters enemy brains that are capable of denying them seeing or even the capability to move and who, once that’s done isn’t keen on the stealth upgrades? Sure, you could emphasize the weaponry, weapons or other weapons to make your hero a generalist , or even develop in a specific direction, however, you must be aware that some skills aren’t the same as other.

Additionally, Vee can enhance his body by utilizing implants that are available at local shops. Each has a distinct collection of items and it is logical to look through all shops. Enhancements will permit you, for instance to do double jumps, boost your fitness, or make use of “gorilla fingers”. It’s a shame that most of them, excluding weapons implants for arms can’t be seen on the body of the character.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a great looking and is a blast to listen to

But not all gamers can enjoy the gorgeous graphics. The game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the game is nearly impossible to play, and on PlayStation 5, running on backward compatibility, it is displayed in 1080p and displays an unimpressive image. For Xbox Series X the situation is improved however not much. The owners of the next generation consoles must sit and wait to see the game updated to their respective platforms.

Users of MS are better off. This version of Cyberpunk 2077 appears to be an actual newgen, particularly when you activate RTX effects and set the maximum graphic settings. But, on average , by contemporary standards the game appears good. But it also has some nebulous specifications for computers, which means you’ll need to sacrifice some effects in order to get an consistently high frame rate.

The detail level in the game is quite remarkable, with cars in and out as well as every room being scrutinized in depth with many details. It’s evident that you’ve put lots of effort and time in this video game.

It’s also what is it that sounds like? I would suggest wearing high-quality headphones to experience the amazing audio surround, rumble of the vehicles as well as the roar of guns, and the sound that is everywhere. Cyberpunk 2077 is an excellent soundtrack. In fact, I did not want to end the battles. So amazing is these “battle” tracks. Also, there are tracks that play on radios in nightclubs and bars.

Bugs exist in Cyberpunk 2077.

There are many of them to be found in this game. There’s everything from “T-poses” and getting stuck in objects to cars appearing right in front of you, AI disabling, and the unfortunate fact that quests break. In my walkthrough, the stories didn’t suffer from the same fate. This was fixed through restarting my game. This is a great thing, as it’s only restarting isn’t possible for one or more quests may fail irreparably.

It’s expected.

This is normal for a project that has a lot of interconnected mechanical systems, it’s impossible to work without bugs. There are bugs are fun to laugh about. Some bugs are a bit annoying. found myself annoyed when I was required to drive with the fixer in circles around his car , accompanied by an inmate’s body who was required to surrender to finish the task. At the end of the day I had to vomit and then leave, dejected at the defeat of the mission. The conclusion is that we must wait for patches.


It’s difficult to provide one single opinion about Cyberpunk 2077. We are confronting an early access version that could already be completed, but the creators need to do a lot to finish to bring it back to an optimal state. This is why I’m evaluating the game with only a slight advancement, based on the title of the company, and taking into consideration the issue that was present in The Witcher 3, which was the same in release was plagued with bugs. The game eventually received numerous updates which fixed the issue.

Are Cyberpunk 2077 worth the price right today? If you’re eager to play it – then you should. An exciting story, an atmospheric city and beautiful photography can make up some of the game’s weaknesses. However, you must reduce your expectations and remain patient and be patient – it might not be as enjoyable as you had hoped.

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