Review of Batbarian Testament of the Primordials – The Barbarian and his Mouse Review

It’s not a mistake in the game’s name. It’s an ingenuity of words: the main character is a barbarian traveling with a bat placed in his. It’s a hilarious delightful, exciting, and charming adventure! Learn more about it in the story in this review.

  • Creator: Unspeakable Pixels
  • Publisher: DANGEN Entertainment
  • Date of release: October 15, 2020

What is the game’s purpose?

Fighting off the orcs who accuse him of theft of the barbarian, he has fallen into the caves beneath. It is now his responsibility, along with the assistance of his bat companion, to escape the cave. However, it won’t be easy since the dungeon is full of dangerous creatures and is dotted with traps! And the mouse is a bit mysterious. Therefore, there is an extended journey to follow.

Barbarian: Testament of the Primordials is a platformer for matroids. The protagonist explores the rooms, fights monsters and solves puzzles, and encounters strange characters. Some of them are with him for a short time, and others pop up occasionally to further enhance the intrigue of the story’s unfolding. The game is filled with funny dialogue; players can select lines to use in conversations with NPCs. The creators are to be commended for their work – there are many jokes, and most of them will be a joy to watch. The comedy inspired me to continue, and it was fun to see what funny scenarios the game would bring.

Barbara is powerful but not in all ways omnipotent, and not every enemy will be defeated with their sword. There are armored monsters steel unable to take, and they have flying beasts that can’t be beaten. To overcome obstacles and problems, it is essential to blend the strengths of the protagonist and the bat. The bat is highly attracted by the fruit that is scattered across the areas: one of them causes the animal to become aggressive, so you must throw it at your opponent, and the other is that he flies like a moth toward the light source, so it is helpful to keep the mouse away from the start of light.
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What I loved about

  • The storyline. Much like the character, the protagonist isn’t sure about the mystery. Alongside him, we explore the mysteries and secrets of the underworld. By making choices, we could reach one of a variety of possible endings.

  • Mood. Mediumly dark and moderately enjoyable, easy to play, not overly stressed – that’s how you might put it in the words of Barbarian: Testament of the Primordials. As we said, many funny jokes can be described as a breath of new air following the sad stories about the plight of facing universal evil.
  • World Structure. The underground cave system is split into several biomes. According to which direction the Metroidvaniya goes, you must return to previously visited areas with new capabilities to access previously closed areas. The ability to travel between the biomes through teleport fires and a map you can refer to whenever you need it will let you know precisely where your hero is and how to get there. Location. You will find many hidden gems if you are attentive to your surroundings.

  • A simple difficulty-balancing. The game comes with a range of settings that allow you to modify the difficulty according to your preferences: make the more vibrant, lessen the number of damages, and double how much loot you can collect available, enable an experience booster. Based on the settings, Barbarian: Testament of the Primordials could become extremely hardcore or ultra-easy. The choice is entirely yours!

What I didn’t enjoy

  • The soundtrack. It’s rather monotonous, and the music changes frequently. The same tune looped over and over becomes boring, and you’re eager to get to a new biome to begin a new one.
  • Role system. It’s too simple and has no capabilities or skills. As you progress, it is as simple as choosing with the tape measure which of your abilities you will increase – attack defense or attention. However, their effect on gameplay is limited, so I had difficulty determining the difference between whether my barbarian got hurt when he increased his attack power or not.
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  • Ineffective combat. While the hero is gradually taught new techniques, there aren’t as many as you’d like. Moreover, the hitboxes that aren’t don’t always permit you to hit accurately.
  • Controls via the keyboard. Gaming with a gamepad can be far more enjoyable.

What is the value?

Barbarian Testament of the Primordials is a wonderful Metroidvania featuring amusing humor, intriguing bosses (but not enough in number), and many difficulty levels. Is it worth buying the game? Most likely, yes, but not necessarily. In case you are unsure, the free demo available on Steam can assist you in making an informed decision.

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