Review Back 4 Blood – Make-up for Zombies Review

The zombie shooter cooperative Left 4 Dead was so well-liked that the sequel only predetermined – and it became equally popular. The third installment of the series has been waiting for 12 years, but it wasn’t released until the end of the year. However, the sequel was launched with brand new graphics, new characters, and a brand new title by the same authors. In the other aspects, there was no change to the cardinals. So are there ways to cross the same river, not three times, but twice? Let’s find out with our review.

  • Producer: Turtle Rock Studios
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Games
  • Date of release: October 12, 2021


  • 1 Infected named Sean
  • 2 Alive
  • 3 Maps, Money , and many guns
  • 4 Even after death, there is beauty
  • 5 Play? Or not?

Infected named Sean

Even though it is somewhat of minor importance in comparison to other games, the story is part of the game. Indeed, it does not stand out as original, and instead, we get a classic zombie story that is very similar (or even identical that is difficult to grasp) to the Left 4 Dead setting.

A few or three cheesy tropes from the genre could be seen in the initial scene. It is true that zombies, as in Left 4 Dead, are classified as “infected,” which is not a change in the situation. If it is to be viewed as something new, however, this choice’s motives are a mystery. The issue may be about continuity.

It’s in the cutscenes the story unfolds. The game even attempts to make it cinematic; however, all the footages leave you with a sense of déjà familiar. There’s a place where we’ve had this experience before, perhaps at least once. It’s the result of a few clips that alternate races, with the shooting of thousands of people infected. Should we expect anything more? In some ways, this could be a benefit in the sense of being faithful to the rules that govern the sport.

The fun gets hotter somewhat as you move through the game and discover some amusing moments, and they are a little bit like the previous game like, for instance, the mission concerning Bar defense (forgive this spoiler) is clearly influenced by the classic film “Zombie called Sean”.

Live Alive

The gameplay is essentially the same when compared to the previous game Left 4 Dead, but only two options are remaining – the campaign as well as the asymmetrical multiplayer PvP “Swarm” in which players play the role of the infected trying to take on the cleaners. Now your characters are referred to as”that.

The challenge can be completed in a group or on your own – and technically, they are two different ways to play, so starting on your own and then calling friends won’t work. Even in solo mode, the cleaners’ group is still four players, and bots take over each character.

Bots or not The idea is it’s the same as Left 4 Dead 2 – you must traverse through an army of infected (which comprise regular and mighty mutant creatures) moving from a “safe space” to the next, completing various tasks such as rescuing survivors or setting off explosives.

There is the fact that today in line with emerging developments in the game, appeared a location hub which is Fort Hope – and the whole passageway is constructed to be a way out of the Fort Hope. Also, in every safe room between the levels is a massive container of equipment, from which you can buy the kit (previously, the only option was available through mods). However, it’s not changing everything all over the world. The same game and secure rooms and the exact number of people infected with the same statistics following every mission. The interface, too, is identical.

All platforms are played in tandem by default. However, crossplay can be disabled. The three levels of difficulty are Veteran, Recruit, and Nightmare. They differ in the amount and intensity of the infected and the killing rate of friendly fire. Naturally, the greater the difficulty, the more difficult the demands for team play.

My personal experience is that it’s not easy to even “Recruit” in the absence of a solid team. It’s also possible to get lucky with casual teammates like I’ve had a friend who only participated in close-quarters fights, continuously moving forward, and then dying.

Money, cards and lots of guns

What’s changed and improved is the weaponry. Naturally, the use of skins and the latest color-coding of pants cannons of the everyday rare epic, or even on, in the spirit of the Loiter-shooter appear somewhat odd. However, the models are awe-inspiring, authentic, and precise. Do not be late, and shoot the game with confidence. “Barrett” differs in comparison to”Colt,” the “Kalashnikov” or “Colt” in the “Glock.”

The range of weapons available, is less than those in Borderlands and Borderlands, but it does cover the entire range of weapons available found in the backwoods of an American town, which has access to military storage facilities. Shotguns, pistols, submachine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, and machine guns. Other items like first-aid kits, grenades, and melee weapons weren’t left out.

The customization of your weapon is to be discussed in a separate note. Based on your model firearm, you may hang an improved buttstock, an extended barrel, an enlarged magazine silencer, optical and laser sights, as well as other improvements, and a myriad of modifications alter the look and feel of the gun. Naturally, everything is relatively easy and is not a mess. All the upgrades are easily installed – however they are incredibly convenient, easy to use, and instrumental in battle.

Customization is available not just for weapons. However, it is also available for the characters themselves. In Back 4 Blood, this is achieved via the map system. In simple terms, you’ve got set cards that have specific modifiers; you build decks of them. Then, before each mission starts, the game begins, and one or more deals are created, where you pick one card, and they grant your character specific advantages.

Other cards are available as the mission moves forward. In addition, the person you pick (eight possibilities in total) has a separate card, which will determine his capabilities. Additionally, there are obstacle cards. In general, they’re conditions or secondary mission-related tasks.

New cards can be acquired by completing achievements or supply points, an in-game currency you can earn by accomplishing tasks. Alongside new cards, you can purchase various cosmetic items with these points.

The selection is determined by supply channels – the sequentially purchased kits that become available as the game develops. This is why a progression system is built into the game’s customization.

The cards should make every playthrough different and provide Back 4 Blood with replayability; however, in actual practice, it’s a typical character progression, coupled with the choice of gear. I’ve not noticed any significant change to the fundamentals of playing – it’s slightly easier or a bit more difficult, and there’s nothing more.

Even in death, there is beauty

The time has come to 12 years after the original Left 4 Dead was released, and it’d be odd to see the successor of the same name not improve in quality and appearance. It was replaced with Unreal Engine 4 that provided the players with stunning environments, stunning weapon models, and, obviously, characters with blood and guts.

On the other hand, the appearance of a stunning image was diminished due to the old motion model, the mediocre animations, not the best quality models of the enemy, and a lack of interaction typical of shooters from 10 years ago. It is impossible to swim, and death instantly in falling into the water is not worth anything.

The sound of the game is quite good. Of course, the sound is excellent – and, first and foremost, the weapons. However, the screams of the affected create a great atmosphere. Additionally, it’s worth noting the music, for instance, during the same game, with the bar, to divert the infected, it is necessary to switch on the jukebox that plays rock music. In such instances, the game would like to thank you “thank you.”

However, the controls aren’t working. While on PC, it can be altered, on consoles (I used the Xbox), there is a lot of confusion of A and X to confirm actions, along with other accessories, including some linked to the D-Pad and others to the bumpers. It’s annoying enough.

The final thing to mention is that the localization – Russian translation is in place; however, there is no voiceover. The translation itself is of normal in quality and preserves the language that is alive, most likely in the zombie apocalypse. It does be prepared for the strong language. Keep your children away from screens If you don’t have them yet.

Play or not to play?

We normally rate games using an enumeration scale of 10 points on our website, but I, as well as several others, decide in a straightforward way, without breaking down a game into elements – it either catches you or does not.

Then, Back 4 Blood doesn’t make any sense in any way. It appears that we’re facing the same problem as Left 4 Dead 2, which has risen out of the grave as a zombie colored with modern “cosmetics.” On the one hand, in these games, we place more than anything else the moment of teamwork, while the other things are essential. However, to play a year more later game almost precisely the same with only a slight change to the external entourage, and including a few irrelevant things – it’s a somewhat controversial choice.

Back 4 Blood, of course, will be able to find its fans, but the more intriguing result of the game is that it appears quite appealing despite the difficulties in the movement model and animation. The game will be adored to Left 4 Dead fans, and it could be a long-awaited sequel to the series. However, it’s not going to become a huge success.

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