Resident Evil – Welcome to Raccoon City: The first 9 minutes of the horror film

A month or so after the release on the big screen of “Resident Evil”: Hello to Raccoon City” Sony Pictures Entertainment gives viewers a comprehensive look into the horror film. The film’s first nine minutes.

On the 25th of November, “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City” hit German cinemas. The film series based on this video game went back to its origins: instead of plenty of action, you will see terrifying horror scenes where zombies create fear and terror. However, the film was unable to impress, partly due to its complicated and tedious story. Many moviegoers have also complained about the casting choices that were sometimes insensitive to the main parts.

The video’s opening sequence

Movie buffs can now watch the latest zombie thriller for themselves. Since today, Sony Pictures Entertainment published on Youtube the initial nine minutes of the film. The film follows Claire and her younger brother Chris as young children being watched at night in an orphanage by a mysterious person. In a bid to investigate, Claire pursues the odd creature, who is later revealed to be Lisa Trevor, if she would like to investigate the cause of the mystery but is blocked from doing so by the virologist William Birkin.

Then she is returned to her bed by the virologist, who receives a shocking surprise. The moment she wakes up, Claire awakes. Claire awakes, claiming to have had a dream about it, and is given an excursion in Raccoon City by the truck driver. Then, shortly after, the first encounter with zombies is triggered by the torrential rain.

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The film was written by Johannes Roberts, who previously directed the animal horror film “47 Meters Down.” In the lead roles, we can see Kaya Scodelario (“Claire Redfield”), Hannah John-Kamen (“Jill Valentine”), Robbie Amell (“Chris Redfield”), Tom Hopper (“Albert Wesker”), and Avan Jogia (“Leon S. Kennedy”). Since the story revolves around the events from the first and second spin-offs of the original, both the outbreak of a virus in Raccoon City and the activities carried out by the Umbrella Corporation in the sinister mansion are discussed.

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