Resident Evil Village puzzle guide in the atelier

The atelier-themed puzzle in Resident Evil Village It’s just one of many problems Ethan is faced with in his efforts to escape the wrath of Lady Dumitrescu. Although it’s not as risky as the mistress of her castle and the daughters of her, it does have the possibility of slowing you down considerably until you try to find out the mechanism and where you can find the five bells you hate.

The atelier is identified on the map; however, if that’s not enough, the place’s location is the huge image of Lady Dimitrescu dominating Ethan. If you search, there aren’t any windows you can leap from or any hidden levers to press.

If you look at the lower picture in the center of the room, there is an instruction that says that you have to ring five bells. This is a crucial clue to aid you in finding the answer.

How do you locate all the bells

To solve the atelier problem in Resident Evil, you need to locate five gold bells inside the room and then shoot them. You’ll be sure you’re on the right path when you can see the fire gushing towards the bells, and the movement doesn’t stop. The location where these bells are:

  • The first one will be available on the table located on one side near the bust.
  • The second is located on one side, when you are looking at the portrait. It’s smaller than one that is on the left and is mounted on an armoire.
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  • To locate the bell that is third, look carefully at the gears to the right. It’s located behind the gears, and you’ll have to figure out the time for the bell shot.
  • The fourth bell can be seen through the glass windows when you climb the stairs to the rear. Shoot first through the glass and then strike the bell.
  • The fifth bell is hidden within the candelabra in front of you. If you aim your gun at it and it sways, it will open and let the bell out.

When you ring the five bells in succession, the image will shift, opening up the way to the new area that is Castle Dumitrescu. This is all you need to learn about the atelier puzzle from Resident Evil Village. If you’re still in need of assistance in this game, have a look at our guide for how to design and solve the atelier challenge.

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