Resident Evil Village puzzle guide in the Ablution Hall

As you walk through the streets of Ethan through the gorgeous rooms that are Castle Dumitrescu, you finally arrive at your destination, the Ablution Hall. Here you’ll discover one of Resident Evil’s essential puzzles. The game requires you to turn four statues to make them look in a specific direction. However, if you’re more terrified rather than solving puzzles, check out our tutorial – we’ll aid you in solving this challenge.

If you don’t recognize the name on the map, The Ablution Hall can be easy to spot by the circular pool of blood across the central area. The Ablution Hall has four statues surrounding it that you must engage with to complete this game.

How to change the statues in the Ablution Hall?

Continue walking in the exact direction that you entered. You will find an inscription on the wall that has the words, “Men’s eyes are snubbed by women, and men who are poor are only concerned with one thing that is to offer the Lord the best harvest to allow the wine to flow earlier.” This is a handy indicator of where to place the statues.

In essence, you require the status of women to gaze at each other. The three men need to gaze at the rider, and the rider must look at the woman in the gown. The blood will then flow out of the pool and open up the staircase to a different part of the castle.

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This is the answer to the problem. This isn’t the most difficult puzzle in the series, as every statue can only gaze in two directions, yet it could take some time to solve the puzzle and could have been going through the castle.

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