Resident Evil Village music box puzzle guide

The set of challenges you must solve to solve the puzzles in Resident Evil Village in Benevento’s house Benevento will continue when you discover the code for the door inside Benevento’s doll’s workroom. There is a lot of wandering around through the cellar of Benevento’s house, and the next stop is the storage area in which you will find a music box puzzle waiting for you.

You’ll be able to instantly identify the music player on the counter in the kitchen- Ethan and Mia owned it. According to the table’s notes, it is no longer working. However, solving this puzzle could be difficult, as, at first glance, there are not many clues as to the best way to solve it.

How do you solve the box puzzle?

To complete the puzzle of the music box in The pantry in Benevento’s House of Benevento, you must align the cylinders in a way that their cuts coincide. This isn’t a straightforward procedure, but we’ll be able to help you along the way.

If you view it from the left side to right, then replace the cylinder in the second position by replacing the cylinder that was in the previous position. Replace the cylinder in the fourth position by using the position on the left.

The (new) cylindrical placed in position four must replace the 3rd position. In the end, swap the fifth position with the fourth position. Play the button, and you’ll get tweezers that you can use to take the film out of the doll’s mouth inside the workshop.

This is the way to go. If you need assistance in Resident Evil Village Take a an interest in our tutorials to crafting and fighting Donna Benevento.

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