Resident Evil Village – Father’s Story review Review

The latest game within the Resident Evil line combines the aspects of the most popular hit games that comprise both the seventh and fourth installments of the series. It and adds an Eastern European flavor and spices up the totally insane filled with incredible events scene. Does it make Village the most accurate representation to the brand? We’ll let you know in our analysis.

  • producer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Date of release: May 7, 2021

In the year 2017, Resident Evil VII was the brand new entry point into the Resident Evil series. Capcom made the bold move of shifting the perspective from first-person to third-person by introducing an previously unknown protagonist into the story and removing the scale of the action for an intimate adventure inside the walls and the surroundings of a mansion deep in swamps and swamps Louisiana.

Then , the main protagonist Ethan Winters was able to save his beloved wife Mia away from the clutches and wrath of the rednecks However, his adventures do not stop there. The character will be a major protagonist within Resident Evil Village.

Three years later, after the events as well as three years later, the Winters couple, after having relocated from Eastern Europe, try to have a normal life and take love of their daughter Rose. The story continued until that fateful evening in which the peace of the family was disturbed by the SWAT team headed by an old acquaintance, Chris Redfield. Without delay the officer shoots Mia she was with, then and then takes Rose while knocking Ethan out.

Awake in the morning, the hero goes off in search of the kidnappers. The search leads him to an unsettling village, in which werewolves roam and the few remaining residents are devoted to a particular Mother Miranda. Miranda is an unimaginable evil with motives that remain unclear to the moment that comes. Ethan is required to take on not just Miranda as well as her aides – the powerful creatures who rule the estates of the area. One of them is the castle’s mistress Alsina Dimitrescu who is the one to whom the bulk of the Village’s campaign for marketing was dedicated.

However, with her the opening scene will be lengthy. The mother of the girls will mock her protagonist for quite a short time as she chases him through the castle’s pathways and eventually go to the grave, but will remain in the mind as an allusion of Resident Evil 2 with the Tyrant constantly chasing the player. It’s even better If Dimitrescu was the primary villain, there’d not be any room for intrigue. After presenting all the information from the demos as well as trailers in the beginning three-quarters of the game Resident Evil Village keeps you in the dark, allowing you an opportunity to explore the new discoveries and the story rollercoaster. There’s plenty to delight players with.

It is full of things to amaze you with.

In the typical way for the series the script blends bizarre comical events and attempts to present them in a scientific manner. Be assured that the presence of werewolves, vampires an enormous fish, revived doll, and many other amazing monsters that appear in the show will be justified. Even Ethan’s survival, which is way over the top is perfectly rational and is within the realm that the world has to offer.

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The story is a great one.

The intensity of action in the game is so intense that you may not have time to take a breath as you rush from one fire to another, from one adventure to the next. The characters are able to talk in riddles. play double-teams and employ Ethan in their favor while the latter, swore to dead bodies for his daughters safety. To fully grasp the story of what’s going on, you’ll need not only watch stunningly staged scenes and scenes, but also examine the locations of the branches and hidden places in which the best items are kept – notes, supplies and resources weapons modules. Of course, the game consumes all the information however, a thorough study of the places can shed light on the story.

It’s much more enjoyable exploring this world Resident Evil Village. There’s a massive central village of the game, where routes leading to the bosses’ realms diverge, and the place the place where Ethan returns to each place the player has explored. There’s also an element of metroidvania and the protagonist is becoming more adept at acquiring tools which allow him to enter previously unexplored areas.

The village appears authentic with the leaning fences as well as familiar interiors of leaning homes provide a mysterious feeling of nostalgia. Other places were equally amazing such as the castle, with its grand architectural style and lush interior, the area of the watermill which brought me back to the first large area of Metro Exodus, and the underground factory that gave the industrial feel to the gothic ambience that the video game has.

Village carefully marks each of your locked doors or treasures you have not yet collected, as well as unsolved puzzles on the map. It paints rooms in blue and also gives you a map of where to look for creatures. The game also has recipes that let you prepare meals from the local market, which give you a permanent bonus to your character.

The most endangered animals must browse through images of their natural habitats. certain of them are located in locations that you can visit. Also interesting are the puzzles that are challenging, and the difficulty is a good balance to challenge the player to think however, not enough to hold him for more than a couple of minutes.

Resident Evil Village would remain enjoyable even as a walking game, but for those wanting to take on monsters It’s also shooter. It’s not always perfect, as the enemies are sometimes slow to respond to shots as well as the locations often don’t have the depth of monsters. The ability the ability to shoot with passion is available only in the second portion of the game, nevertheless, it’s a lot of fun and enjoyable. There isn’t any scary elements to be found in The Village: Capcom listened to the comments of players, who found Resident Evil VII scary, and even reduced the amount of terror with the follow-up. In this way The new game is more like Resident Evil 4, as it strikes a good balance between horror and action without being either.

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The location of the game will determine whether the player will encounter different kinds of foes. Within the town, agile and fierce werewolves await the player, while ghouls are lurking inside the castle’s dark dungeon while in the plant Ethan is battling the cyborgs. The area in question is not populated by typical monsters, but there’s a terrifying scene as well as a very intense boss fight.

A range of weapons can aid you in battling your foes. There’s no surprise in this list: a few types of pistols, a handful of shotguns, a Submachine gun as well as a sniper rifle, and many more. The shotgun and the pistol are used to kill “meat” but other weapons, like the grenade launcher, is kept in the inventory in the event of an encounter with a boss. The gamepad will give you an emitted sound for each shot as well the PS5 you can toggle on the resistance to triggers: you’ll need use your fingers to shoot your shotgun, or shoot the rifle sniper.

Certain guns are available through stories and are found in secret rooms. Others are purchased from a seller. You can also purchase weapons, ammunition blueprints, medkits, blueprints for ammo and weapon modules from the dealer. Resident Evil Village includes an easy crafting mechanic that lets you add more items to your inventory by accumulating sources in various places.

Pay attention to the inventory section: it currently divides the different categories of items into separate tabs. Ammo and weapons are placed within the principal “briefcase,” resources are stored in a separate tab, and quest items are in the third and the treasure is in the fourth. This means that there’s less “tetris” in trying to squeeze everything you discover in a finite amount of space and the cost of increasing your inventory isn’t high enough to be ignored.

Capcom has done all it can to offer players the AAA horror game that has an interesting plot, stunning stage designs, fascinating villains and a fun shooting experience. Also, with stunning visuals and excellent sound quality it is highly advised to play with headphones.


Village looks stunning The village looks stunning, and it’s not as that the tech aspect which takes place in this instance (there blurry textures however) instead, it’s the artistic design. Castle, village and and manor admire the detail and skillful use of light, creating an photos-realistic images. But the absence of interaction feels like a huge leap backwards. You are able to only interact with very few items, such as wooden resource crates and the majority of them are fixed to their respective locations. This is quite bizarre to find a game that’s modern.

As a whole, Resident Evil Village leaves only positive impressions. It takes advantage of the best aspects of the earlier parts of the series, and we cannot fault it for being insignificant to these games. In fact it is safe to consider it to be one of the main competitors in the race to be Resident Evil Village: the most enjoyable game of the year.

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