Resident Evil Village Demo Impressions Review

On April 18th, Capcom opened access to the half-hour gameplay for Resident Evil Village for PlayStation console players. We’ve toured the village next to the vampires’ castle and are now ready to share our experiences.

  • producer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Date of release: May 7, 2021

Take note that this The preview includes plot spoilers from the game.

Let’s go over the short introduction of the main character in Resident Evil VII; Ethan Winters is off to the mountain ranges of Romania to search for his daughter, who he kidnaped. He will meet vampires as well as werewolves and many other creatures.

The Resident Evil Village demonstration greets the players with an introduction to a mysterious woman. Locals refer to the woman as crazy, but they appear to be too far from reality. She offers Ethan some clues and takes away to leave Ethan in unsettling village homes that are shabby, and graveyard tombstones are ordinary. The town was stuck in the 19th century.

It takes only about half an hour to finish the demonstration. It’s enough time to:

  • Explore the homes-the interiors are well-constructed, and in certain structures, you will find quite creepy scenes.

    • You will find the standard Resident Evil series puzzles of the “find an item, then make use of it to unlock the gate.”


  • We are pleased with the new inventory, which is a departure from the old method: now, weapons and ammunition are kept on one page, crafting materials such as powder, herbs, and other reagents are on another, and treasures and quest artifacts in the third tab, not interfering with one another. This means that there will be fewer games of “Tetris” within your inventory.
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  • Take on a couple of werewolves within a wheat field. The agile monsters are hidden within the thick grass, and there are flour bags scattered throughout the field: If you fire at them, you’ll be able to form a thick, slender veil that helps you identify your adversaries

Meet the poor people of the village who enclose themselves in their homes and ask a particular Miranda Mother to protect them from the creatures that wander all around.

  • Watch some heartbreaking scenes and be amazed by the high-end of the production. Resident Evil Village is more expensive and is directed better than the previous version;

    • You will be pleased to see the inclusion of foul Russian. Russian version.

Not just because it’s cool to curse, but due to the more intense immersion into the horror-themed survival environment;
Impress with its detailed graphics and a resonant impressive sound and graphics with a rich. It’s an incredible experience with rich sound and detailed graphics. PS5, you can activate ray tracing, and the game plays in 4K at the frame rate of 60 fps or more. Even on the basic PS4, Village is said to offer 45-60 FPS.

If we discuss the flaws in the demo’s gameplay, I’d like to draw attention to the poor weapon impact. The gunshots aren’t felt, and the combination of the adjustable DualSense triggers needs to be pulled with force and is a pleasure to press. Unfortunately, this is an attribute of only one of the five platforms on which Resident Evil Village can be played. I would like to see more recoil from the gun across every version.

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Currently, Capcom will allow us to explore the town, and on April 25, they will allow access to the castle’s passageways open to PS4 and PS5 gamers in 30 mins. On May 2, the demo that will run for 60 minutes will be available on all platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series XS. Resident Evil Village is scheduled to release on the 7th of May.


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