Resident Evil 7 – a return to the roots

While episodes 5 and 6 were the top selling episodes of the license, they were also the most hated by people who watched the first hour. It is important to note that following Shinji Mikami’s groundbreaking work in Resident Evil 4, revolutionizing the gameplay to an action level, but not sacrificing the gruesome atmosphere that was so beloved to the original episode, the successors of the creator of the series were less imaginative. However, over time, the survival horror genre has managed to evolve by focusing on the first-person perspective to the third and increasing the player’s immersion into the horror. This is without relying on the growth of virtual reality, which is making waves even though it’s in its early stages. That’s why Capcom decided to (finally) take into consideration the views of its fans who were disappointed with the vast number of people who played Resident Evil 6 while enjoying the popularity of the latest Chrysalis of Horror games. The most we can do is say that it’s precisely the kind of game that fans have been waiting for.

Secure rooms as well as their vaults that communicate are the main reason for their huge success

It’s not apparent at first glance; in contrast to expectations which the initial trailers for the 7th opus had raised us with, we’re playing a Resident Evil, not in a blend that is a mix of Outlast and P.T however some of the inspirations are obvious. The game begins with the helm of Ethan Winters, in search of his wife, who has been missing for 3 years. After arriving in the Baker family home, Ethan quickly realizes that there’s something not right. This is the start of your journey to the place of evil. In terms of the atmosphere, Resident Evil 7 is heavily influenced by Chainsaw Massacre, Misery, and occasionally Saw the protagonist’s funny and disillusioned dialogue is like those of Evil Dead. However, most importantly, you’ll discover many elements that made the first episode (and consequently its Rebirth remake) so enjoyable. The locked rooms, the booby-trapped areas and doors that squeak, dark atmosphere, rooms that have backups, and chests that connect. It’s a delight to discover all these traces of the past we thought we’d never experience again in Resident Evil. The entire experience is heightened by the soundtrack, sometimes subtle and occasionally intense but consistently well-crafted.

Every encounter with mycomorphs may lead to a game being canceled

The biggest announcement is the perspective of the player which is a first in the series (if we exclude Resident Evil Survivor). In the past, we’ve always seen our heroes on the move, and it was enjoyable; however, whether you’re allergic towards or not FPS perspective, we have to admit that it is a great fit for atmospheric games such as Resident Evil. Being unable to discern what’s coming at you from behind, particularly when you’re chased by the soon-to-be friend Jack is a sign of a feeling of anxiety.

The game has lesser combat options than RE6 (and to honestly, it’s okay with us), but it’s not overrated by any means. It’s possible to swiftly turn to take on an enemy. You’ll be able to crawl to reach difficult places or avoid attacks. You’ll also be capable of spreading your arms before you to shield yourself and decrease the damage you take in battle.

In the second, Capcom intended to give the impression to the player that every encounter might be the final. This is great in the initial third of the game; however, the last section, which is more action-oriented, has to be made more challenging to negotiate using gunshot. But be sure (or not) ammunition is scarce at the Baker mansion, and it may be required to flee an encounter to live even if that will mean making your opponent fall victim to the wrath of time later. Keep in mind that it was feasible back in the old days to create herbal remedies using green herbs and ammunition.

Like in the past, you’ll have to control all of your assets to the best of your abilities and at a constant pace.

Now let’s look at one of the most memorable aspects of the game: the Baker family. They’ll be your foe in a lot of your mishaps. You begin with Jack Baker, the patriarch who will chase you many times. As in Resident Evil 3, you must choose between facing the enemy or staying away. We’re able only to recommend you to select the second option since the inspiration for the third opus is taken into a climax: Jack is invincible and is not going to stay in one place for long before waking up and pursuing you. We’ll not go into details on Marguerite (the mom), Lucas (the son), and the grandmother; however, you’re sure to be likely to be surprised! These boss-fights, which are few, are effective, except the one with no interest. The remainder of the bestiary is shown to be less enticing However, in the end, it’s just not too bad.

However, what could Resident Evil be without its number of mysteries and tiny treasures to find. Exploration is back to the forefront for our enjoyment.In addition to statuettes to take down, which will provide bonus points on future games, and documents that you can read to gain a better understanding of the story, you’ll find old coins. These unlock birdcages with weapons and steroids (to increase the gauge of life) as well as stabilizers (to speed up reloading). The cages are in the most secure ” security zone ” of the game: the caravan, which is one of your most trusted allies during the journey.

When the normal mode has been completed, and this will be no easy achievement, you may choose to endure even more pain with”survival mode”. Alongside getting its difficulty increased, the mode makes some minor changes in order to ensure that you are not settling for the minimum standard in the “hard mode” category. For starters, Ethan is stronger, while enemies strike harder and are more resilient. Be aware that enemies and objects are not placed in the same locations and will force players to tackle the game differently. The amount of ammunition available will decrease, and at the same time, you’ll discover additional antique coins as well as bonuses that can help you through this nightmare. An essential game mode for those who think they didn’t get enough frightened in normal play.

Jack Baker isn’t going to let you go!

The general plot of Resident Evil 7 and everything related to it proves to be more impressive than the previous episodes. The setting is similar to the original series’ opus, but it is more groovy and violent, and with the more complex and standard characters. The final chapter while disappointing from a gameplay point viewpoint, poses a number of questions and provides options for what is to come from the series.

Also, you must be aware that this 7 opus is one of the very first AAA games that have this VR feature (virtual real-time headset that is only available for PS4). If the story isn’t already terrifying enough, any VR, you’ll be able to feel the terror as Ethan. Use the headphones to increase the experience, and you’ll feel like you’re in The Baker Mansion. Papa Jack has never been so sticky! Of course, those with sensitive skin must stay clear of it.

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