Remothered: Broken Porcelain Test

The Horror of the Moth Box

The game is once more about Phenoxyl, a substance taken from moths and transforms players into bloodthirsty zombies, according to an introduction video. Broken Porcelain demonstrates this again in just five minutes of play in which we are sucked into the player with a crowd of moths and a kitchen knife. Why? The game doesn’t allow that on its own.

The feeling of tension and tension subdued by Chris Darril does not prove this. The first thing we see is a new character Jennifer who is working in a hotel that might be straight from The Shining with its empty rooms. She’s unhappy. What she’s supposed to accomplish here and what it’s about is not apparent initially. We’ve just had a brief conversation with our housekeeper Andrea, and she’s in our faces – without explanation. Instead of introducing the setting slowly and then causing anxiety, Broken Porcelain concludes. This is a great idea, but not when it’s so poorly and poorly constructed.

We’ll have to make it through. Naturally, we must scurry off to the nearest closet, hoping the enemy isn’t looking at us. The escape and search for refuge is the primary component of Broken Porcelain, as we cannot fight our adversaries. This is similar to Alien: Isolation, where we had to behave just as defensively.

In this instance, however, the required fine-tuning is not present. It’s just enough to go around the corner once; at this point, the AI doesn’t know what direction to turn. The game continues until we achieve the target. For example, we may need to repair a phone when Andrea is at our heels. A little crafting tool allows us to fudge our nightmare using items we create our own. But, the objects can be used interchangeably and are essentially ineffective.

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Creepy Technology

While at the same time, the consistent visuals offer more. Dark corridors, subtle lighting, and plenty of shadows create an eerie, creepy atmosphere in the initial minutes – up until the moment someone can speak. Its English dubbing is far from poor, and the actors rattle off their lines so they are not motivated. Additionally, the developers have messed up the mixing. The volume is wildly high and barely understandable. Annoying.

Technics is the biggest issue of the latest Remothered since the team of developers from Stormwind Games and publisher Modus created a very unfinished game. The usual bugs, glitches, and misplaced objects do not hinder gameplay, but they harm the experience tremendously. For example, if either the player or camera Jennifer becomes stuck in the same spot, The fight to survive eventually becomes a cramp for survival.

The first task of escaping Andrea run amok – transforms into an act of anger. In the next phase, the game encounters others with maniacs that are a constant threat to the hotel. For instance, an elderly nun dressed in red appears totally from nowhere without any sense or understanding. Whatever the case, we must escape. Despite the sloppy AI enemy and the fact that we’re often left in the dark because the mission query is unsuccessful or we don’t know the exact location, we have to get to. The less than optimal controls are the main culprit. We highly recommend using a mouse or keyboard. Using the gamepad, you will quickly tie an ointment in your fingers.

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Broken Porcelain: Remothered is the sequel to the series. Felix explores the mysterious world. But will the sequel be able to convince?

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