Remothered Broken Porcelain Review – Boring Horror Review

On the 13th of October, Remothered: Broken Porcelain went on sale. This was the sequel of the 2017 horror film Remothered: Tormented Fathers. We will tell you in our review whether the game is worth revisiting , and whether Remothered: Broken Porcelain is an appropriate successor.

  • Producer: Stormind Games
  • Publisher: Modus Games
  • Publisher: October 13, 2020

Tormented Fathers is not the most impressive example of the genre. However, the game did offer some interesting concepts, and the pictures of antagonists are genuinely terrifying. The game was originally a tale of a woman named Rosemary looking around an old mansion. However, now, the focus is on young Jennifer who is unintentionally taken as a hostage in an unknown group called the Ashman Hotel, where a supernatural creature has taken over the hotel.

It’s a fantastic one, yet it’s certainly not the only one.

What the authors of the new film did well is the atmosphere and imagery. The character is in a hotel that is secluded, within the walls that rage blizzards. connections to King’s tragic “Overlook” immediately spring to thoughts. The first boss appears very much like Annie Wilkes from the “Misery” adaptation. In addition, there are the creaks and rustles that are typical of all old buildings and a few creatures, and you have plenty of reasons to be afraid.

The story could be an engrossing and frightening tale in this kind of setting however, the writers were lacking something – knowledge or skill and the result was a boring and uninteresting story. Broken Porcelain reveals some of the mysteries to Tormented Fathers, but to fully immerse yourself into the story it is necessary to keep several plots in mind. You also need to attempt to understand the odd motives of the characters which often go against the grain of what they’re expected to be doing. The fact that the film is not translated into Russian doesn’t help the story to be more clear.
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The game’s gameplay hinders the progression of the story. It’s typical horror that has an ineffective protagonist. This implies that you must act in a stealthy manner, distract your enemies and take advantage of your surroundings , like being hidden in a closet once you are spotted.

Jennifer is very loud when she stomps when walking around or running. that, naturally, makes her a target for monsters. Therefore, you must move in a crouch. This reduces the speed of the heroine. Imagine that you be spending the majority of the game sitting in that position moving in the same direction as the speed of a snail. Sounds like a great idea? Furthermore you’ll have to explore the area that’s not very interesting: “Ashman” showcases gray walls and boring hallways, that lack any clues or exciting locations.

Hotels, however, should be explored for notes and other items that could aid in fighting against the demon. The Remothered game Broken Porcelain includes a craft system which allows you to make traps and tricks to deter monsters. Components can be found in lockers and drawers, and finding them becomes an absolute nightmare as the heroine’s eyes are constantly looking for the wrong thing that the player would like to use along with lengthy animations, it difficult to spend much time looking for this element of gameplay.

The situation gets more difficult when boss battles start. It is necessary to be sneaky and approach them from behind and then take them on with sharp objects, then escape and hide whenever you see them. Unfortunately, most of the time you need to flee as the enemies are extremely alert and are able to detect Jennifer even before she comes close. Because of this, battles continue for a while and the player does not know if the enemy is going to allow him to get close, or if he will turn around at the most unlucky time.
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and Remothered Broken Porcelain can be described as the other all through. Insufficient training, a complicated crafting, lots of bugs Broken stealth, and a sloppily-designed graphics. A few interesting gameplay discoveries and a swarming atmosphere do not cover all the game’s issues. To the credit of the developers they have released each patch hoping to fix some bugs but they don’t make the game more exciting.

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