Release Trailer For The First Joint Season Of Call Of Duty Warzone And Vanguard

The creators of Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard have unveiled the trailer to the first season of both the two shooters. The setting was a paradise island located in the Pacific.

In the video, a tour of one of Calder’s most picturesque places is abruptly interrupted by battle. In just a few moments, Activision showed combat in various parts of the new area.

The development plan also came out for the season’s first season. The game will feature new models, contracts, and vehicles for combat, weapons, etc. The developers haven’t forgotten about the zombie maps. New games, better guns, and much more are ready for it.

The season is set to begin on December 9 . Vanguard owners Vanguardwill get capable of landing in the Caldera map earlier than the scheduled date.

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