Red Dead Redemption Tip How to Get All Weapons

How can I obtain all the guns

Cattleman Revoler

Unlocked from the beginning

Volcanic Pistol

Get rid of your “Twin rock hideout” After that, you can purchase it for just $100 from the Armadillo dealer.

Semi-automatic pistol

Get rid of up the “Fort the Mercer Hideout” After that, you can find the gun for $300 at the Escalera dealers in arms

High Power Pistol

You’ll get it after you’ve completed the task “Bear the burden of One Other”

Mauser Pistol

You can purchase it for $800 at Blackwater gun dealer Blackwater gun dealer

Schofield Revolver

Find it after completing the task “The Gunslinger’s Tragedy”

Double-Action Revolver

Make sure you clean your “Tesoro Azul Hideout” in order to get this weapon

Lemat Revolver

In the Escalera dealers in arms, it is possible to purchase this treasure for $1250, however, it will not be available until following the Revolution.

How can I find all the guns

Repeater Carabine

You can get them after completing your task “New Friendships, Old Problems”

Winchester RepeaterClean the “Tumbleweed Hideout” or complete the task “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit”. Then, you can purchase the gun for $350 at the Armadillo dealer.

Henry Repeater

Get rid of The “Nosalida Hideout”

Evans Repeater

The rifle can be purchased from a dealers in Blackwater

Springfield Rifle

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The rifle is available at many places. It is either cleaned out your “Gaptooth Breach Hideout” or complete this task “We Will Be Together”. You can also purchase this at the Thieves Landing arms dealer for $300.

Bolt Action Rifle

After you have completed the task “The Gates of Presidio” After completing the mission, you will receive the rifle. Additionally, it’s available at the Escalera arms dealer for $750.

Buffalo Rifle

After you’ve reached rank of Master Hunter then you can purchase this rifle from any dealer for $475.

Rolling Block Rifle

You can obtain it when you complete your task “Empty Promise”

Carcano Rifle

If you have $1100 left then you can purchase this great rifle from a gun dealer in Blackwater

How can I obtain all the guns, shotguns and throwing guns?

Double-barreled shotgun

It will be available on your mission “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit”. It is also available available at Armadillo’s gun dealer for $150.

Sawed-off Shotgun

Clean and Clear Pike’s Basin Hideout or buy the gun from the seller located in Thieves Landing for the price of $250.

Pump Action Shotgun

You can get it from this website “And the Truth will set You Free”

Semi-automatic shotgun

You can purchase this weapon for $1000 from a dealer in Escalera.


The explosive is readily available from a few dealers as well as at “Father Abraham”


Knives tossing

The knives are to purchase on the site “The Great Mexican Train Robbery” and in a few stores.

Flammable bottle

You can purchase the bottle from a variety of retailers or purchase it in The Mission “The Demon Drink”

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The lasso can be obtained from the quest “Wild the Horses Tamped Passions”

How do you unlock the multiplayer weapons

To unlock all weapons available in Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer modes Red Dead Redemption, you must first complete a level. We’ve compiled a summary for youthat shows the amount you earn at each level.

Repeater Carbine: Level 2

Throwing Knives Level 3

Volcanic Pistol Level 5

Winchester Repeater Level 8

Schofield Revolver Level 9

Pump Shotgun: Level 11

Springfield Rifle: Level 13

Dynamite: Level 15

Double-Action Revolver Level 17

Sawed-Off Shotgun: Level 18

Rolling Block Rifle: Level 20

Fire Bottle: Level 22

Semi-Automatic Pistol Level 24

Semi-Automatic Shotgun level 26

Carcano Rifle: Level 28

Henry Repeater Level 32

High Power Pistol Level 35

Bolt-Action Rifle: Level 40

Evans Repeater: Level 43

LeMat Revolver Level 46

Mauser Pistol: Level 49

Buffalo Rifle: Level 50

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