Red Dead Redemption 2 secrets and surprises

In the vast universe in Red Dead Redemption 2, developers have revealed many mysteries, some more intriguing as the next. Finding these is an exciting game and is an excellent method to escape the routine of a wanted criminal. If you decide to do it alone, it can take an entire day. If you’ve also thought of visiting the fascinating places part of RDR 2 and joining the local mystery, our collection will allow you to cut down on time.

Supernatural abilities and bones of dead creatures, bizarre people who aren’t actually from these areas The game Red Dead Redemption 2 offers passages to all tastes. Specific courses are essential to ensure that you get a 100 percent pass, while the rest are simply for fun and reflect subtle references to popular culture and games from Rockstar, not just. You can leave Easter eggs within their virtual worlds; it is generally a form of customary practice for Rockstar, and, logically, RDR 2 did not break it.

Worth noting is that, in this particular game, it was even more fascinating to search for them because Arthur isn’t an isolated outsider, as is the case with most GTA V references, but interacts with them. Due to his tendency to record events in his diary and his unique method of writing about events, each stranger is seen as a vital aspect of the game’s world.

There is a list of “sights” that you must make sure to visit. Each one is marked on the map, so you know which direction to look.


  • 1 Little Church
  • 2 Monks in Grizzlies East
  • 3 Witch Hut
  • 4 Aliens
  • 5 Disgraces from the Braithwaite family
  • 6 Air crash
  • 7 Creepy Obelisk
  • 8. Face inside the Rock
  • 9 Faces of the Trees
  • 10 Ghost Train ghost
  • 11. The Gray Family Secret
  • 12 Hobbit Nora
  • 13 Mammoth bones
  • 14 Old tomb
  • 15 Frozen warrior
  • 16 Ritual sacrifice
  • 17 Bigfoot skeleton
  • 18 Man-made monster
  • 19 Whale Bones
  • 20 Rock Images
  • 21 Female Donkey
  • 22 Night Gang

Little Church

One of the most bizarre sections found in Red Dead Redemption 2 hides just to the east of Luck. The church is small, in such a small size that Arthur can reach the roof using his hands. You are able to go inside however you must be able to duck in order to get inside.

Who was it designed for? It was for children? Maybe it’s an attractive dog Kennel? Unknown. What happens if it’s part an occult ritual? It’s probably not wise to be there for too lengthy…

Monks in Grizzlies East

In the mountains in Grizzlies East, to the south of G or R in the topography, is an Asian-looking person dressed as an oriental monk, contemplating on edge an edifice. It’s not common to see these kinds of characters in the Wild West, you don’t often encounter such characters on westerns.

Witch Hut

In the northern part of N that marks Ambarino in the maps, you could discover a ruinous structure, which appears to be overgrown and abandoned. Inside, you’ll find an area that resembles an alchemist’s workspace and bubbling cauldrons that relate to the process of making a potion, as with other things close by. It’s not recommended to taste the mixture poured out of the cauldron because it isn’t going to be pleasant.


Find Emerald Ranch. Then head towards the north until you come across an unassuming hut along the shore. Inside, you will find evidence of some spooky events and an item to be picked up. The note instructs that you return by two hours after the quarter moon. If you visit the exact location at two early in the day, and the moon is only half-lit, the moon will provide an more appropriate event for a space-based game.

Braithwaite Family Disgrace

If you’ve read the third chapter in the story, you’ve likely discovered you’ve realized that the Braithwaite family isn’t ideal. There is convincing proof of this in their mansion.

There’s a tiny bathroom stall located on the west side of the property owned by the family. As you walk closer to the booth, you’ll notice it’s locked up, and inside is a young woman who is discontent with the conditions she’s in. The girl is among the family’s children and has decided to shield herself from scrutiny due to her appearance, flaws, and mental illness. The Braithwaites worried that if they took her to an asylum, rumors of her being untrue could be spread, and their image would be damaged—the girl’s fate by visiting the location in the Epilogue.

A plane crash

Another shady but more somber is located just north of The Great Valley in West Elizabeth. Take it to the mark, and you’ll see the remains of a flying machine built by a child with the body of the unfortunate pilot. This could be a reference to earlier attempts by humans to conquer space; however, aliens may be involved as well. What is the likelihood that they inspired the inventor to take off?

Spooky Obelisk

In the northwest region from Lake Owangila in the Great Valley, an obelisk that is a bit out of place is atop an uphill. What are the ramifications: evidence from an old civilization, religious site, or even the deceit of aliens? Whatever it is, walk up to the site and take off the plaque. You’re sure to get an exciting surprise.

Face in the Rock

Another Easterling in the Grizzlies East region, yet another reason to go to the mountains. This time, head south, and then to the mountains to the north to Moonstone Lake. You’ll find your way up, and you’ll come across a small open space. From there, you can continue to climb through the hardly visible trail until you’ll come across scaffolding and, in the background, an face cut in the rocks. It’s a localized model that’s a replica of Mount Rushmore.

Finding out the source of the face isn’t difficult. The person who sculpted the stone statue is hanging in a noose on this same structure. After searching for the body, you’ll discover his suicide note in which it is clear that the artist chose to honor that woman he loved this manner, but when he was able to lose her love and couldn’t take it anymore and decided to commit suicide. It is true that, in a sense, they’re forever together.

Portraits in the Trees

Take a trip back towards Lake Owangila in the Great Valley and look at the trees along the west shore. Some of them have the faces of unknown individuals. There was speculation of them being characters from the initial game. However, there’s no likeness, and it’s certainly not as if the carver’s designs are realistic.

Ghost Train

Stories of ghost cars, ships, trains, and other forms of transport have found their way into the horror film genre. They are sure to last longer than our children and us. For Red Dead Redemption 2, we will visit some of the trains that are on the northwestern railroad from Rhodes, Lemoine. You must meet it at night because Ghost trains can’t appear in the daytime.

The secrets to the Gray family

It is believed that the Gray family is also known for bones in its closets that aren’t surprising. In the farmhouse of Caliga Hall, you can find a letter sitting on the table. Reading it will expose the shocking truth and reveal the sort of individuals you’ve had to deal with for the past few years. But, you’ll have to finish the family mission in chapter three to be able to discover the truth only when you’ve reached chapter four.

Hobbit’s Nora

In the hills of Grizzlies East lies a direct connection to the classic works of Tolkien that is sure to please lovers of the genre of fantasy. Take a drive to the north of Bacchus Bridge along the east riverbank, and within the hills, you’ll see the small house that looks remarkably similar to the cozy dwellings of the residents in the Shire. Hobbits, however, are not in the place and are likely to be on another adventure.

Mammoth bones

It’s not unusual to see ancient bones within the vastness in Red Dead Redemption 2. There are bones! Near the point where Deadbut Creek and Spider Gorge meet, mammoth remains are found in the snow. It is believed to refer to a bear weighing more than 2 pounds. It was found in 1705. According to some reports, due to this discovery, the study of fossil remains started and continues until today. It was a time of education information. It is described in RDR 2.

The Old Tomb

Another interesting historical reference is waiting for visitors in the Roanoke Valley in New Hanover. Near the west end of the lodge for hunting deer, you will find an odd ancient tomb. The tomb is almost completely covered in dirt and within is an accumulation of bones that hardly belong to animals. It’s not just bones. If you look at the tomb with care, there are two distinct objects, including a Viking helmet and the Viking ax, that could be used.

This site refers to the idea that Vikings are the first Europeans to travel to the Americas. Scientists believe that this may be nearly 500 years prior to the time when that continent became known to Columbus who’s expedition in 1492.

Frozen warrior

Another mention of the pioneers who occupied the American areas can be seen on Hagen Mountain in Grizzlies West. It’s the mummified body of a man dressed in typical Spanish conquistador clothing and sporting an old steel helmet with an unusual form. It seems that the warrior might have been there for over 300 years, though it’s not known the reason he ended up there—the snow-covered mountain and so far away from Spanish outposts.

Ritual Sacrifice

Perhaps one of the most frightening sections within Red Dead Redemption 2. In the northeast region in Lake Owangila, someone has constructed space in a clearing to perform an ominous ceremony: setting out rocks and drawing drawings with chalk in the dirt, and then putting half of a human body on stakes. The man’s head is decorated with a skull horned by an animal that can be taken off and used to create an ointment, provided you’re not confused about the origins of the head.

Bigfoot skeleton

There’s a myriad of old bones in our collection in the present, but these stand out due to their relationship to other games of Rockstar. When you travel towards Mount Shann, north of Stoberry, there is the most enormous skull. It is likely to be the skeleton of the famous Bigfoot, who is not only deeply rooted in American folklore, however, but has also become a legend within the GTA series. It was not easy to locate the Bigfoot within San Andreas, but it was only seen in GTA V. However, players who played in the first Red Dead Redemption could have seen him before.


To the west of Van Horn, Trading Post is an unassuming mansion. Visit the inside to see the gruesome monster that appears to have been constructed from pieces of different animals. Based on the notes scattered throughout, it is possible to conclude that Zoofrankenstein was also designed to return to existence. It’s good they didn’t do it since you wouldn’t wish to find one in the dark or in an abandoned home.

Whale bones

To the west in Lake Owangila, the remains of a different long-dead animal could be seen – whale bones that protrude from the soil on a hill. It is believed that precisely in the area where the mountain and the land are today once, there was a sea on the bottom of which this giant sat. The location can be thought of as an ode to the well-known fact that thousand years earlier, the shape of the oceans was different from what we observe now.

Rock Images

A man named Francis Sinclair from around Strotherry and who leads you on an opportunity to find images in the rock. The rock has a striking resemblance to Kraff, who is the divine being worshipped by those who belong to the Epsilon cult of GTA V. Look closely at the birthmark on his face and clothing, and pay attention to the accent, a style of speech that was popular at the beginning of the 20th century America that’s decades off.

When you have completed the quest, after which it becomes apparent the fact that Francis is a time-traveler, this is evident from the sketch of his house, in which an identical man wanders through various time periods, and due to the fact that you won’t be able to see Sinclair and will instead meet an unnamed woman who has a child that isn’t Francis is a wife like you imagine. In reality, she is his mother. The baby is named the same and has the same birthmark on her forehead as the man who handed you the task.

Woman Donkey

South of Armadillo, South of Armadillo, there are many burned-out homes along with are a hand-mill, as well as the remains of the woman who worked at it until her death. This is fine, but instead of a skull made by a human, she’s got the skull of a donkey, and it doesn’t appear as if someone replaced her original head with the donkeys. This is a reference to the glitch that was introduced in the original Red Dead Redemption, where there were instances when people using AI and a donkey’s skull could appear.

Night Gang

In the close vicinity of Bluewater Swamp and Bayou Nwa in Lemoyne, there are dead people in worn or unworn clothing communicating through animal sound. The encounter won’t be one to remember since they are real thugs who seek out travelers with the aim of robbing them and later violently murdering the victims. The killings are ritualistic, and the remains of the victims hang from the trees throughout the swamp, usually disfigured, disemboweled, or dismembered.

A woman might be seen lying on the ground crying in the swamp around two at a.m. at dawn. If you try to speak with her, she’ll disappear, leaving you with the sudden-looking criminals. It’s a trap and getting out isn’t easy – nighttime swamp dwellers can be risky in hand-to-hand combat.

Everybody believes it’s possible that the appearance of a large group of brutal killings from RDR 2 is the reference to the “Undead Nightmare” add-on for Red Dead Redemption, where the player was confronted by an army of zombies. Perhaps in the near future, we’ll see the same add-on in the second game, and instead of zombies, we’ll be able to see a more realistic two-legged hunter.

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