Real Farm Review – A Perfectionist’s Hell Review

In the middle of August, the creators of Real Farm announced that they were working on a major update to enhance gameplay and improve the game’s mechanics. We were inspired by their words and a desire to test the game, we decided to take an in-depth look at the game and share our thoughts with you in a brief review.

  • Developer: Soedesco
  • Publisher: Soedesco
  • Editor: October 20, 2017

What’s the game’s focus

Real Farm is a standard farm simulator that features a lively economy, a wide range of farm-related equipment and an open-world. If you’re familiar with the first version of Farm Simulator, you already have all the information you must know about the game.

The new farmers begin their career in the story mode or the sandbox, on your own terms. In both instances you will be provided with the beginning capital as well as the tractor or combine, a personal vehicle, a starter tillage tool as well as a small farm with some fields.

Players do not only need to plough, sow and fertilize the soil and then pick the crops, but they also need to monitor the financial health of their business, exchange with other businesses in the area and complete successful orders on time.

Once you have earned a small amount of capital to invest in better equipment, purchase modern tools, raise livestock, grow your land, and employ your own employees. Similar to most sims Real Farm has no goal in and of itself.

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What I enjoyed about it

  • Models of machines. The game offers a wide range of tractors, combine silage harvesters, automobiles to use for personal purposes. A majority of the vehicles look excellent.
  • It is easy to master. In contrast to recent versions in Farm Simulator, there are less mechanics and details. If you’re aware of the need to loosen your soil prior to when you plant anything, you’re the most successful farmer in the world.
  • Relaxing gameplay. Don’t worry about the fact that your tank has run empty of gas, or your player requires to rest, and the sale of grain is set to close at the fair and there’s plenty of time and money available to relax in your tranquil garden.
  • You’re the top farmer around.

What I didn’t enjoy

  • Poor physics. It’s not even a possibility that your fields could be as well-balanced like in Farm Simulator. The controls are terrible most tools are difficult to use and the results of countless hours spent in the field are visually unpleasant, regardless of the effort you put into.
  • There are a lot of bugs. Despite the fact that it has been around for three years The game is plagued by an enormous amount of issues. Fields are cut off by lines of white, and the globe is awash with obstacles that are extremely difficult to escape from the textures that are literally beneath your eyes and roads are blocked by backgrounds that are adorned with artifacts and so on.
  • The game is a bit rough. The interface is uncomfortable, it’s an empty town with just occasional passenger cars passing by, the plot is just a simple guide using scribbled notes instead of the usual explanations. there are fogs and rains which for some reason take less than an hour. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only reason for the game’s flaws.
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Are they worth it?

Real Farm has nice graphics as well as nice lighting and shadows however, the image is not as good as what the developers showcase in their trailers. The game certainly has potential however whether they’ll succeed in achieving it isn’t clear. At the moment, Soedesco is still unable to be competitive with all the other games I have played within this genre.

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