Razer Kaira Pro Test

It’s a snap. The Kaira comes with Xbox Wireless technology, which could be used as a wireless controller without needing a USB dongle. The pairing process between the console and headset is simple. There was a glitch in that the controller wasn’t immediately recognized after connecting it to the Xbox Series S, but restarting the console resolved the issue instantly. The error is more likely to be related in part to Xbox firmware than to the headset itself. The problem didn’t occur with any Xbox One X.

Razer Kaira Pro Razer Kaira Pro positions itself in the same category as other models like the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 and SteelSeries Arctis 9X in price. As a result, it is a formidable competitor. However, when you open this product, Razer is ready for the challenge. It’s Kaira Pro has a high-end feeling from the moment you open the box, sporting an aluminum headband with plastic housing and suspensions made of steel for the swivel-mounted earcups. In addition, the cushions are comfortable and are covered in breathable material.

The weight of about 300 grams, which isn’t unusual for a wireless headset, is easily absorbed, and the comfort is excellent in longer sessions or with glasses. Visual highlights are offered with an optional logo that is illuminated and a green touch around the headband and earcups, which is, of course, great with Xbox green. Xbox green.

The controls are on both the ear cups, with sufficient space between them. On the left, you’ll have the port to connect the microphone detachable and a Type-C port to connect the USB charge cable. The ports are joined with the power switch, the microphone button, and an audio volume control. The right-hand side houses the pairing EQ button that has been assigned twice (press and hold to pair and double pressing to change the EQ preset), as well as a control for game chat’s balance and an additional BlueTooth connecting button. The possibility of errors during operation is virtually impossible. The signal light will keep you updated on charge status and operational status. You can view the quality of the charge more precisely with the Razer headset application for Xbox.

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This application can be downloaded free through the Xbox store and is an absolute benefit. It’s not just possible to create profiles using the application. However, you can alter the settings and presets using the five-band equalizer. Furthermore, you can make settings specifically for microphones. It’s not the most powerful, but excellent overall. Unfortunately, updates to firmware are not accessible through the app. You must join the headset with your computer and then update it with an application downloaded from the Razer website (NOT Razer Synapse). Our version was up-to-date in any case.

The battery’s charging time is listed as 20 hours in darkness and 15 hours with illumination, which is around the moderate volume. It’s enough for you to be ready for long nights. The wireless range is claimed to be ten meters, and we can verify that for the majority. So a short trip to the refrigerator without needing to put the headset on shouldn’t be an issue.

The inside workings of Razer Kaira Pro are similar to the recent test Razer BlackShark V2, which had decent scores. The latest Razer TriForce Titanium 50mm drivers offer a smooth, balanced performance that is nothing to complain about. The sound is well-balanced in the default settings and almost unnatural. The bass is powerful, the mids have high speech clarity, and the treble is not lacking in detail. However, we suggest altering the EQ settings to eliminate the neutrality that comes with the standard mode. In addition, the bass boost may be slightly exaggerated for us. However, the app you’re using it’s not an issue.

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Gaming performance is impressive regardless of the game and even more impressive when Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic are switched on. The sound source’s origin is visible, and the overall effect is powerful and complete. Even in the battles of Destiny 2, where the matches can be pretty intense, the sound sources are easily identified. Its Razer Kaira Pro is one of the top Xbox wireless headsets for audio quality and leaves the Turtle Beach Stealth 600/700 in the dust. It’s similar to the SteelSeries arctic 9X and the LucidSound LS35X.

Although the built-in microphone does not seem convincing enough in BlueTooth operation, The detachable microphone will be a complete success, and this is not just due to the pop protection. Voice transmission is clear, distinct, and generally free of distortion. Chats via voice are free of any issues. It appears that Razer has made a long-awaited breakthrough in speakers and microphones.

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