Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Test

Razer utilizes several models at once. There’s a “normal” Deathstalker V2 as an option with wired connectivity priced at 199.99 Euros, and the V2 Pro Tenkeyless without numeric keypad that costs 219.99 Euros, and then the one we finally received to test, which is its V2 Pro as a full keyboard as well as wireless. There are two switches, which are either clicky or linear. The latest Deathstalker is not inexpensive, and the V2 Pro costs a whopping 249.99 Euros, which places the keyboard in a premium class alongside the Huntsman models. It is a stark contrast to the former, relatively affordable Deathstalker that this model shares very little with.

It’s evident when you open it to see that Deathstalker has arrived at an entirely different level. The ultra-compact and slim keyboard aren’t able to afford wasted space, and it uses the minimum of space. Other keys are mainly absent, except a media key and an audio dial that sits above that numeric keyboard. In addition, both are highly high-quality controls. The rotating dial is constructed of metal with a transparent raster. The craftsmanship is top-level, with a full aluminum cover plate. It’s not a product with cheap items, which is apparent from the first contact.

Keycaps give a beautiful perfect impression. The font is clear and visible, and the lighting (using Razer’s Chroma technology, obviously) is uniform and transparent. In addition, it’s impressive how the keys are resistant to sweat or fingerprints. According to Razer, it is due to a unique coating that is also resistant to wear for longer. According to the maker, it could even last longer than keycaps with double shots. Of course, it’s up to the time to determine; we’ll keep an eye on it.

The keyboard is connected in three ways. First, the USB-C cable is utilized to charge the device and connect to the dongle wirelessly. This implies it is possible with Razer’s LightSpeed technology, which operates in the 2.4 GHz range. It is also convenient that the dongle is not only equipped with a Type C input and USB-A output, which means that it is possible to have a charging cable connected using a passthrough function, to speak, without needing first to connect anything.

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The last option is Bluetooth 5.0, which can connect three devices at once that can be easily controlled by the buttons on the back of the device. There’s also a switch that allows you to switch between Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz mode, and wireless options that are disabled. This is a good option for those who want to use your keyboard on several devices apart from the PC, like a tablet or smartphone.

HyperSpeed Wireless from Razer is an established technology that won’t fail us using this model, the Deathstalker V2 Pro, not least because of the adjustable frequency selection, which helps avoid cross-talk of other products. It’s also helpful to note that this wireless device could not just be used to connect typing but can also be used for one of Razer’s latest mice. Two dongles instead of one is a great thing. A note on the battery life when in wireless mode: around 40 hours, with RGB half-brightness. So it’s pretty robust.

The most significant change over the prior Deathstalker is that it’s not an actual keyboard on a membrane. Instead, low-profile switches are employed that are essentially similar to the Huntsman’s controls which are just a bit flatter. In addition, they are optical switches, meaning that signals are recorded using a light barrier, not an electronic system. This means that the controls are not only fast and precise but also far more durable as they do not have mechanical wear.

For the linear version, we have the release point of just 1.2mm, with the critical traveling to 2.8mm and a strength of around 45G. The Clicky version comes with a release force of 1.5 millimeters and 2.8 millimeters of traveling and 50G. The Razer is exciting because Razer makes use of silicone dampers in the linear version, which means the stroke is relatively silent. Also, it offers an incredibly smooth typing experience that’s a little like a membrane keyboard. However, it is more precise and precise overall. The keyboard performs extremely precisely regardless of whether you are it’s gaming or working. While you need to become accustomed to the small trigger travel initially, it’s only a matter of minutes. It’s even easier in case you’ve worked on low-profile keyboards previously.

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Particularly for me, an avid typist, The short strokes can be poetry since the fingers do not tire fast and can glide over the keys in a way that they have never before. I must say that I fell into the typing experience that comes with this Deathstalker V2 Pro within a few minutes, despite the fact that I typically would prefer the clicky style over the straight one when working. It is a joy to use for gaming and typing, mainly as there is still visible feedback from typing.

The keyboard’s configuration is managed by the Synapse software, which is the same as before and is well laid out. It is expected to have the standard features like gaming mode as well as crucial assignment, illumination control, as well as energy-saving features, and an indicator for the level of charge. The latter is accessible through hotkeys in an elementary form, using LEDs placed above the Arrow keys. There are other options, specifically in relation to the lighting are also operated by hotkeys. Although not particularly thrilling, it’s all you need.

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