Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro Test

BlackWidow BlackWidow is a fully-functional keyboard with keys that stand on their own. The craftsmanship isn’t revealing any apparent defects. With its strong plastic case and aluminum cover plate, it oozes strength. The range of products includes a movable palm rest with soft padding and a leather cover that provides easy typing. However, it’s difficult to understand why it can’t be connected to the keyboard with magnets or holders. Although the anti-slip rubbers on the tray and keyboard offer a reasonably secure hold, we would have liked to see a magnetic attachment.

However, the fold-out feet with two stages are great, as is the robust USB-to-USB C connection cable, which can also be used as a charging cable. On the left is an option for wireless choices Hyperspeed (2.4 GHz) and BlueTooth. Three devices can be linked through BlueTooth, and you can change using a button. The wireless connection is made using a USB dongle found inside a handy compartment at the lower part on the bottom of your keyboard.

Razer’s HyperSpeed wireless technology has proved itself and is working perfectly, swiftly, and precisely for BlackWidow. While gaming, you won’t feel any different compared to an electronic keyboard. The battery’s life span is remarkable. According to Razer, it will last up to 192 hrs without lighting. Chroma RGB lighting, however, the battery life is minimal – based on brightness, it lasts between 5 and 25 hours before the BlackWidow is required to be reattached to the leash.

When it comes to the keyboard, excellent keycaps instantly shine. Razer uses ABS Doubleshot keycaps, which shine with a rough and grippy surface. This allows for safe typing; it also helps to prevent fingerprints. Additionally, you do not have to worry about the font of the keys fading away. The switches feature transparent casings that let you see the brightness more clearly. Additionally, there are special multimedia keys and rotary control. These can be easily programmed using Synapse software.

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The switches Razer utilizes internal green controls, which have tactile feedback. If the sound isn’t enough for you, there’s an even quieter, smoother alternative with yellow switches. The switches are reliable and are basically like Cherry’s blue switches, but they come with a shorter trigger point at 1.9 millimeters and only need 50G instead of 60G pressure. The typing performance of the switches leaves no blemishes – aside from the quantity. However, you must be aware of the volume when purchasing this switch. We appreciate the fact that keys can also be re-energized very quickly.

The usual configuration process is performed using Synapse. Synapse software, in which keys and extensive RGB settings macros, profiles, and other settings are all available. Five profiles can be saved to the keyboard. It was evident that the software did not periodically connect to the keyboard when switching operating modes. However, this could be fixed by updating the software on the one hand. However, it’s not necessary to tweak the program constantly.

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