Razer Basilisk V3 Test

Its Basilisk V3 is once again an asymmetrical right-handed mouse that’s ergonomics instantly fit comfortably into the palm. In the case of the creator of this article, it’s almost perfect, especially the thumb rest on the left as well, as the rubber linings on both sides provide an extremely secure grip. With a dimension of 129 x 62 43 mm, it is a size that the Basilisk will fit into almost every player’s hand. the weight is quite light with 101g (without cable)

Connectivity is through it being connected via a 1.8-meter USB cable that is enclosed in a soft and comfortable jacket. It’s been in use at Razer for some time and is known as the Speedflex cable, and does exactly what it says on the tin. With its soft outer jacket, users won’t need to be concerned about a stiff cable interfering with mouse motions.

The black matte input device is gorgeous and not just an excellent shape. It is also equipped with the traditional Razer Chroma RGB illumination, divided into 11 zones, and shouldn’t be left out. Alongside the mouse wheel and logo, The Basilisk also has underbody lighting, i.e., an LED strip that runs along the bottom. That makes quite a visual impression. As usual, the configuration is accomplished using The Razer Synapse software. It’s quick and straightforward.

The Basilisk comes with eleven programmable buttons, which includes one profile-selection button at the lower. Two mouse buttons and two thumb buttons, plus another one that can be operated using the tip of the thumb, DPI switches, and mouse wheel buttons behind the four-way wheel. Thanks to the macro recording feature and free keys, the mouse already provides plenty of flexibility.

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The most notable feature is the mouse wheel. In the past, you could toggle between free-running and tactile behavior. It’s now more straightforward and even added by an automatic function. Switching between the two options is possible using a button or software. But the smart-reel procedure eliminates this as it automatically switches between tactile and free scrolling depending on the speed at which you use your mouse.

It works well overall. One minor issue is that allowing the mouse wheel to switch between two options sometimes takes seconds. When you are in Free Spin mode, there is additional acceleration, allowing for faster scrolling. All of this is available for optional use and can be (de)activated within the program with only a couple of clicks if required.

The Basilisk’s insides can have been more contemporary. In between those two buttons are those Razer Optical Mouse Switches Gen-2. These switches have optical switches that operate using a visual barrier. They not only respond exceptionally quickly and accurately (only 0.2 milliseconds of actuation time by the maker); however, they are far more durable than traditional mechanical switches, with as many as 70 million clicks. The Basilisk’s click-to-click response is flawless, thanks to these switches.

It’s the most recent Razer range model, the Razer Focus and 26K DPI optical sensor. Yes, 26,000 DPI isn’t something you can set in your mind; however, it makes scanning the sensor extremely accurate and non-error-prone. It can achieve 700 inches per second, with 50G of speed. It can be set to up to five DPI ranges, pre-set through software, and accessible at the press of the button. And while we’re talking about it, You can typically bunker more than five profiles onto the Basilisk by using Razer Synapse, which is accessible via an icon on the bottom.

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As we had already received our sample copy before the announcement and we were able to play with the Basilisk for a total of two weeks of work, play and fun and can only affirm that it’s a great device. Basilisk V3 is a fantastic all-rounder and didn’t disappoint us in any field, not even the slightest bit, and it is a joy to hold. Whether you require the additional scrolling is a different matter, mainly when using social media and websites. We came how to use its Smart Reel mode.


In The end, it’s the only thing I can not find fault with in this version of the Basilisk V3. The great piece of the software remains firmly on my desk, and it replaces, at the very least, my in the department of editorial my Deathadder. It’s fantastic and well worth every cent.



  • fine ergonomics.
  • Pretty lighting
  • Soft cable
  • Smart Scroll Wheel features
  • Buck strong sensor
  • Fast switches
  • simple to set up


  • there is no left-handed version.
  • Switching of the stages of smart-reel is slightly delayed


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