Razer Barracuda X Test

The Barracuda X is a flexible device that can be operated in various ways. Apart from USB cable connection via USB-A to-C charger cable, the device can be connected using a 3.5-millimeter socket. It is wirelessly compatible with PC, Switch, PlayStation consoles, and other contemporary Android devices with USB-C dongles made by Razer that use the renowned HyperSpeed wireless technology. It works flawlessly, without interference, and with minimal lags.

It’s the only thing that one BlueTooth connection isn’t present; however, that isn’t something to be expected given the cost of fewer than 100 euros. For those with more advanced Apple devices with Lightning connectors or Xbox gamers who require voice chat, the Barracuda X can be used by connecting adapters or cables, but is rather inconvenient. The best option is Kaira Pro. Kaira Pro, which supports Xbox Wireless and BlueTooth.

The consensus is that generally speaking, the Barracuda X is a plug& play headset that does not require additional software. It’s nice that all the cables and adapters are provided. Jack cable, USB-A-to-C charging cable and USB-A to C adapter for the dongle, are all included. It’s a little annoying that the usual hammer-shaped shape of the USB-C adapter can block other USB ports when directly connected.

The ports and controls are located all on the left earcup and are easy to identify. Alongside the charging cable and jack connections, there’s the power button, volume control, and microphone button. The microphone is easily detachable using an ergonomically placed microphone boom and foam-pop protection. The microphone is not ideal for recording. However, it offers clear and well-understood voice transmission that is full-bodied and without noticeable interferences during voice chat. The battery life is listed at 20 hours, which is correct, considering that the headset doesn’t have RGB uselessness.

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In terms of sound, the Barracuda X once again relies on the latest TriForce driver technology that provides a pleasant separation of mids, highs, and lows. Contrary to BlackShark V2, the small 40mm drivers are utilized here to help with the weight and cover the frequency range from 20-20,000Hz with 32 ohms.

The drivers again provide the same rich, bassy sound that is clear but lacks detail. The lower tones, in particular, are impressive, with clarity and distinction despite the massive pressure. The mids are also clear, and the voice quality isn’t affected by the powerful bass. Perfect for gaming, but it is also excellent for videos and films. We only found a few minor flaws in the musical aspect. The trebles seemed a little too soft in the overall mix. However, they were clear and full of details. Unfortunately, they simply cannot stand up against the rest as much as we’d like.

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