Rain on Your Parade – Not a Bear at All Review

The small studio Unbound Creations has released a charming game Rain on Your Parade, that can provide an positive boost under any situation. Find out more about this game through our analysis.

  • producer: Unbound Creations
  • Publisher: Unbound Creations
  • Date of release: April 15, 2021

Who said clouds couldn’t become a protagonist in a video game? With Rain on Your Parade, you are in control of the real (well it’s not really real: it’s in fact cardboard) cloud and everything you reach.

The adventure begins in a place where Grandpa has been telling the grandson an interesting story of… Well, the cloud who’s determined to leave his comfort zone and explore across the globe in search of the best location. The story is sure to get a lot of people wet, and perhaps even fight with the villain. Yes there’s a person that doesn’t like clouds or sweat, rain washing, or any interaction with liquids. It’s not a serious threat however, it is capable of creating some problems.

What is a cloud capable of doing? The first and most important thing is that it sheds rain. The initial missions in the game revolve around this ability: you’ll need to disrupt a wedding and put out a flaming garbage can and the list goes on. The water supply isn’t infinite, but if encounter any body of water close by it will be back on the scene within a matter of minutes. If you’re standing over the barrel of oil or acid, the cloud will instantly absorb the liquid and then pour it over and have the same consequences such as setting an object on fire using the oil, or the acid can destroy plants, and it goes on.
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As time passes the heroine will be able to gain new perspectives. For instance, she’ll be able to hit lightning, and after that, no one will be able to hide beneath an umbrella. She’ll also dump snow in the air, causing people to fall and slip, then roll into enormous snowballs. Then, he’ll create a tornado, which will sweep all that is in its way.

Cloud travels through several locations, each having both primary and second (as as well as undiscovered, unchecked) goals. It’s not necessary to complete all of the tasks, but you will receive a customized accessory – a hat, or an accessory – to complete all of the quests. you can test on inside the cloud’s private shelter. It’s also possible to give her a fresh face in case you’re not happy with the default face because of a reason.

The authors have created various hilarious missions that feature bizarre characters, hilarious dialogue as well as cool references and patches. Cloudy wears a headband to his forehead, and sneaks into the bases of enemies. The gang of zombies is led by Cloudy. The suns will start shooting using a first-person perspective and retro-filter. Continue to protect the bomb from Special Forces on a location which is suspiciously resembling that of de_dust2. or simply swoop into the school and expel all students.

Rain on Your Parade is an innocent delight It’s a game that you won’t want to be critical of the game even a bit. It’s not anything to complain about its only drawbacks are the missions, which aren’t always apparent, and the excessive use of the blur effect. In all other respects, it’s a great entertaining way to spend a few nights with a lot of humor and an uncontrolled chaos.

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It’s the perfect entertainment choice to enjoy a few evenings.

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