Quantic Dream Is Rumored To Be Inspired By The Last Of Us When Creating Star Wars Eclipse

The official announcement for Star Wars: Eclipse from Quantic Dream was only last week, but insiders are already sharing interesting information about the game’s coming. If you are unsure about the authenticity of the information, the source is the well-known Tom Henderson and blogger AccNGT, who leaked video footage of the Eclipse trailer before the game’s premiere.

Insiders say that the production of the latest
“Star Wars” game is split in two parts that are part of Quantic Dream:

  • Paris offices are busy working on creative aspects in the plan. The creative level and storytelling, as well as motion capture are entirely his responsibility.
  • In the hands of the studio in Montreal is the level of design as well as multiplayer, gameplay, and.

Based on Henderson Henderson, that the headquarters of Paris’ Qualic Dream Team is desperately in need of collaborators. It is possible that the game could remain in development for about three to four years due to the shortage of staff. The problem is made worse because of the in-built engine that was not built for an open-world play.

The development of Eclipse is also a collaboration with David Cage, who is active in all the Studio’s initiatives. One of the studio’s influences was the film The of Us. of Us, said AccNGT. The team wants to stress powerful narratives and unforgettable action sequences.

In response to a query from a user, Tom Henderson wrote that within a few years, Star Wars: Eclipse will be out each six months or at least every six months.

Star Wars: Eclipse was revealed at The Game Awards 2021. The game is set during the time of the Republic, the period also known by the name of Golden Age of the Jedi. The action-adventure game is in the early stages of development.

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