Pupperazzi Review Review

I often break between AAA hits or MMO games to play an easy indie game with simple gameplay and bright images. This game Pupperazzi is part of the Sundae Month team, seemed to me like a game where you have to explore the world and take photos of cute dogs. The camera simulator’s enough to keep an uninterested player; I will tell you when I review it.

  • Producer: Sundae Month
  • Publisher: Kitfox Games
  • Please note: January 20, 2022

What’s the game’s focus

Paparazzi is a game that involves cameras with legs (literally) that wanders around an entire world populated by dogs and take pictures of the dogs.

The cities are filled with people; you won’t discover bipeds around. The entire area is populated with very sane dogs when they ride bicycles and scooters, lying on benches, lying on beaches, sunbathing, and on. They aren’t afraid to run away to grab a ball or sticks. If you love your dog, they will be enthralled and chase you for a time.

The world has many places where you can capture photos of animals. By completing tasks and uploading images of dogs on your local Instagram and Facebook, you boost your account level and earn gold bones. With this, you can purchase more filters and modes for shooting. The information on the dogs you have taken photos of appears in the local Encyclopedia.

What I enjoyed about it

  • Pupperazzi is pretty adorable. Pet games are an easy win that will delight any heart. There are a variety of kinds of animal breeds available and all of them is able to be petted or dressed in a cute costume. The cuteness levels are out of the ordinary!

  • The game offers a wide range of different shooting modes and filters. You can shoot using an ordinary lens, fisheye, or zoom lens, or repaint your image with different colors by using many other films or take selfies and let the camera move around as if you were a miniature UFO. There’s plenty of room to be creative. Post photos and get hilarious comments from your people who follow.

Things I didn’t enjoy

  • A bit of a blatant music. One and a half tones per game. Not the most enthralling soundtrack. It loops the music and then plays on and off that is beginning to get annoying.

  • The game’s general sloppiness. Although this is the first release currently, Pupperazzi is more of an unfinished match than the finished product. Models with low polygons, no animations, virtually no response of pets to actions of the player It’s an abysmal performance. There are seams between the textures on the left and right, and the designers decided not to consider the “little things,” such as the animation of paws. The quality of performance for the clients is mediocre.

Is it worth the money?

If you are a dog lover and want an enjoyable game to play, Pupperazzi is for you.

However, be aware that the flaws in the project can destroy the cuteness of the project.

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