Pumpkin Jack Review – The Best Halloween Game Review

If playing Pumpkin Jack, you won’t be convinced it’s a 3D platformer was designed by just one individual. It’s true that creator Nicolas Meysonnier has created a highly atmospheric, enjoyable,, and addicting game. Find out more about the game in our review.

  • Creator: Nicolas Meyssonnier
  • Publisher: Headup
  • Author: October 23, 2020

A certain wizard set out to defeat evil. He searched for of an amulet with magical powers that could provide him with enough strength to accomplish his goal.

To stop his plans to defeat him, to stop him, Devil was sent after Jack The pumpkin master, who is a tricker and deceiver capable of completing every task. He was helped by an owl who showed him the way, as well as ravens to help him fight the creatures that were invading the fantasy world.

The truth that Jack is fighting the monsters isn’t a reason to embarrass them – they are monsters are apathetic and take on everything they can. Therefore, the protagonist must fight with a few hundred bones before he’s able to catch up to the wizard.

The Pumpkin Lord’s quest is an exciting adventure, with a theme. It takes him to the countryside as well as a dark forest the cemetery, and even an appearance by Santa! In each of these levels, you’ll be looking for clues, fighting with enemies, such as bosses, as well as unique challenges that require you to cut off the pumpkin’s head from the body, and play an analog for the popular challenge “beat the mole” while somewhere else you’ll have to fly by grasping the legs of the gargoyle while trying not to fall. Also, there’s a fight with seven of the Deadly Sins along with the race in the chariot that has triggered the memory of a Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones flashback for me.

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What I loved about

  • Atmosphere. Pumpkin Jack is an action game that is full of an eerie Halloween feel, beginning with the main character , and concluding with the dark humor that is a part of the dialogue. The layout of the places just adds to the fun It’s an extremely atmospheric “lamp” platformer that deserves to be on the same level as MediEvil or Psychonauts.
  • Battle System. Jack’s arsenal is comprised of a variety of weapons, ranging from the common shovel, to the cannon and the ghostly scythe. Combat is a combination of evasions and attacks in addition to making melee-based combinations, players can also practice the raven to attack opponents. Combat isn’t particularly difficult, but it can make you sweat, especially when you mix different kinds of adversaries that strike from a distance, and then attack close.

  • Diversity. Like we said, Pumpkin Jack boasts a variety of game mechanics and locations. Certain tasks are repeated, however, the developers have them presented in new ways: for instance In one episode, you are racing along railways in a wagon while in another, you be riding a horse. The game’s gameplay is similar but the gameplay is a bit different.
  • Platforming. The levels in the game are in height and width and, in the most remote locations, there are raven skulls. These can be exchanged to make new costumes for Jack. The character responds to commands from the controller and makes jumping a relaxing and relaxing experience.

What I didn’t enjoy

  • A disappointing conclusion. The story of Pumpkin Jack, everything is flawless. However, the only part that baffles me is the ending. it seems like the screenwriter couldn’t find a way to conclude the story, and therefore ended the story abruptly. Additionally, I didn’t get the revelation of the protagonist’s name as it is stated that he’s an extraordinary villain, who has managed to defeat his opponent, the Devil himself, however in the actual game Jack isn’t really exceptional.
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Are they worth it?

If you are a fan of 3D platformers, then definitely. Particularly now, at the time of Halloween. It’s five hours of intense fun which won’t be interrupted by the game’s ambiguous conclusion.

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