PUBG NEW STATE Review – Evolution instead of Revolution

The marketing campaign for the mobile shooter PUBG: NEW STATE was supposed to give that we would be able to discover a brand-new word in the realm of royal combat. Everything was more conventional, and the anticipated surprises didn’t come through. But that doesn’t mean this game doesn’t have anything to offer a seasoned player. The full details can be found provided in the review.

  • producer: PUBG Corporation
  • Publisher: Krafton
  • Date of release: November 11, 2021

The game PUBG: NEW STATE is a classic battle royale based on 2051 with technology from the time. They aren’t too far from the present age, yet they give players a few technologically advanced technologies.

Electric vehicles are now on the map, fast as well as quiet. They come with a large trunk (you can store extra items there) and the capacity to sit behind and open the door to create a mobile shelter. It is also possible to ride the fast electric bicycle, or if you don’t need to drive yourself, you can take public transport. This map will find self-contained streetcars that quickly transport the fighter to the following location. Because they’re equipped with armor, you can use them to serve as mobile firing areas.

The arsenal of the player is also able to accommodate new ideas. In the beginning, certain weapons in PUBG Mobile were updated to modernized versions of them. Additionally, you can utilize these devices as an example, such as an e-shield that can be installed in any open space, offering its owner a place to shelter.

Players can also call drones that have supplies. The drone will provide anything for an amount – however, I’ve never needed this since all the items in PUBG: NEW STATE floating around beneath the feet. Additionally, the drone is a critical tool for the player; however, in the same way, it lets you ambush opponents searching for important equipment.

These can be replaced at times by bots, which helps novice players get comfortable with the world of games and enhance the game when the match doesn’t have enough players. You will soon be accustomed to bots. However, they can also be relaxing. After getting comfortable that AI bots do not cause problems when you come across an actual player, you risk getting it wrong and mistakenly thinking of the player as the bot.

One thing that PUBG NEW STATE does not have (at least at this moment – is cheaters. The game’s creators weren’t lying when they claimed that they had invested a lot of money to enhance the anti-cheat system game. During many games, I could not spot my opponents cheating like in PUBG: MOBILE, where there were times when I was “incomprehensible,” which destroyed my character after the first time I hit. The game appears to be performing well; however, whether it will endure remains to be seen.

The action that is NEW STATE unfolds in the future; the appearance of maps has been altered in a way. The players are now able to meet Troy and Erangel. In the end, new battlefields are expected to be added. The developers have revamped locations: some areas were “aged,” and the other regions were replaced with new ones to ensure that PUBG veterans need to adapt to the recent changes.

Have we finished with the latest innovations and new technologies? But how do we play the PUBG: NEW STATE game? Yes, it’s precisely the same as the first installment in the series and like any other shooter in the genre of royal battle. The plane is landing and searching for equipment fights alongside other characters. Several squad-based games with intense matches between teams are on a tiny map for those who prefer playing in a group. Additionally, there is a change between the third-person and first-person perspectives.

The developers have created a complex user interface. Although it can be altered (and there are options to use four-finger controls), the interface feels messy and uncomfortable. Sometimes, I took a picture when I was trying to rotate the camera on, and specific icons were tiny, so I needed to be careful to strike them with my fingers.

The game cannot allow the connection of gamepads as the developers wish to ensure that all players are on the same level. This is a great idea, but I didn’t see the possibility of connecting devices to smartphones. It is easy to become comfortable with touch controls; however, the gamepad remains a native device. I hope Krafton might consider segregating players with input devices to enable users of different controllers to compete against each other.

Promoting the game PUBG: NEW STATE gamers are promised a whole new graphics style that is built on the same rendering technology utilized for PC games. Maybe shortly, the graphics will get better, but for the time being, when gaming on realme GT with the maximum settings for pictures, I haven’t noticed an improvement in performance in comparison with PUBG Mobile. In some areas, you can see more texture, and places have been made more complex, but the sense of a sequel that was marketed as a NEW STATE doesn’t take place. The game is still running smoothly, with high frame rates, and some of the game has no bugs that I could detect.

The item is available free without cost and, consequently, monetized by microtransactions. They also come in their most extreme form, as loot boxes that don’t guarantee the outcome of the various items included in the set. For instance, to get the complete contents of a Halloween set, you’ll need to purchase several boxes at the most. Fortunately, the contents of their packages do not affect the look of the characters and weapons; therefore, you don’t need loot boxes.

The PUBG game NEW STATE isn’t appeared to be an original game in this genre and is more apprehensive with minor improvements rather than significant modifications. But, this is just the beginning of the journey, and shortly, according to the developers’ statements, the shooter will receive new story content, brand new maps, and other features. At present, it’s a solid and solid battle royale game for mobile platforms; however, don’t expect much more than that.

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