Psychonauts 2 Review – Guardian of Peace and Mental Health Review

The second installment of Psychonauts The 3D-platformer adventure of 2005 by Double Fine, which without exaggeration could be described as an cult. Fans were waiting for over 15 years. We were able to explore the deepest part of the human mind before and then rush to report our findings.

  • producer: Double Fine Productions
  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
  • Date of release: August 25, 2021

A paranormal ten year old, Razputin Aquato, must be confronted with the terrifying horrors that exist in the world and humans. It’s so scary;, even despite the hilarious and humorous presentation by the game’s creators at the start of the game, they warn they face grave mental health issues.

To be fair the game played out quite well. If it makes you think about the most important issues It’s not uninspiring.


  • 1. Return to School
  • 2. Psychonautics and Psychedelics
  • 3. Get your mind set to work!
  • 4 Recharge your brain!
  • 5 Not quite nextgen, but nice
  • 6 Diagnosis

Back to school

While over 15 years have passed since the games that take place in reality, action in Part 2 begins almost immediately after the conclusion of Rhombus of Ruin. It’s a 2017-based game that isn’t a numbered component. However, it ties the first and the second “Psychonauts” together in plot terms.

The events from the previous games are recounted in a hilariously drawn video before the beginning of Psychonauts 2 – you can look below. Brain Snatcher Oleander, the primary antagonist of the first game, following failing to conquer this world, opted to follow the road to correction and was welcomed back to the Psychonauts family. But, unfortunately, another attack took place in kidnapping Truman Zanotto, head of the entire organization and father of Lilly, who is Rasputin’s girlfriend.

As a result of the incidents in Rhombus of Ruin, he was released, and the kidnapper was found and was revealed as Dr. Loboto. However, the most skeptical agents doubt that Loboto did anything in his way and set out to discover who’s behind the scenes. There are reports of Maligula’s return to the location of the long-defeated antiquated evil. They must also locate a traitor within their ranks because, with no mole among the Psychonauts, this kind of atrocity could not be a possibility.

Naturally, our hero, the youngest Psychonaut in the initial part of the series, is also determined to help. But there’s a flaw in that the group’s current management is not an official agent and instead signs us as interns. We will succeed in this exciting campaign. However, there are two exciting tasks to enjoy the spirit of school beginnings.

It’s probably the story that makes Psychonauts 2 apart from the games primarily based on gameplay. The story is fascinating to follow while the protagonists, even with their odd design, look like living beings rather than walking.

Fans will be thrilled to see Sasha Nain, Milla Vodello, Ford Kruller, and many other well-known faces. Tim Shafer’s signature humorous style (Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, Brutal Legend), similar to his film named after him, Burton (especially when paired with a similar style of visuals) will bring you a smile over and over again.

Psychonautics and Psychedelics

One of the most memorable aspects of the game is the design of the levels. Razputin, as a Psychonaut, can continue to journey through the minds of the other characters. The designers creativity can only limit the levels of this kindy, and they can take advantage of it with great success.

The consciousness of every character is their universe with an individual style of design which is a sort of different scene. The casino is a hospital one that is a psychoedelic rock concert for the senses, created in sel-shading. There’s also an enormous robot sorting mail.

Real World locations and the Motherlobe as an example, similar to the base for Men in Black, or the hotel-casino in the form of an Octopus. It’s all done with Unreal Engine, albeit not perfect, but it’s done very carefully, clearly, with heart and affection.


Some might be shocked. However, the sequel Psychonauts is played as a combination with It Takes Two (for nothing more than one participant) and Control. In the first game, they share a lot in intense platforming, many gameplay mechanics, a 3D environment, puzzles, and multi-stage battles, with bosses searching for weaknesses. The second game emphasizes using skills that are pretty similar to nature and spirit (telekinesis and telekinesis are nearly identical).

The abilities include well-known levitation, telekinesis, and psychic shock. There are also exciting new abilities, including the ability to dilate time and “logical connection,” which is the title of the hook-cat; however, due to its setting, it’s used not just to leap to specific points as well as to solve puzzles that connect abstract ideas that are represented in physical clouds, with labels.

Other puzzles are also designed around using capabilities and can look enjoyable when paired with the appropriate setting. Levitation, for instance, can allow you to walk through an electrocuted floor, and a picture burned by Pyrokinesis could open up a mysterious way. In one way, it is necessary to send candy to giant tongues using telekinesis and watch them take them out and open a door for you to enter.

There is also combat within the game. The adversaries are usually represented by visualizing various mental challenges such as a fear of attack, bad decisions, internal censorship, and many more. For each of these, you’ll need to pick your strategies, which is about your choice of the necessary skills.

Your brain is charged!

There are nine abilities, including melee attacks. Some of them are accessible to Raz beginning, and the rest are acquired through the game. As the Psychonaut’s rank rises (analogous to the character level), they can be increased in addition to being added with other effects, referred to as pins. They are purchased from the store for Psitanium or local currency. They can also be removed from the surrounding objects, enemies, or simply scattered across the various locations.

The rank itself is increased in various ways – each, to some degree or extent, is connected to the hunt for rare items. For instance, “grain of wisdom” or psy-core with nine cards will give you the next rank immediately, and “fiction” requires 100 pieces. In the same way, health (“mental strength”) is elevated, and there are brains rather than hearts, which is typical of similar games. To gain an additional brain, it is necessary to locate two hemispheres.

For all sorts of those who love collecting and perfection. All the states of consciousness that Razputin visited are recorded on his character card and marked on the objects found, and you can return to any of them at the beginning of the game by accessing”collective consciousness “collective unconscious” through the hub. It will fill the “white spots” that appear like white spots on broken puzzle pieces even after you’ve completed the game.

Not necessarily nextgen, but it’s nice.

It’s difficult to judge the animations of cartoon games. It’s tough to know from the beginning if it was made that way or is just an error in design. Psychonauts 2 could be among the more common examples. Even though it runs at 60 frames per second in 4K, with HDR for my Xbox Series X, there isn’t any “nextgen WOW effect” in the game.

The work of the artists is very pleasing. However, it’s primarily according to the review regarding the visual style, the color palette, and composition. The work is incredibly well-realized. moments. I particularly enjoyed the reflections in the waters of the starry sky and that sel-shaded celebration. However, the “staircases” are shadowed, and the unbalanced detail of the faces of characters in various scenes are stunning. This is likely because the game is still compatible with the older generation of consoles.

The controls aren’t excellent also. This is a significant issue with many three-dimensional platformers, and here, it’s all handled well. However, the requirement to continually “flip” abilities that are connected to the triggers and bumpers is a bit strained among the eight available options, including attacks (it is wired with an “X”). It is possible to be able to play four simultaneously.

It’s certainly possible that this isn’t an issue, but rather it’s a feature because the variety of skills required to complete puzzles adds more excitement to the game. You can’t complain about the camera wandering “nowhere” and losing sight of your character as you approach the walls.

There are other problems with interaction with the surrounding environment. There are things you can grab using telekinesis, throw, or smash, or that aren’t initially, and this distinction isn’t at all apparent. The soundtrack is enjoyable with its uplifting patterns typical of numerous platformers, and there is pleasant music, voice acting in full (in English), and songs similar to those in Disney cartoons.

There’s a blemish for gamers who speak Russian. It’s not just the voiceover that’s English. At the moment, it’s not available in any way. This is crucial as many questions and puzzles depend on the understanding of words and the logical connections between them. I hope an update will eventually be available, mainly since the initial piece was fully localized.


Despite its shortcomings, Psychonauts 2 is probably one of the most unique and intriguing games I’ve had the opportunity to play over the past few years. The game’s first impression is unfathomable with a bizarre image is entices you, and you’ll play until late into the night.

I don’t think this game is an outstanding one, and I’m not sure whether it will achieve the fame of the first game. However, one thing is certain, the second installment of Psychonauts is undoubtedly one of the games you should not miss out on. If you like puzzles, platformers, bizarre worlds, and hilarious but thought-provoking stories, or simply aren’t able to find a good game partner to play It Takes Two, this game is one to play. Even if the initial part was a bit boring. In particular, it’s never late to make up that gap. It’s now available via Xbox Game Pass. The day it launches, the game will be added in the second.

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