Prototype 2 main storyline walkthrough

Before beginning your Prototype 2 walkthrough, it is possible to select “Prototype Story” from the main menu. You can then watch a short film about the events within Prototype. Prototype universe, in which Alex Mercer was the main protagonist.

The difficulty level is relatively high.

YELLOW ZONE (Districts: Linden Park, Oakhurst, and Fairview)

Meet the creator

The city is at risk once more. The top Black Watch squad governs the streets. Unfortunately, this virus has returned and taken many more lives just a calendar year. The character we play is Sergeant James Heller, sent to the Red Zone of his own choice. The Heller’s daughter and wife have died, so he has no reason to be alive anymore. Nevertheless, he is willing to give up all efforts to stop Alex Mercer.

The car we were traveling in was struck. All of us are killed, minus us, naturally. We meet Mercer and attempt to take him down, but unsuccessfully. We chase him around the wreckage and master how to operate the controls while we do it. As we see the Black Watch helicopter appears, Alex shoots it down with his usual style. We must avoid it by pressing the jump and run buttons. It then transforms into an enormous creature pushing the run back and accelerating the button. Then we’re left with no time to rest. Then, the to the smaller animal. Make sure to press the melee button a few times before slashing it. Please look at the clip where Mercer can penetrate us and transmit a virus to us, giving us unlimitable power and abilities.


After some time at the table, they will begin conducting tests on us. The first target is a crowd of people infected, followed by a strong kick (holding the button to melee). The next step is to take on additional enemies. We pick up barrels and throw them at the enemies to make it easier. The command is convinced that we are out of control and instructs us to ablaze the chamber. In a brief period, our powers are gone, and we rely on the corpses of soldiers to bring back our health. This ability allows us to heal fully. As we continue fighting the enemy, they attempt to ignite us. Take the table in the middle and throw it over the top window. Press the jump button until you can reach the highest height you can. We get free and are greeted by Alex Mercer. He attempts to convince us that he’s the right person and wants us to help him steal the virus.

Survival of the fittest

An armed group known as the Black Watchmen is claimed in the region. They capture their leader and take him in. Then we speed off, accelerating and leaping. After being in hiding, we don the outfit of the commander. This allows us to move between the enemy and, at the same time, not be caught. To climb a high building, as shown on the mini-map, run along walls. To accomplish this, go straight towards the wall while holding the accelerator button. From there, we’ll be able to see the familiar terrain of the hero. Go towards the Church to see Father Guerra. We get from him information concerning two commanders. One of whom is located near the hospital. We head to the location, and from the top of the building, we watch what’s going on. We begin in the “Hunt” option to find the object of our desire. It emits pulses, and the skeleton of the person will turn blood-red. We take it in and then absorb it as we learn about new events from the commander’s memory. Naturally, we now need to cover ourselves; tall structures are ideal.

We head to the parking area at the hospital to find an additional commander. From there, it’s ineffective to switch on the “Hunt” mode “Hunt” option as we go to a higher building. Then, we start the hunt and wait for the pulse to return. This means that the first pulse is from us and the return pulse (where the circle begins in expansion) emits the signal to the target. It’s located on the bridge. We reach it by making a plan. First, start acceleration to jump, then keep the acceleration to fly. As we absorb the commander, Two helicopters appear. We race through the corners and crevices, and as soon as we are out of the sight of our adversaries immediately, we put on the outfit of the commander.

Free Play Mode

We have the luxury of the free moment; we’ll have an in-depth review of the city and its features.
Three neighborhoods are part of this zone called Linden Park, Oakhurst, and Fairview. There are a few field posts, black boxes, and a lair within each. Open the menu in the game and browse through the items:

Maps – maps are just a map; there is nothing more.

Obscure objects are discovered in field posts, black boxes, and lairs. Select the things we are interested in and then carefully study each location. The objects that are not yet discovered will be identified with increasing circles. At first, the lairs will not be able to show themselves as they are. However, they can be found in the future and will be performing other tasks.
Blackness – a section that includes additional tasks.

Operation Trap

Reach the top of the building and start the mission. Father Luis Guerra knows where to locate Rooks; however, he’ll only speak if we stop The Black Watch from freeing the people. We travel to our destination in the Washington range. The first big specimen is released, and we quickly run to the side in an attempt to jump. If the Screamer comes after us, we should ensure that we leap over it and then swiftly take it out in the back. This way, we will be able to eliminate him quickly. In the end, we absorb the adversary and gain strength through the claws which appear. Similar to that, we take on the second screaming. Utilize the powerful nails against the soldiers, and then take the grenade launcher to take out the armored personal carrier. Return to the church to inquire with Guerra concerning Rux.

Brain Drain

Guerra says Rooks is hosting secret meetings at headquarters. We are absorbed by the military and then enter the commands. There’s a sensor that is virally located in the middle of this. It can identify us even when we’re in an alien shape. Take action quickly, take on the infantryman and then get into the building. We see a video reel where Rooks discusses specific Shuffled performing tests on human beings. We do not end up killing Rooks just by chance.

The Black Watch has discovered us. We are quick to catch the scientists up and take them in; however, we will never eliminate them!

Project Longshadow

We visit Longshadow Science Center. Longshadow Science Center. According to the tradition, get an incarnation from Black Watch by absorption, open the gate using scanners and go inside the building. Inside we’ll discover a creature that is chained – Hydro. Then it breaks free and creates a huge mess. It is imperative to run, jump and, most importantly, be aware of the enormous tentacle. Take the target in your hands and attack the adversary by launching a grenade. This trick can slow down time by one second and will be beneficial to us. Don’t be slow and don’t spend precious time replenishing health using rare scientists or soldiers because the cost of the time lost will be far greater than due to the restored health. After eliminating the enemy, acquire another mutation, which is the tentacle. Utilize it to kill soldiers and then leave the center.

Feeding Time

We go to the Jeffersonian’s range of training to stop Gentek’s experiments that change the species’ behavior towards civilians. We fly into the content from the roof to take out those designated Black Watch fighters, including one armored personnel carrier. Then, we take over the newly-formed commander and then quickly retreat to fend off the alarm. When we are in the firing range, we immediately start the destruction. The room is left, and we are taking in the yellow target and the biologist. Entering the laboratory of experiments, we meet our next boss, the boss – Juggernaut. The solution is easy enough; the most critical issue is not to rush and don’t get too stressed. We race around the circle, grab the barrels, and toss them at the enemy. The Juggernaut’s nature is not active in combat. His strength is the tough armor, which is very difficult to penetrate even in close combat. We take it in and receive an entirely new form. The shield can deter virtually any attack external to us. This includes weapons that launch grenades. Press the appropriate button, then look at the missile’s direction and mirror it back to the person who fired. This is a quick and easy method to get rid of the soldiers and move on to the Jeffersonian range.

The lab rodent

We proceed to the place where we join the convoy—the doctor. Bellamy is supposed to be evacuated via helicopter. We overtake him and kill the aircraft. After that, Bellamy decides to transport himself using the ground. Our tentacles are used to take on armored vehicles since claws do not work against solid armor. Make sure to take action before they reach the zone of safety. Combine quick and powerful tentacle strikes to maximize the effect. If Bellamy is released from technology, take him in and take him in. Stay away from the danger zone to put an end to the alarm.


The Black Watch has gotten wind of our conversation with Guerra and has refocused its troops on churches. We visit the church and pull out a few rocket launchers. Two armored personal carriers equipped with TOU missile launchers show up. Take them off and take out these deadly weapons, swiftly pressing the appropriate button. Use targeting acquisition first, and then shoot your enemies using their guns. Then attack, enemies will switch between technique-infantry. Don’t forget that the attention of adversaries is not on us but on the church they are trying to take down. After we have taken care of everyone, we go to the church to see the father and then get the father out.

Mad Scientist

Guerro says that Athena has found Athena has discovered Dr. Koenig. We head to his place of business to punish the criminal. We take the commander in, close the doors, and enter the compound. We leave without alarm, So we head upstairs and take in the commander’s presence, and he’s left alone. If we wish, we will absorb any remaining targets in yellow. This is done without triggering alarms. The technician in the lab has access to cells. We take him in, open the cells, and wait for the screamers to come up against the security guards. Then we join the fight and take in the victims. In the next room is my office of Koenig. He has a report on the Orion initiative, which aims to produce superpredators. They will then use them to prey on us.

We leave the building and reach the bottom at the base of Project Orion. We take down a few antennas located on the rooftop. Then Orion shows up. A supersoldier specifically bred to kill. It is necessary to stop his strikes by using a shield to take him down quickly. After that, the opponent will be stunned, and we can attack. Repeat this process repeatedly until we absorb Orion. The substations are destroyed as well as a couple of Orions.

Orion’s second phase

Dr. Koenig finds the site of the brand new Orion range. We go there to check off the more powerful examples. The Phase One supersoldier is almost identical to the Phase Two supersoldier, except for the higher level of health in the second. Stop the enemy’s attacks using the shield and then counterattack. We then absorb the object replicating us, right down into the sound, then get an entirely new mutation, mass. Enemies surround us, and it’s time to take them out in one go. Use the two buttons in conjunction and then use the force. For the second time, it is necessary to be able to absorb biological targets, i.e., ordinary flesh. Then we open the cells that are the screamers. When the scale is complete, it will be filled with two more Orions will be revealed. Take out all enemies, get to Burke and then catch up with Dr. Burke and absorb him. The range is closed with more information on Koenig.

Natural Selection

Koenig attacks us. This is enough to demolish the helicopters so that we can move on. The doctor’s location is secret. Therefore, we remove the armored personnel vehicles. The commander will come out of the previous one and grab him before absorbing the guy. We reach base 7 in the area where Koenig is hiding. We take out all fuel tanks. The most crucial problem is that Koenig failed to evacuate at the right time and away from danger. However, he did decide to annoy us. We get the helicopter to watch the video. The truth is that Koenig isn’t as simple as he appears. Koenig is a mutant like us. But he’s no threat to our abilities. We fight the enemy in close combat by avoiding the enemy’s blows with the air in a leap. Utilize his claws and his tentacles. We absorb Koenig and then look at a clip that shows that he worked with Alex Mercer. They plan to build an army and eliminate Black Watch and Gentek. This is the story we’ve heard from Mercer.


Guerro awaits us inside. Guerro is waiting for us in the Green Zone. To reach him, you must go close to an air bridge and then take in the vehicle’s driver. It is possible to do this without being observed. Make use of Hunt Mode and choose the best time. Then, get on the pad for takeoff and fly through the Green Zone. On the map, in the Green Zone, select the pad icon “H,” and then you can get off the plane.

GREEN ZONE (Districts: Fulton, Lincoln Meadows, Salt Yard Plains)

Allies and Enemies

Once we are in town, we go for a visit to Father Guerra to talk about Mercer. We remember that the pilot was already informing us about an operation Riley is planning to organize a meeting on. We travel to the high command to attend Lieutenant Riley’s meeting. After chatting with the soldiers, we are escorted into an armored vehicle for personnel. We travel through the streets until we come across the affected. They should be crushed, but the big adversaries of the screamers and Juggernauts should be attacked from away. The park is accessible by driving through it, over the bridge, and meeting the two Hydras. Avoid approaching them at any time. They are only attacked from afar, continuously moving to ensure that we don’t be struck by objects flying toward us. We then head to the top of the Black Watch for a briefing.
A stranger in our midst

In charge of Gallagher, Black Watch has developed an effective, code-named “White Light” treatment and is now ready to deploy it against infiltrators infected into the Green Zone from the Red Zone. First, utilize Hunting Mode to locate Gallagher. When we find him, then we attempt to take him in. It turns out that he’s not a typical commander but a member of the Mercer’s friends. We race after him and dodge the cars that are flying at us. In a short time, Gallagher is in control of his helicopter. In a minor training mode, we do a jump and immediately grasp to gain hold of the rocket block that is part of the transport. The gun can be fired with a single button. Kill the enemy with the prize you’ve earned.

Capturing the Castle

Following Koenig’s demise, his team was sent into The Green Zone. They will be given a new leader: Archer, Dr. Archer. They assume the identity of Black Watch and infiltrate the meeting. Riley is named as the commander in chief in the current operation. We visit the deputy of Koenig who has arrived. We take them in any way we can. The victims were unaware of the details of Mercer’s plots. However, our actions have led to authorities of the Black Watch. We have to find the tank that Riley was traveling around in. Let’s take one and start looking. To get the bonus, you must take down the vehicle, Riley using assistance from the tank. Once we have done this, we will automatically capture it and absorb it. Stay out of the sight of your enemies and make contact with Rooks.

Blood Maze

Rooks says that Archer is missing, which means her exact location is unknown. However, we can pinpoint her assistant Dr. Gutierrez. This is the person we’re after. Then we get to the meat of the matter and look at the video—the unidentified man wearing a Black Watch uniform infected one of the soldiers. And like a bomb that smacked attracted all things within a distance of 30 or 40 meters, and then ripped the entire area to pieces. We turn on Hunt Mode and find the bio-bomber. When we attempt to take him in, he quickly returns to his original self. His unique ability is bombed to make the victim the object attracted to. In the event of looking to get away, one shouldn’t allow your adversaries to come from a distance of a hundred yards, and you must attack from top to bottom. If the enemy attempts to escape, we come up to him and take the guy off.
Through DNA, we find out more about the following location. We head to Abrams Base. Abrams Base and use the hunt. In the facility, we make bio-bombs out of the marked soldier, thus inducing another mutant to join the ranks. We keep making bio-bombs of enemies to inflict wounds on the adversary. Now, we’re able to reach Gutierrez and take him down. The hunt will help us find out who the adversary is. Three mutants stand before us in the battle. Gutierrez is the primary threat, and we’ll deploy all of our force against him. We’ll have to eliminate each of them, so we will not attack them simultaneously and instead kill them one by one.

The alien is here with us

Let’s go to Sabrina Galloway and hear what she tells us. Of course, she doesn’t wish to die, so she’ll provide us with the names of the top men employed by Mercer. One of them is Roland, who is under the supervision of Gentek. We travel to the point of assembly and join the group of evacuation. We absorb any of three troops who are part of the group to do this. After that, you’ll need to complete an evacuation for Roland. We walk along the road, shooting off the identified infected. Pick up the grenade launcher and then destroy the screaming screamer. You can also pick up a more powerful weapon, that of the rocket launcher. The Hydra must be dealt with only from a distance! In this mission, we do not have any mutant abilities other than one quick sprint. Therefore, use it to escape from the enemy quickly. The number of adversaries will likely increase, and the strength of weapons will grow similarly. Take ToU guns and launchers to take on the monsters. You can go to evacuate the zone and kill four scientists. The fifth one will be Roland when you try to take him down, but he’ll escape.

Alpha Wolf

We get information through Rooks about the location of Archer’s body. We head to her research facility. The scientist is absorbed, and we go inside. Use the bio-bomb stealthily twice, and earn a bonus. Destruction of tanks using hazardous content. It is recommended not to engulf the enemy to not remain in a bare-skin suit. After taking care of the cisterns, Archer is forced to leave his office and turns on his ventilation device. Then, she transforms into a mutant, and the battle will begin. Her character is known for her robust health and strong melee attacks. Like other instances, we avoid these attacks by an attack that is countered with a jump. The victim’s head is above the ground. It is possible to see clues regarding the best time to jump and the best time to take a counterattack. Shortly, Archer is screaming at us. The screamers are plentiful, and we’re all alone. So we climb on the platform made of iron and battle. If needed, take flight across the platform to the other side. Be sure to utilize your shields as well as mass. After winning, we gain the ability of Packmaster and can immediately use it. Use specific buttons for summoning the screaming monsters. Utilize the target grapple in an attempt to destroy it. After the training, we finish by dispersing our group. Even here, our friends depart in style, blowing up everything around them. The base is left.

The Snake’s Nest

We reach the lair, where Roland has been hiding. He jumps off, and we remain in the open. We take the target in yellow and a soldier and take him in. We acquired the grenade launcher and improved the skill of using it. Take on the Hydra and the screamers that appeared. The lair is entered, and we discover Roland. Start to destroy the Juggernaut, and some screaming. Everything is transparent through the screamers, but the new Juggernaut learned to use Hammer arms that are powerful to move very swiftly. We strike him from the back since attacks from the front are not effective against shields. After exhausting the first part of his strength, take off the hand that was first, and then after the second half, you’re second. This is how we can get an entirely new form of evolution – the Hammer’s arms. They’re beautiful and can destroy everything! Utilize them to crush the thirty people infected. Leave the lair and take out the soldiers in one leap. Then, smash the tanks with Hammer’s arms. The only Roland remains, which we also take down with Hammers and get upgraded shields. The shields are ideal for knocking out huge super-soldiers.


We meet Father Guerra and get a suggestion for a cistern that has modified White Light. Before going to it, increase mass by absorbing everything and everyone. Once you have released the contents of the cistern, three soldiers will be developed. Our helpers are the screaming screamers. Together, we beat the enemies. We then travel to the Warehouse in the White Light, where many of these cisterns are. We are shown a film where Mercer tries to stop us but is unsuccessful. A gigantic beast, the Goliath, appears on the Horizon. We equip ourselves with a knife and take on the beast with high jumps from top to the bottom. The weakness of the enemy is the bright orange spots on his body. We remove the limbs of the enemy until it is destroyed. Then we take it by all the regulations. Find a hiding place and call Father Guerra. His home is being attacked. However much we come to his aid, we cannot help him. Near the body, we see a walkie-talkie and The voice of Athena, who has been with Guerra all the time. Athena announces that she’s the sister of Mercer in introducing herself to us as Dana Mercer. She can be found within the Red Zone because she knows something about Heller’s daughter.


Black Watch also found out about Dana and has already formed the group to head towards the Red Zone and finish her off. We reach this group and take on the pilot. Then, in the Red Zone, we have to keep the helicopter in control.

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RED ZONE (Neighborhoods: Times Square, Midtown, Chinatown, Business Center)

Beast and Prey

We join the group at the TV station, where we battle the enemies. Soon we’ll be on our own, and all the machines or rocks of the enemy will be flying toward us. Our mission is to guard the TV station and keep track of the condition of the helicopter. Kill the enemy with a machine gun or rocket launcher. When objects come at us when we are in danger, we press the appropriate button (a notice is displayed)—continuously moving to avoid being hit. Once we’ve accomplished all targets marked, We land at the marked location and collect the engineer. We make it to the hotel and locate its address of Dana. After calling her, we set up an appointment.

Burn Out

We meet Dana in her home. Dana informs her that the daughter of Heller Maya remains alive in a base. Dana prevents us from doing something reckless. We reach our Black Watch area of operations. It is discovered that the Black Watch has figured out the adverse effects of White Light. We collect these barrels full of White Light and send them to the incinerator. First, eliminate the monsters that are coming in. Then, chase the barrels that the truck dropped in the process. Screamers should be contacted to receive an extra reward and assistance. The enemies cannot be distracted apart from the yellow targets. Take the time to collect and dispose of your White Light in the incinerator. Then leave the base to complete the task.

The Final Solution

After receiving info through Sabrina Galloway, we go to the base of Cantrell to inquire about the details of Project Phoenix. The man is barricaded in his home, so the best way to get the enemy out is to light the fire. We take the grenade launcher from the base and fire at the tanks. We then clear the area free of Black Watch fighters. The helicopter Cantrell gets hit by flying creatures infected. We rush to him and shield him from the approaching screaming juggernauts and screamers. An evolved man-wearing whip will appear when we’ve finished them off. Invite helpers to assist and then set them up on her. After securing the attacker, soak the force and then get whiplash arms. This is a very effective mutation against helicopters. We destroyed one or two, and the other twenty were affected. Cantrell did not wait long to be saved and got from the plane. We bring him inside by whipping him and then smother his victim’s screams.

Intervention from the top

We reach out to Rooks and learn about the daughter of Heller. She’s being held within the Red Zone by a government agency known as Griffin. We switch to Hunt mode to discover the helicopter’s location. We follow the target until the Black Watch base. Black Watch base. This is the place where Griffin is taken by the created. We chase and pursue only those who have our goal. Then, we confront our adversaries in six distinct ways. Long and short attacks count as different methods. This means that it is unnecessary to make three variations to receive this bonus. Finally, we take in Griffin and discover that Maya was born after a particular operation.

A spoonful of Tar

We question Sabrina about the other target, Lincoln. We track down his location through the Hunt and take him under our wing. We cover ourselves from alarms, in case necessary, and climb into the helicopter. Join the commander Ellis as he travels to the rendezvous location at Project Phoenix. We each shoot two birds using a machine gun and rocket launchers. We are soon required to take a helicopter to the base to shoot the hydras at the bottom. Don’t forget to protect your helicopter from flying objects. We’ve been gone for one minute, and Ellis’s vehicle has been destroyed. We return to Ellis and take out all identified enemies, thus securing Ellis’s commander until transport is secured by an armored vehicle. We continue to assist Ellis in removing him away from any enemies. Beware of any other targets. The primary thing is to let the armored personnel vehicle be able to travel calmly toward the base. Once there, we will land and absorb all commanders, including Ellis.

Operation Phoenix

We make our way to the helicopters, equipped with thermobaric weapons. We take one and take down the entire fleet of vehicles. In town, we fly to destroy the other helicopters, too. We’ll also get rid of the base which holds those thermobaric guns. After we’ve completed the entire arsenal, we’ll head to Galloway.

In the system, something is missing

After having a chat with Dana, we go towards our Black Watch command post to take in Rooks. A new obstacle confronts Heller. It turns out that Rooks and Heller have family members somewhere and with whom he’s phoned. Heller quickly puts on Riley and quickly determines what to tell Rooks not to appear suspicious. We head to Dr. Carsen’s base from 9-6. We penetrate by using the scanner. With no alarms, We absorb the targets before escaping. To take out Goliath but not be able to touch him, it is essential to take action by knowing the monster’s weak points. Check from the top and see if anyone is carrying a rocket launcher.
There is no need to use the tank since the transport will fall into pieces at the first strike of Goliath. If there’s no grenade launcher available, use the whip and blade. The first step is to hit the head and then cut off the leg in a relaxed position. We then hit the lead again and cut off the arm (we achieved this on our second attempt). Continue to cause Goliath, and he’ll then leap up and smash the ground with all his body. We slash him on the head and then consume the adversaries. We escape from the alarm and head towards the arrival location where the helicopter will arrive at. While we are there, the more advanced versions will be able to reach us. We can deal with them and absorb them; however, we aren’t able to kill them. To assist, call some shouters. Watch the clip where Rux takes us under his wing with suspicion. He knows all about us, yet Heller allows him to live.

Unselfish Labor

Dana attempts everything but cannot find Maya. Rukv is calling us from Gentek headquarters. We’ll go straight to Gentek Headquarters and finish the matter. This front entrance is quite robust. We attempt to crack it using a hammer. We then go through a movie in which Heller takes on a juggernaut and starts to subdue other Juggernauts. We now can control the most influential people. We instruct them to cut down the doors while shielding them from approaching Blackwatch soldiers. In a short time, the door is destroyed. We’ll need an Alpha male. The juggernaut is swallowed and calls in the allies. We instruct them to go after the entrance to the headquarters. We enter and observe the roller. Rux did not interfere and allowed us inside. Galloway proved to be a genius as he kidnapped Maya.

Stop Your Maker

It is evident by the mission’s title: we must take down Alex Mercer. The battle will be fought in three parts. The action plan for each stage is almost identical.

Stage 1:

  1. Stop the sharp thrusts at us by using the shield. Then perform a series of blows with your hands and the hammer.
  2. We are being attacked from the sky – avoid with a leap and then finish us off when you have noticed. If there was no warning, you could continue to hit with your hammer.
  3. Jump quickly away whenever the spikes from underground try to strike us. Then, jump up immediately and hurl a mighty attack on the adversary from the sky.

Stage 2:

  1. Block the sharp slashing towards us with the shield. Then, conduct several hammer-hand strikes. The most effective blocking happens within a short distance.
  2. If we are attacked from the sky, quickly hit the shield button and then conduct a stop, should there be a signal that you were attacked; if not, continue to pound with the hand-hammers.
  3. Make sure to jump away quickly as the subterranean spikes try to strike us. Then, jump up immediately and strike a devastating blow to the opponent from above.

Stage 3:

  1. The shield is virtually useless; make use of claws. The enemy should be jumped over when you see him pounding with the hammers. Then, from behind, cut.
  2. When sprayed from above, swiftly push the shield button and then conduct the finish. Should there be a sign, but it didn’t show up, continue to strike with your hands and the hammers.
  3. Jump quickly to the side whenever the subterranean spikes attempt to strike us. Then, we immediately leap up and deliver a devastating strike at the adversary.

If we can combine these steps, it is possible to gain victory quickly.

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