Propnight review – Beautiful but raw

Jakutian business Fntastic has unveiled its own version of the prop hunt, visually similar to Fortnite and internally similar like Dead by Daylight. It’s unlikely that players of both the games will be thrilled, but you can enjoy yourself with your pals even if one them is a brutal and terrifying monster.

  • Producer: Fntastic
  • Publisher:MyTona
  • Publisher:December 1, 2021

The origins of prop hunt stem from Garry’s Mod-created game mode for Counter-Strike: Source. Similar to MOBA as well as Battle Royale, the idea of independent programmers (his name is Andrewtheis) was the basis for an entire sub-genre that has seen modest growth for more than 10 years. From games that hide and seek in online games (Call of Duty and Fortnite) and on to full-blown game titles (Prop Hunt and Witch It).

Participants in prop hunts are divided into two groups Some play as a hunter with guns, while others escape or hide, becoming an inanimate object of the world similar to mimics in the game Prey.

Fntastic modified the formula slightly by borrowing prop hunter mechanics from another well-known game, The Asymmetrical Horror Dead by Daylight. In Propnight, there’s only one hunter (aka madman) and four other survivors (we will refer to them as in the following). The stalker has to catch the four survivors in order to win, while the one who is stalked must leave the stage within the time allotted.

The timer is a crucial element in Propnight’s gameplay. If the speed of DBD is affected by the speed of the maniac, who eventually or later will locate and eliminate all enemies when they don’t meet the rules of the match, Then Propnight will try to locate.

The time limit is seven minutes for each match, but additional seconds are awarded when you rescue the player as well as fix the prop machine (such Generators are akin to generators). This is the way Propnight attempts to get active players.

Similar to DBD, the survivors must repair five machines within the time allotted and perform reactions to avoid drawing any attention from the madman who (again similar to DBD) must find the machines, wound them, and then take them up to Hypnostool (analogous as Hook) 3 times. Survivors can see the auras their fellow survivors are sitting on chairs and are able to save them. However, the maniacs are able to see the auras of prop machines.

In contrast to DBD, Heroes (and the maniacs, too) can leap but not move their legs, and all players play in first-person view. In the case of survivors, it is possible to see that the camera is visible when the prop is fixed and also when they are an object. Since they are props, an individual can double jump. Physics affects his mobility. If the survivor is, for instance, the shape of a round cabbage, it will roll, or if a box is in the way, fall or slide over.

They can instantly transform into virtually any object in the range of a massive wood stump to a small pebble and then remain in that shape until they decide to engage with their surrounding. Based on their size, shapeshifters can take into consideration the weight and density of the object they transform into, such as a large steel container is much more difficult for a maniac to break than, say, smashing a glass bottle, but it’s also more difficult to escape from this shape.

The openings of windows won’t be able to save you from being pursued. However, he may be stopped by slamming doors or stunning the prop, which is set to collapse over a psychotic’s head. There are props, coins, and other items scattered throughout the game’s levels, and some of them are given out in the course of car repairs as well as other tasks.

In Propnight, too, there are chests. They can be opened in one glance, and they are filled with these exact coins. Inside, you will find the energy to run (in the human body, survivors are able to use stamina for the track), One-time cameras, an exploding liquid that blinds a maniac and restores health, antibiotics as well as a book that provides temporarily invisible, and much many more.


There are just five players at the moment. All of them are teenagers and differ from each other in only appearance and voice-acting. There are five maniacs, each possessing three distinct abilities and a standard known with DBD gamers “hunt” modification that boosts the speed of the maniac during a long pursuit.

Banshee is akin to the character from “The Spell,” curses props and fly, and an emaciated Granny is armed with throwing knives and disappears (who is in fact very evident); Igor, dressed in a bunny-like puppet, chases down victims using chainsaws; Akasha, who looks like the daughter of Dimitresca, transform into a shadow and take over the area. Imposter (the most bizarre character of the series) is a prop that can be used as a weapon or appear to be one of those who survived.

Maniacs have a small terror radius (the heartbeat increases when the villain is nearby), but in Propnight, it is completely useless, as the levels in the game are significantly smaller than the DBD locations, and if you hear terror, chances are the stalker is already a few meters away from you.

If you’re fortunate (if the maniac doesn’t pant over a victim sitting on a chair, and the team of players is actually working on repairing the props) due to the tiny levels, you’ll need to keep up with the game constantly survivors change their appearance on the fly in order to fool the stalker or maniacs – to practice their cunning and sharpness.

In the worst scenario, Propnight could become monotonous after only 10 races. Fntastic has admitted in one of their blogs that they put a lot of energy into the idea they came up with, and for some of the team, Propnight was the first game they played. You can agree with this when we consider the amazing animated style of the game as well as its physics, animations, and even excellent optimization.

The saddest thing is that the beautiful wrapper covers poor quality content. After using the DBD-core as the basis at the time of release, players haven’t developed such features as account progression as well as the system of reward or punishments given to the players and or the method of training for new players. The heroes and maniacs in Propnight are simply beautiful characters without any backstory, and the events that happen are not backed by the narrative to any extent.

In the game Dead by Daylight, regulars gather additional details, perform challenging tasks in compendiums to customizable items for collection and attempt to put themselves in competitions that reward them with blood points required to create characters and maniacs. They also purchase consumables as well as gifts.

When looking back on Behaviour Interactive’s efforts and its achievements, the Yakutian company has omitted the main factor that influences the level of interest in today’s games. Games for the sake of games – not a profitable strategy for session-based paid (albeit friendly for families) projects. If there’s no incentive to win, and the characters do not advance, playing with random people is a possibility of becoming an ineffective loss of time. Fntastic’s choices just reinforce the impression.

For instance, a Propnight game that isn’t played in favor of the survivors typically lasts until the timer is completely expired. Because the person who survived the game cannot do anything to repair the prop machines, his team members aren’t able to quit the game since the game is likely to penalize the players. The dead players are forced to watch for the rest of the game as their unintentionally oblivious partner hides behind the bush in shape like an ear, and the madman swoops across the field.

Similar scenarios can occur during a game. The player who is able to leave at any point and leave his teammates to their fate. They could leave the room, and the system will, instead of bringing in the new player is going to throw all the other players out. Also, the player is able to transform into a box, sit on a shelf and then blow out for the duration of the match (the game features an emotional voice system, and which one of the nine choices is most popular?). In the event that this “freedom of choice” is funny to Fntastic, then that’s a big absence.

The players stated in the post-relief note that progress would be brought into the game. We’re already getting an experience at the conclusion of the game that hasn’t been compromised on any aspect yet. As you can see, from what you look at in the section for customization, this could result in getting brand new, not too original skins for the survivors (and but only for the survivors) banners, slogans, banners, and frames for avatars.

In general, it’s apparent which kind of fan base Fntastic will be relying on. It’s likely that players from projects such as Among Us and toxic characters from other games with more strict rules will join. Since there’s no blood or violence, Propnight is a good choice for high school friends who are looking for a great co-op adventure or even a game for the family with proper progress; the experienced hide-and-seekers won’t be around all the way to the end.

However, as you remember, Dead by Daylight also was not created in a rush and required years to refine. Propnight is a solid foundation and has a pleasant appearance, and the blend of genres could be described as an achievement. It is now time to follow the lead of older games and include in the game all the necessary elements to keep the enthusiasm of the players.

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