Prologue Is Going To Be Released As A Paid Game – It Will Help Fund The Full Version

Lzhekojima Hazan Kahraman was once again out of the shadow of gaming and spoke to IGN. The conversation was centered around Blue Box Game Studios deleted tweets, however the creator also revealed new information regarding the story’s prologue. the Abandoned.

Short version, talking points

Some of the information is directly derived from quotations from Kahraman as well as an event from IGN has retold is taken from the words of the developer.

  • Prolog Abandoned is a paid-for game that has a low cost.
  • The prologue lets you know what happens at the start of the game, test playing games that are different from other games, and take in the stunning graphics and realistic environments using Unreal Engine 5.
  • The prologue’s length can range from one to two hours.
  • The prologue also has its own list of achievements that include “platinum” for PlayStation 5.
  • The proceeds from the sales of prologue will be used to create the complete version.
  • The abandoned “experience” application on the PS5 will begin to fill up with videos after the release of the prologue.
  • Kahraman isn’t willing to make any promises about releases because he’s scared to create unrealistic expectations among the general public.
  • Blue Box deleted tweets as there was no relevant information. The studio was amazed by the reaction of the public as seriously.

Long version, including Kahraman quotes

Concerning deleted tweets

I wasn’t sure that it would go in this manner [and people might think that deleting tweets is an indication the tweets were deleted and the Abandoned campaign was cancelledand therefore not a valid reason to cancel it. I wasn’t sure how people would respond to that in this manner. The tweets were deleted because some ideas have changed. I considered it an excellent idea to remove the tweets and create posts that contain more relevant details. However, that was not a great idea. I’m now aware that the documents ought to be saved. Even when the information or idea changes, the previous information should be retained. The public will notice the differences between the two and know what is more important.

About the Prologue

The prologue isn’t an actual demo. Some people keep saying that it’s an actual demo. It’s not. It’s a standalone, standalone game. It’s priced. It’s affordable because it’s just about one or two hours of playing. However, the price is fair. The price is not too high. The money earned from the prologue goes to finance Abandoned’s development. the game Abandoned. We’ll invest ourmoney and effort intothe game through the prologue.

It’s not an early access game. It’s more of an opportunity for players to learn about the game’s story, gameplay, and how it differs from other games. This is our way of saying, “This is what we believe a realistic survival game should look like. It’s a method of displaying the visuals of the game. I’m not a AAA developer. However, we invest a lot of time trying to make sure that the environment is natural. With the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5, we can create something that looks much like real life.

Why the authors do not display the abandoned

There is still no one who has heard anything about the game or its progress, and I am very nervous. I’ll be honest. I’m scared because it’s an important job for me personally. Personal. I’m not employed by Ubisoft. I’m not an AAA publisher that gives me instructions on how to play and what the game’s requirements should be or what the game should be. It’s a personal thing. The production process isn’t something anyone can comprehend because people don’t know the meaning behind the production. Gamers don’t care.

Gamers are only interested in what they are seeing right now. I’m tossing between two options: I can either show some progress that is Abandoned today, or I am waiting for the right time to display the progress. I’m not able to decide, as should I select the first option, the people may… It’s a bit scary. That’s all I’m trying to convey. If I’m going to share footage of the game in its working state, it’s essential to present it professionally to the world. That’s the problem I’m working on at the moment. If I can figure out how I can pitch the idea well and I’m able to tweet them, Yes.

The Abandoned prologue is scheduled to be released in 2022. The trailer app on PS5 will also be updated with new content before the end of the year.

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