Preview of Vampire The Masquerade – Bloodhunt Review

As The Bloodline’s fate is still being determined in Sweden, the Swedish-English-based studio Sharkmob chose to please fans of Vampire The Masquerade by presenting Battle Royale within the World of Darkness universe. To be sure, it turned out not to be suitable for all. So let’s talk about what’s Bloodhunt.

  • Producer: Sharkmob
  • Author: Sharkmob
  • Please note: September 7, 2021 (Early Access)

The action unfolds in Prague as a gathering of vampires to reconcile to the Anarchs (bloodsuckers who don’t wish to adhere to the rules of the Camarilla) is disrupted by an attack on the scene by people from the Second Inquisition, professional evil hunters who are determined to eradicate vampires from the globe.

The city is shut off by heavily-armed operatives and then taken into a ring filled with gas that destroys vampires. Within it, angry anarchs fight to the death with their fellow. Everyone else is dissident vampires that need to be destroyed to restore the illusion and escape the forces for you and your team.

In most cases, Bloodhunt is an classic battle royale, with the regular mechanics replicated by the vampire-themed setting. In this way, players can help restore health for the Wards by feeding the unsuspecting players. Instead of medical kits, utilize syringes and bags of blood. Additionally, weapons are smuggled out in a unique vampire-themed style.

Vampires can dash and leap high; they can slide into the slip, walk over Prague rooftops, and swiftly climb any wall. In addition to their special skills, bloodsuckers are armed with guns and cutting weapons like machine guns, rifles, blades, pistols, and Axes – Bloodhunt has an impressive arsenal. Each vampire can carry three weapons.

Certain townspeople possess a distinctive blood type that resonates, giving your ward passive benefits like the regeneration of health or speed to reload. They’re easy to locate with a little flair, but only a few resonances can be utilized.

Vampires may increase this number slightly while, in the process, gaining the equipment of defeated enemies. It is essential not to break the masquerade. If someone spots that a vampire is involved in an unpleasant incident, then a bloody hunt is likely to be declared against him, and after which, everyone in the session who is hostile will be able to see his aura.

The game’s developers have done a great job on customization, which allows the player to change the gender or appearance of the archetype they choose and dress the character in a variety of different costumes. Unfortunately, there aren’t many outfits to choose from, but Sharkmob is getting better. Certain clothes are already available for sale at the store, and others will be offered in the course in the Season Pass.

In contrast to most battle royales, the wounded participant is not dead when time ends but recovers the strength and energy to go back to the hunt. By the rules of the genre, the highest reward is awarded to the one player or team who was able to survive the night.

What I enjoyed:

  • The World of Darkness setting is very well implemented. The designers have recollected the depth of the story and put together a section that tells the clan’s stories are discussed as well as the intricate details of their connections and the general rules that govern the darkness of the world is headed. Between battles, players will spend playing in Elysium Hub, the opulent palace of the clan’s prince Bruho. The ambience is exceptionally high quality, and the models and scenery appeal to the vampires’ tired eye.
  • In Bloodhunt, the graphics are excellent. Prague in the nighttime isn’t much bleaker than London in the game WD: Legion. With beautiful squares, grim alleys, and gothic rooftops, You’ll want to forget the squabbles and stroll through the Czech capital until the dawn. Animations, and reflections, were all performed at a more than average quality.
  • I enjoyed the archetypes system. The players can choose from the following characters: Two from The clan of brucha and two from the nosferatu, and two from the Bullfighters. Each archetype comes with two active abilities and one passive which generally corresponds to the clan’s traits. For example, Nosferatu can disappear, Bruchas are incredibly resilient, and Toreadors are awfully charming. I would like to think that we’ll be seeing many more of them shortly.

The things I didn’t like about:

  • The shooting game is a bit bizarre. The firearms feel uncomfortable, and the gun’s sound is too loud and not natural. Close combat weapons are on are, in fact, they are almost ineffective. With the constant moving, flying, and sliding, it can be difficult to target or even catch up and hit the target. Experts in Nosferatu However, they are very adept in surprise attacks.
  • The major issue the game is facing Bloodhunt at present is the poor optimization. It’s a very demanding game and, despite the iron guidelines, it manages to lose frames and even hand microfreezes frequently. If you don’t possess a powerful system, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to play Bloodhunt comfortably.

Are they worth it?

Only if you enjoy “kingdom fights” such as Fortnite. It’s not that difficult to master it, but it’s not simple to become effective. If you’re interested in the vampire genre, however, it’s not your thing; I don’t suggest trying to join Bloodhunt. Whatever way you view it, it’s primarily an extremely rapid PVP game that tests your reflexes and accuracy. The World of Darkness atmosphere is a fantastic setting.

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