Preview of Rogue Lords – A tribute to all fans of horror movies Review

Rogue Lords is a curious reverse RPG where we, as Devil himself, lead an army of famous villains that we have come to know from books and movies and take down those who are a force of Good.

  • Producer: Leikir Studio, Cyanide Studio
  • Publisher: Nacon
  • Please note: October 1, 2021

We were able to be part of the beta-testing of this fascinating game we also had the opportunity to speak directly with the game’s creators. I was immediately able to get answers to any questions I asked during the process, and the initial review was as complete as possible.

Devil in Exile

The story is told freshly – with Rogue Lords; it’s like we’re writing the story of a book. With each step, the story is refreshed with new pages. The story is about the Devil exiled by the people who favored Good to the dark side for a long time.

When he finally recovered his power and, together with his servants, decided to restore his strength and strength, he discovered a surprise in store for him. It was known as”the Divine Light. It was a brand new sect that gathered the most powerful hunters of evil spirits, and, in general, hunting became very popular with the common people and even. Therefore, it is quite hard for them to put together a “campaign,” All hope rests with you.

Favorite villains and heroes from horror films with a long history

As we’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Devil isn’t back on his own. However, he is joined by a “squad” that includes villains horror enthusiasts can readily recognize. As of the moment of writing, there are nine of them: Dracula, Bloody Mary, Dr. Frankenstein, and his Monster and the Headless Horseman Lilith, Baron Saturday, Hector and the White Lady.

As a fan of horror films, I fell in love with this set. However, I had a thought to ask myself if I should wait until reinforcements? I’d like to see more adepts from other popular horror films.

Developers’ response:We are very happy with our collection. We had to search many sources and offer a new perspective on mythological characters that many people have heard of, yet we made an effort to maintain their originality. We’re confident that there will be plenty of new concepts, but let’s get started with the release of the game, and after that, we can decide on the addition of new gamers.

Bosses are also being introduced using characters from famous universes. One of them characters is Van Helsing, who is likely to kill your entire group in the prologue. The prologue introduces us back to the RPG’s mechanics. In addition to the typical “enemies,” various hunters, spellcasters, mediums, and other warriors to defeat evil forces are depicted.

A gorgeous and sophisticated bagel that is beautiful and complex.

This means that Rogue Lords is a tactical Roguelike that features turn-based battles. If the games in the genre generally require you to traverse the dungeon repeatedly, again and again, there are story branches, the goal of which is the obtaining of artifacts. Additionally, you have to go through the same story branches if you discover there was a problem during the journey.

Like the other games, Rogue Lords begins to look following the launch; having created a trio of players, we are on a 3-D map which you can explore among the characters like an isometric RPG. The character can move about by choosing a route and triggering events. tiny things help to create an enhanced immersion into the game’s world.

Our skilled runner may stumble upon an entire story, an entrepreneur and a healing fountain, an encounter with an elite or common opponent, or even an unplanned event with the persuasion and choice feature you’ve encountered in RPGs. All of these are dependent on randomness. You never have a clue what’s coming next.

The most fascinating are random battles and incidents. In the latter, different scenarios are played out; for instance, you could get attacked by a a young hunter and a librarian who is a a vampire whose job is to defend his private space from a rage of town folk by using torchlights.

In these instances, there is a range of actions with a possibility of success. The character traits of the characters determine this. There are six: intimidation, occultism, and the lust for stealth, cunning, and sly. They determine how effective action is; however, in my opinion, they have the potential to be successful if they are much more significant than (for instance, adding a bonus to fighting skills). In exchange for success, we earn rewards, such as pimping or even items.

Developers’ response:We may be able to create potential game mechanics, but the main focus in this game lies on combat based on turns. The interactivity you’ve described allow you to dive deeper into the game and place us in the role as the Devil along with his dangerous followers however, nothing more.

Battles are team-based battles that have a variety of aspects to be considered at every turn. Experts possess a wide range of expertise that they can effectively defeat the opponent. There are numerous subtilities that even the lover of this particular combat system, like me, need to figure out the details. However, it’s only an issue. More interesting are the unorthodox mechanisms that comprise”the “devil’s energy,” known as a cheat in common usage.

In an event or a war in a battle, players can use devil mode, altering the odds of success and the heroes’ health, transfer adverse effects to opponents, reload abilities before the game’s conclusion, or cut down enemy vitals to zero. The devil doesn’t adhere to the rules, but reducing this power is the sole requirement for victory. Therefore cheating must be carefully planned.

It begs the question: aren’t the mechanics causing imbalance? For instance, in an adventure, I received the bonus of free energy from the Devil – I took it and reduced the health of a top adversary. Could that be a good idea for the boss?

Developers’ response:Funny, but at the beginning, the game’s gameplay was a little different. You needed to purchase Devil’s Energy in the form of an in-game currency. However, we weren’t thrilled with the feel and balance in the gameplay, so we changed it so that players could take in the essence of the Devil anytime, without forfeiting the reward; however, they could be at risk. The use of devil powers is a risky proposition that may not always be a good idea.

In the same way, we’ve created a game that is quite difficult and forces players to use the “cheats” from time to time. Although, in theory, you can be successful without them, however, in reality, it’s almost impossible.

Additionally, every one of the combat elements was created with Satan’s army in mind. For instance, statuses can always be amusing to steal, but they’re not enough to change the course of battle.

This mechanic is not a cause of imbalance.

Another unique mechanic in Rogue Lords is not instant death following the time that magic or health is destroyed. In other words, once the indicator is turned off, it is necessary to hit repeatedly, and only after that does the character cease to exist. My opinion is that it’s not the most exciting method, but it does complicate fighting for nothing.

Of course, the most enjoyable aspect of Rogue Lords, which you might have noticed on your own, is the fantastic cartoon-like visuals and charming animation. In all seriousness, the easy character attacks are enjoyable to watch, and the detail of the locations and characters is awe-inspiring (I particularly liked the style for Bloody Mary). Of course, it would be fantastic to see the villains effectively take down their foes; however, nothing is intimidating about the execution.

Developers’ Reply:New England during the 1800s and The Salem Witch Hunt were sources of inspiration for our team. We set out to create a spooky fairytale atmosphere, not the least of all Tim Burton’s work. Tim Burton. While the universe is dark, mature, and gothic, we tried to stay clear of bloodshed and violence in the purest sense and bloodshed, not because of age, but to maintain the same artistic interest direction.

It’s how the adventures of Rogue Lords happen – running around the map, deciding forks, fighting, and then slowly moving in the tale. It’s not for nothing; the missions are lengthy, and, as a result, they’ll sooner or later result in boredom. And even anger when you’re defeated and need to restart the game (and it takes about an hour and a half). Naturally, there are bonus points, but the duration of the games could have been cut down because there are a lot of stories to be told.

In the end, Rogue Lords is a fun and energetic RPG with an interesting concept that I, as a horror RPG enthusiast, enjoyed. If Count Dracula or Bloody Mary is a must for anyone else, or if you are a fan of RPGs with a genre you like, I recommend you check it out. It’s an enjoyable experience before the coming Halloween.

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