Preview of King’s Bounty 2 – by the creator Review

The team behind 1C Entertainment offered us a tour through Antara which is a beautiful worldthat we’ll take on at the beginning of spring 2021. We want to know what the eagerly-awaited King’s Bounty 2 will be like in this brief preview.

  • Producer: 1C Entertainment
  • Publisher: 1C Entertainment
  • Publisher: March 2021

The brand and PR manager for King’s Bounty 2, Ilia Svanidze was on hand to address one of the biggest misconceptions about the upcoming title in the King’s Bounty series. According to him the majority people who love Katauri Interactive’s work game designers who revived the franchise at the time were worried that the game would be very dark and lose its charisma.

It’s true in part and that’s why King’s Bounty has the famous of the number “two” rather than any symbol that could be a clue to earlier chapters. According to Svanidze’s report, the game is an sequel and a reboot. It will alter the narrative arc that will be reverting to the traditional fantasy canon however, it is not any dark one.

The game is an update as well as an unofficial reboot.

“Few people are aware, but this Kings Bounty series actually originated in the early ’90s, under the direction by John Van Kaneghem, who later developed the world-renowned Heroes of Might and Magic. Based on the writer’s view of what he would like to see as the sequel to his original idea, 1C Entertainment is creating the sequel to the game.

The Brand Manager explained.

King’s Bounty 2 is closer in spirit to the first However, it doesn’t mean that there’s no space for comedy as well as hidden “Easter eggs” as well as connections towards the Katauri series of games. Contrary to the expectations of some gamers, Antara delights travelers by offering a variety of colors, diverse designs and landscapes and each map is unique from other maps. We’ve been there and experienced all of this. As per the plan Ivor came with an address addressed to King Nostria at the time that the monarch was killed and suspicion was placed on an uninvited guest. Ivor was held for approximately six months in jail until evidence that he was innocent discovered. While in prison Ivor met an elf that was mysterious and prophesied incredible acts of kindness to him , and gave instructions to take actions.

“Locations contain a variety of interesting points of fascination. They will give you additional experience once you come across these locations. Additionally, you will encounter a variety of puzzles and multi-step puzzles some of which test your observation and logic.

Ilias explained that he bolted the hands scattered close to the statue.

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Once the PR manager had left the stash was made available.

You’ve probably seen on the promos that introduce the main character travels around the globe on horseback, on foot or via an stelic teleporter however, the action takes place on a standard 3D hexagonal field that is floating camera that is free to move.

The developers intentionally removed the archaic slang due to the lack of technical capability to build the troops, which is why the King’s Bounty 2 keeps the number of units within the squad in line with the numbers shown.

The game King’s Bounty 2, the number of units within the squad is exactly the identical to the number shown.

The presenter brought us to the delightful aspect that the place of combat with the enemy is corresponding to the terrain we meet them. This isn’t simply random maps that have landscapes, but extremely meaningful fields that have obstacles that can be seen in the distance outside of battle.

As we were able observe, not only changes in appearance and how big the area in which battles with adversaries take place. Certain areas are cramped and full of obstacles while some are open areas that have lots of hexes to move around. Additionally, the designers have decided to include a realism aspect to the fights.

“For instance, shooters today don’t have to take high-impact obstacles as the risk of a penalty, because their projectiles are physically incapable of hitting them. However, they can be placed on top of the ground and the trajectory of their flight can be altered. A unit that moves through a tiny allied army-occupied hex won’t in a position to traverse an army in the same manner – it’ll need to turn around.

was clarified by the manager of PR.

Furthermore, in addition to the obvious modifiers like protection from fire or during close combat the game will provide unnoticed but rational unit attributes. For instance, skeletons are disembodied creatures that suffer less harm from archers than foot soldiers because of their shape.

The active squad of the hero can contain more than five members at one time and the speaker is referred to as”the 6th slot “guest. The information isn’t displayed, however often players get assistance with assistance from AI tracked allies during combat. There’s also a backup or camp where units inactive can be waited until they are called to join the team.

Like HoMM The hero player is not a participant in the battle, however he is able to influence the course of battle by using his spellbook. He accumulates experience at end of every battle unlike his fellow players who also earn development points, however only if they are successful in combat.

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Each unit comes with three additional ranks that modify their appearance as well as improve their stats. They also sometimes , they add new abilities based upon the type of. There are 55 units available for recruiting and you’ll be able power up each of them three times.

Players won’t be able to build their castles. Instead, recruiters from different factions all over the globe, and it is possible to hire new troops for gold or points for leadership. In addition, there is one of the nicest things is that within the same group, each character is somewhat different from one another’s appearance and the hero is shown each piece of equipment used.

The most intriguing part was showing the role system which, is present in King’s Bounty 2 rests on four ideals: strength order as well as skill and anarchy. The entire game’s units are based on either of these ideals and when they’re combined within the same team are subject to a variety of consequences, even refusing to obey instructions.

The hero is a unique area of development that is broken down into 4 ideals. The initial points of talent that he earns during the game can be utilized to gain new skills and the points he earns through his choices will determine their use.

It is important to note that there are a variety of methods to finish your quest in King’s Bounty 2, and the actions of players will eventually create an unchanging psychotype of the character. Will they block different ways of moving? This way you’ll be able play the game several times with different characters, performing differently every time.

You’ll be able to play throughout the experience in multiple manner.

We’re considering a highly exciting RPG that is based on an older school comparable to the initial HoMM and also to the old single-player RPGs that had an open-world, but with a more modern style and new plot twists in which every choice taken by players will affect the direction in the course of play. The game is set to launch in March 2021 on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Dates for release are set for King’s Bounty 2 for next-gen consoles will be revealed at a later time.

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