Preview of Iron Conflict – A New Means of War Review

  • Producer: Angela Game
  • Publisher: Imperium Interactive
  • Day of Early Release: 8 January 2021

It’s fascinating to note that stepping into Iron Conflict, despite the nature of the game, might be more enjoyable for gamers who are used to multiplayer military simulations and possess an eye for strategy.

It’s a bit easier than they think to learn the knack of it since the game requires less expertise and understanding of enemies’ weaknesses (although it is possible to use those as well) rather than the ability to recall several elements and plan your actions from a long-term manner.

Of course, over half the participants on your randomly chosen team, which includes perhaps you, may not have the required worth. What appeared like an initial armed offensive will become complete chaos without an able commander that can be managed by lengthy maneuvers of the remaining groups (most likely, artillery troops).

If you’re looking for hybrid projects, you may remember Creative Assembly’s experiments using Total War: Arena. In the past, SEGA tried to create an online multiplayer game based on the game. They didn’t offer only two or three players to play as units, but whole squads of players, only one or two units assigned to each.

The concept seemed to be a winner. In particular, it was considering Total War’s massive fan base. Also, the idea, in general, was attractive. However, something was wrong during the long-delayed testing. Later, the project was handed over to Wargaming, shutting down. The critics agreed that the primary problem with the game was the stutter and confusion, which led to conflicts due to the absence of teamwork. This is a problem that in session games as well as in RTS frequently plays vital roles.

What can we see when we play Iron Conflict? Your teammates communicate via arrows and markers on the map, which you rarely use. There is a chatroom. However, it is not mandatory since there are only three servers, and in one offensive, you can take part simultaneously with members of any nationality. Some of them don’t speak English.

On the very first social level, Iron Conflict on the caterpillar can travel along the same paths that accidentally trampled the units of Creative Assembly; in terms of gameplay (and appearance and appearance as well), the game is vastly superior to the stale idea of SEGA.

When you participate in the Iron Conflict session, up twenty players are simultaneously involved in two competitive teams. Each player has their commander, directing three combat teams. The objective is to secure key places and hold them until the game’s conclusion.

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It’s very similar to the strategy games such as Company of Heroes or some of the campaigns of C& C that does not have a place for the production of equipment and soldiers. However, the players don’t have an army behind enemy lines, but they do have an actual army of tanks, aviation artillery, and foot units.

It is important to note that everything is beautifully created. The maps appear like they were designed originally to be used in arcade games, and there are plenty of fascinating nuances as you zoom into them.

You’ll be able to see many interesting nuances as you move nearer to the camera.

The animations are fun to watch. The smoke, fire, or explosion effects appear amazing. There aren’t enough pieces of equipment flashing in the field for greater excitement – the corpses and damaged vehicles vanish almost instantly. Game makers, in turn, didn’t forget to create animations for even the simplest objects.

For instance, if fighters are directed to shoot a rocket launcher, one removes the holster from the weapon, then swings it in the direction of a specific strike, while the others slowly back. Rocket launchers and howitzers sporting huge ground-to-ground missiles go around stunningly, and the weapon that has traveled the rye field will leave behind the ears that have been flattened.

Angela Game has done a remarkable job in engaging players to participate. What appears to be three different pieces of equipment? A strategist who often can control hundreds of devices. Yet, it’s surprising that you’ll still not be bored. And there’s no time for you to become bored.

The units are divided into infantry, aviation tanks, and artillery and branch out into classes. Tanks are classified into medium, heavy, and light. Aircraft – into bombers, reconnaissance, and fighters. Guns: anti-aircraft weapons, missile systems, etc. And every unit has to be managed in depth.

Contrary to conventional strategies, light tanks can take on the heavyweight in a battle by the numbers required to pass the tests for armor penetration. However, you can take the attack from behind and even better from the cover, but you have to fill it with high-explosive shells. Then, behold, you’ll see that the “lighted” equipment is hit by artillery from the allied side, or you can switch to your gun, hit the target, much like the game World of Tanks, and strike it correctly on the tanker which was snatched off guard.

Peepers can mine roads or construct the Radio tower at a quiet location, lie low in the bushes, and observe the vehicles pass by, waiting for the perfect moment to shoot themselves at the enemy’s howitzers. You can also equip your weapon with anti-missile devices, but you’ll also need to aim and shoot down manually.

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In the end, there’s plenty of control for three units. And the knowledge gained from tank training, whether moving around the terrain or tactics, is useful when playing Iron Conflict. Iron Conflict is a RTS war game with the same guidelines as the top military simulations.

The similarity is further enhanced through the well-known progression system that takes the shape of a tree. You begin by learning about the “personal” and “global” encounter in all sorts of modules. After that, you can upgrade to a new variation. Then there’s the arsenal, in which game currency can be used to purchase consumables for each of your units in a single.

The game’s in-game store, by the way, is already working. It has an account with a premium level, boosters, and bonuses that can be purchased for gold. You can purchase with real money or buy silver from one to 1600. One of the most unusual – and fun skins for machines, they can also be offered as gold coins. The most expensive machines haven’t yet been seen. However, I’m sure they are in the market, and without them they would be unable to compete.

We can now think we can be confident that Iron Conflict has a bright future. Many things have to be refined, and some features are not available, but the game is fully functional for the most part. Its interface is intuitive. There are many vehicles to choose from, and plenty of maps to help you get started.

If you enjoy military simulations but are not particularly adept at strategizing, give it a go. It’s sufficient to effectively handle a tank and eventually be able to handle three. On the other hand, if you’re an avid player of RTS but aren’t proficient with simulators – take the time to play. You’ll discover various ways to use your abilities and learn all the tricks as you go.

If you enjoy Angela Game, like highly quality online games with military themes, Then Iron Conflict should be included in your library. Make sure to include your friends in battle; if you don’t work together, you’ll be having a tough time.

You’ll be able to participate in a sport with lots of strength.

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