Preview of Indies’ Lies – A Weak Card RPG So Far Review

In early access , we got Indies Lies, a card game with roguelike elements which promises a fascinating combat system, as well as exciting stories. After a few hours of playing it was discovered that the game’s features are on the verge of being a success and more information is available are available in the preview.

  • Producer: Fun Square Games
  • Publisher: PlayBest
  • The release date is 30 March 2022 (Early Access)

I love bagels. I was among the first people to play the cult game Loop Hero, I’ve wiped Star Renegades to shreds, and my love of the genre is only growing with games like these. In awe, I came across the next game, Indies’ Lies, but it’s not quite as straightforward.

The card battler took me to the fantasy continent of Mekaa and found itself involved in the battles of gods. There are nine characters to pick from, each with its own unique story. in some way, they are connected, and they must all bring about the end of chaos.

The problem is that I found out about the story through its description posted on Steam. The game has only a few small splash screens with obscure words whose meanings could be in connection with The Dark Souls series, where the majority of the time, nothing is clear, and the narrative is presented in fragmented ways. In the game Indies Lies, there isn’t a specific beginning or explanation of the story’s events, and generally, there’s minimal text within Indies Lies, which can confuse. I’ll say that I’ve not come across an encapsulated story in my haste.

Additionally, the poor Russian translation immediately grabs my attention – the words don’t appear natural, and certain words are missing or misinterpreted. Indeed, the fact that we have been able to localize at the point in the early stages of access to content is a plus. However, it must be improved.

As the story can’t keep your interest, Indies Lies moves quickly into action. Before you can fight with cards, you can select one between three types (classic warriors, mages, and Arrows) with three characters. We have a total of nine heroes. For a Roguelike, this is quite good. Each character has its map and, according to the developers, its storyline. There are dialogue boxes that connect the bosses, but they’re of no usage.

Gameplay combines the two main gameplay mechanics of the genre: moving along evolved “paths,” which are depicted here as hexagonal platforms and combat. Each map lets you travel wherever you like and be waiting are not just battles but also shops, altars, smiths, and other random events. in the end, all paths will eventually lead to the final boss.

Battles are group combats that use cards. Utilizing different cards to represent the defensive, attacking, restorative, and other heroes’ skills. We have to be careful when using them and keep in mind the energy limits. If the card is empty, it’s time to turn it over to the opponent then, and on and it goes on in a circle. If we win, we will receive the gold coin, activatetable objects, and other rewards, while losing can send us back to where we started. Oddly, there are no bonuses in the event of a loss, which violates the game’s rules.

The hero goes on his own at first, but when he encounters the defeated bosses, he’s joined by the other heroes included in the starting set. It’s not like they are much of a help as they are far fewer cards than the main character. However, you can select their position in the group, which affects the map and battles.

The difficulty of battles must be re-established – they were it was too easy at first, and the increasing complexity is also quite unfair. Bosses proved to be much easier than most opponents. They hit well and often in one go. for the entire group. Also, the shields aren’t so powerful.

The light RPG elements were effortlessly integrated into the gameplay. The most well-known is the tree upgrade that earns special points and the blacksmith that can mix the card with other relics and endow the cards with unique effects. There are numerous cards, and for every character, you truly feel that the game is different.

The image with the music was equally pleasing. It is difficult to track through; however, it’s tranquil and atmospheric (although there are times when it’s not bad to muffle the sound, for instance, in the rare dialogue). Well, cartoon graphics that are detailed is a good choice.

Indies Lies was delightfully unexpected at times and utterly disappointing at other points. Based on its merits, I would call it a vast variety of players (and the experience for each is quite distinct) and tactical battles that include maps graphics, RPG elements, and maps.

Since it’s an the early days, users must recognize that all issues can be resolved, and the project could be a long time. Here are a few of my suggestions based on the information I’ve gathered:

    • Create intriguing stories and a cohesive storyline. It’s entirely unclear what the characters’ relationship is to one another, how their camps differ apart from the color of their uniforms and weapons, and what’s happening within the game’s world generally. A few rudiments of a game are in place. However, it appears to be an untested gameplay model.
  • Adjust the challenge. The battles feel uneven, and regular adversaries have proved to be stronger than their opponents. They may have lower health and can make their attacks more diverse (not just at the top of the row as well as the back row, middle) as they have mostly hit the zone.
  • Working on the text. Thank you for the Russian translation at the beginning of early access but we need to be worked on to fix various mistakes as well as to improve the text’s size. Sometimes, in the course of, Chinese characters leak out.

  • .
  • Bring more fun activities to the. Under the occasional questions, there are usually boring mini-games that last just a few seconds, in which you don’t even have enough time to fully comprehend what took place.

P.S. After writing this , I discovered that the game also has the mobile version and the game, incredibly, comes with story-related inserts and a more accurate translation. I’m hoping the developers can bring in the PC version, as there is a lot of potential there.

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