Preview of Hidden Deep

Despite its simple image, Hidden Deep is a extremely atmospheric and frightening game. We’ve spent a lot of time playing the game, and are eager to reveal the secrets that the dark corridors of the underwater world hide.

  • Producer: Cogwheel Software
  • Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
  • Date of release:early 2022

We had the chance to try the game Hidden Deep as part of the playtest process before its early access launch, which means that the game is expected to change over the next months. But, for now, Hidden Deep has a well-crafted feeling of excitement for the unknowable.

The events unfold within an enormous ocean complex in which a mysterious anomaly was found. What happened exactly and why the scientists who traveled to the location were cut off is the participant’s decision, who is the leader of a team consisting of scientists and military.

The creator behind Hidden Deep is inspired by Aliens, The Thing, and Half-Life. This can be seen in every aspect of the game, from the monster design, interfaces gadgets, environments, and even gadgets. 80’s sci-fi films inspire the game’s design, and the appearance of some devices and equipment evokes Aliens.

The technogenic surrounding is infested by aggressive organics that are antagonists to the complex and its inhabitants. Biomass fills the walls of halls and tunnels. Clawed branches extend out from it, and massive fly-like creatures eject themselves. The wards of the player share something with the former they die like fly-like creatures, as Hidden Deep does not give the kind of indulgences that Hidden Deep does.

The characters are unsteady and slow. They spend their time sliding down the ledges and climbing ladders, and falling from higher than the human height can be fatal for them. The dangers are everywhere, and simple precautions will almost certainly result in a person falling to the beast’s jaws.

The gun is likely to shake when held by someone who has to confront the unknown. And using tools like void scanners or a reconnaissance drone could expose him to being a victim of a monster emerging from the darkness.

The game offers you the chance to play with a dozen and half characters to choose from: once the tragic character is killed, then changed by the new that will appear at the closest control point. After the counter is depleted and the game is over, it’s over, and you must begin the game from the beginning.

The action Hidden Deep unfolds linearly in Hidden Deep, where players have to complete quest chains to advance throughout the game. After a short time, the possibility of controlling multiple characters in a single match and changing them throughout the game’s stages becomes available. It’s fun. However, they need to guide each character individually to exit the game is exhausting.

The design is fundamental visually. However, you do not focus on this at the expense of ambiance. The game is focused on the dark as you listen to the sound and try to find the rustles. In these times, there’s no need to appreciate visual beauty. Additionally, due to the simple design, the game is shallow on requirements for the system.

It’s still too early to speak in-depth regarding Hidden Deep: the horror is currently preparing for early access, and the game’s release isn’t coming anytime very soon. But, you can spend a few hours spent in the game will be enough time to fully immerse yourself in the dark atmosphere and enjoy the references to classic fantasy. In the meantime, you can add the game to the waiting list and keep an eye on it.

You can also try the demo for yourself: make a message on the Hidden Deep page at Steam, and the developer will contact you to join when they are ready to add additional players. We’ll see you in the Abyss!

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