Preview of Hidden Deep – Atmospheric But Crooked Horror Review

I am sharing my thoughts on the sci-fi thriller that was released in the early days with a view from the side of Hidden Deep, the ideas and the atmosphere that the authors drew inspiration the inspiration from “The Thing”, “Alien” and other cult horror films.

  • Producer: Cogwheel Software
  • Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
  • Date of release: 24 January 2022 (early access)

That’s quite a big claim that horror film fans like me can easily take to heart. Without any foreshadowing, Hidden Deep sends me to a massive complex under the ocean floor, where I must look around for the missing scientists. The organic growths that appear in the wall and later creepy creatures hint that the scientists aren’t missing at all by chance.

It’s odd, as the game begins with Day 18 (even though the mission’s list mentions Day 1), It has no plot, introduction, or scenes that helped me get into the story. I just watch silent soldier Murphy ascend the elevator to the building that’s destined to fail before immediately giving voice commands via the radio.

In the interest of not getting way ahead, let me admit that not in the second as well as in the third or even in the fourth mission, I could not understand why the game’s name is – “thriller” each stage, I’m faced with an unpleasant task to complete, like finding any missing soldiers or use the generator, or obtain the disk with crucial information… In the time between the beginning to the mission’s conclusion, nothing occurs. The game’s creators claimed that there were more than 20 hours in story mode in early access. However, I haven’t yet seen an encapsulated story.

Back to the gameplay incorporates elements from side-view platforms shooting games, horror, and puzzle. Each level is a maze of mazes and caves intricately crafted filled with traps, monsters, and difficult-to-pass areas.

The game’s peculiarity is apparent quickly, and it’s that “ragtag” game’s control over the protagonist with an emphasis on physics. This is something you could be familiar with from Barotrauma. Every move isn’t very fluid, slow, or even awkward.

On the other side, it brings real-world appeal to the game and makes it appear that the character is not a person at all. On the other hand, it is a very awkward and crooked aspect! The soldier has to wait so long to obtain an item that creatures surround him without speed in this period. Well, the amount of incidents while exploring the tangled caves is astronomical. This is a problem since to complete the missions; there is a limit to time.

Some people will appreciate this kind of control; however, it only confuses me. I’m not able to be a part of the harrowing scene. Regarding the little efforts – it was clear that the writers believe that we must manage various team members and that its members shouldn’t be overlooked. At the moment, the character has been being reborn in the same place as its death, which kills this concept.

However, the awkward hero is outfitted with the most recent technology: he’s got ropes, a moving robot to explore the region, and powerful explosives along with a terrain scanner and other cool devices. This is all useful and more when the authors let you untie your hands and allow you to explore your way to your destination. You can, for instance, make use of explosives to clear routes, and the drone scans the terrain and can be used to electrocute enemies and even turn off the switch.

The soldier is assisted by engineers that are equipped to operate drilling equipment. You could also make use of it to cut through caves. The word feature implies a cooperative passage that is expected to be added in the update; however, it is currentlys necessary to change between characters and guide them using your hands. This isn’t the most convenient.

Monsters exist. However, they’re not spectacular. First of all, I’ve only seen three species throughout four missions, and one is from another. The second reason is that they’re not xenomorphs, nor replicating “something,” but boring insects, worms, and a more enormous worm suspended on the roof. However, despite their minuscule appearance, they can be painful even at moderate difficulty.

Bags are always there, but sometimes they are impeding your progress. For example, on the fourth mission, the character, without reason, begins to lose blood and eventually die, which stops you from continuing. Sometimes, the character gets stuck in a place; Sometimes, funny hang from the rope. In the early days of access, technical faults can be forgiven because they’ll be repaired.

What you won’t be able to get of Hidden Deep will be its fantastic atmosphere and style that is reminiscent of the classic horror movies. Computers from the past and the feeling of being alone in the midst of a huge complex, with monsters reacting to even the slightest sound as well as the eerie uncertainty that lies ahead of the total darkness…

The same boring creatures, when they attack with aplomb in unexpected ways and make you shake. The locations must be functional, including, for instance, the corpses and corpses of staff, as well as interesting rooms. However, today, the maps are made up largely of boring corridors.

The result is that Hidden Deep rather upset me more than I was happy – inconsistent controls, a few enemies, boring missions, the absence of a complete story, and a bizarre feature that is only a few attempts don’t inspire confidence in the game. This is why I believe the choice to launch in Early Access first was the best choice, and I’m hoping that the game will eventually be full of new content and will ultimately become a fantastic horror game, and it could be a great horror.

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