Preview of Fights in Tight Spaces – Cardboard John Wick Review

Fights in Tight Spaces, an action-based turn-based game dedicated to fighting within tight areas, is now available in the early stages of Steam. Let’s take a look at how fun the action game is.

  • Author: Ground Shatter
  • Publisher: Mode 7
  • Please update (Early Access): February 24 2021

Fights in Tight Spaces is an online game about an agent who battles criminal groups by tackling enemies with force. Do not expect it to test your speed of reaction. However, the game’s gameplay is sluggish and deliberate. It’s not any less exciting, however.

When you have completed your missions, the protagonist moves into the cave of his adversaries and confronts them with more powerful forces. Every room the protagonist enters is a battleground with multiple soldiers waiting to be confronted, with the objective being to take care to take them out without causing any losses.

The player is supported by cards, which are approximately 150. Short kicks, quick pushes stop counterattack and kick from the headland, and so on – each one is accompanied by a card. Three cards can be drawn from your hand in one go, and as they’re dealt out randomly, you’re relying on luck to get exactly how you want it.

The battlefield is covered in squares and obstacles, including stacks, tables, and more. There are a lot of enemies around the hero. Some are armed with tiny arms, and others sporting extra armor. It is up to you to adjust to the circumstances: get away from the line firing and expose your adversaries to gunfire, move an enemy who is tough away from the area, or force an unprotected bully into the wall.

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Certain cards, such as The flying Kick, can move on the square or even be used to move the player to an adjacent square. Therefore, every game becomes, even if it’s not a chess match or something similar to the idea. Attacks are combined into combinations, and in some rooms, you can rest and upgrade your cards to increase the currency you have accumulated (to enhance this, you need to meet additional requirements in missions).

The fight scenes in Fights in Tight Spaces look incredibly stylish. Its black-and-white color scheme is similar to SuperHOT, and the tight space combat refers to action films such as John Wick. The uninspiring environment doesn’t hinder the action, while at the same time, the protagonist can easily differentiate from his enemies as the character is always dressed up.

However, there are still issues regarding map legibility. For example, the attack names are usually identical, and you often need to examine the description to figure out what the character will do when playing with the card. Due to this, it is possible to choose the wrong one and ruin the entire strategy for combat. In addition, the absence of localization in Russian could confuse the player.

The first access version of Fights in Tight Spaces has limited content to date. The one available mission takes around an hour to complete. And while it has some replayability because of random generation, it’s no new feature on repeated playthroughs.

This project seems to be very promising. After some time, when the developers can include new maps and missions and lessen the dependence on randomization, we suggest it to anyone who enjoys turn-based strategy.

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