Preview of Chorus – Something to Strive For Review

Cosmic Action game Chorus that blends sci-fi and mystical aspects, was recently given an announcement date. The game will be available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox on the 3rd of December. We’ve been to the presentation in private and played an early version of the game and are now ready to share our thoughts.

  • Producer: Deep Silver Fishlabs
  • Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Date of release: December 3, 2021

In the distant future, in an unexplored space there’s still a place for cults, violence and the rule of law. The players must stand up against the evil “Circle” and help save the galaxy.

The main character of Chorus will be a woman called Nara who is the pilot who has a dark history and ghosts that are undead. Nara was once the Circle’s greatest fighter, but had lost trust in the Circle’s values and has joined the Resistance. Nara is not a hero and her past is filled with bad acts however, she must recover her abilities and fight for her rights.

The game’s demonstration showed stunning perspectives of the distant stars. Asteroid fields and space bases come together in a space-themed adventure. In addition to the typical film-set scenery There are also some odd, dark locations like alien obelisks glistening in red. The space is like a mysterious, eerie and hostile. There are temples of a grand scale that we can be trapped in confined areas and follow straight lines, teleporting, and smashing through walls.

In open space it’s more than typical for a shooter in space which includes flights in three-dimensional space with acceleration and escape, running and shooting. The worst part of the game thus far: the fights are messy and chaotic the target acquisition system isn’t there and attacks by enemies are painful.

Nara’s vessel can travel teleporting that allows players to move behind the enemy in a matter of seconds However, they are generally very thick-skinned and damage is difficult to deal with. In the end, the gameplay creates a loop: run behind the enemy unload barrels, stop them from getting overheated or reloading, dodge firing, and repeat the process from beginning to end. Mods and rewards let you alter the behaviour of weapons and the ship, such as reducing overheating, turn on an extremely powerful radar, and the list goes on.

There are a variety of ships, all with a distinct design, mission strength, and capabilities. These fighters are easy to battle: they’re small in size, which means you’ll be able to take them on quickly. Some classes require a more serious approach. They have shields on their backs and are armed with cannons that are powerful.

However, fighting them to this point isn’t as exciting as we would like. This is a shame because Chorus can be enjoyed with other elements. The graphics are stunning Nara’s story is fascinating and the cutscenes are spectacular and the smart vessel the girl steers is an actual character in the story.

The game’s soundtrack is engaging. It sounds sluggish and unsettling as you explore ancient vaults, and whispers voices as memories are found and increases in intensity in battles.

Chorus is enjoyable to be in, but it doesn’t seem like fighting. We’re hoping the developers utilize the remaining time to enhance the game’s gameplay mechanics. Everything else is pretty much finished.

The game will launch on the 3rd of December. On non-xtgen platforms , you will receive the following enhancements 4K resolution, 60 frames per second frame rate 4K textures, high-quality shadows, shadows on contact collision and destruction simulation, speedy loading times.

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