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At the beginning of March, the fun and engaging platformer Bang-On-Balls: Chronicles, developed by the game designers who developed The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, and Bulletstorm, is available with early access. We’ve already played it and are ready to share our experiences with our readers.

    • Producer: Exit Plan Games
    • Publisher: Exit Plan Games
    • Publisher: Exit Plan Games

Release Date: 3rd March 2021

Exit Plan Games is a small Polish indie studio founded by people with plenty of experience working in the game business: Damien Monnier has done game design for games like Worms, Motorstorm, The Witcher 3, and Cyberpunk 2077. Jose Teixeira has done visual effects for Bulletstorm, Gears of War, The Witcher 3, and Cyberpunk 2077.

After many years of developing massive AAA games, game designers took a break and created something unique. This is how Exit Plan Games and their debut game, Bang-On Balls: Chronicles, were born.

The project is based on the “Polandball” meme, which has developed into a collection of “Countryballs” comics that portray nations as balls painted with the colors of their flags. The comics poke fun at stereotypes about various nations, like England cannot live without tea, while the US believes it’s cool as a cowboy and Poland “can’t travel to space.

Bang-On-Balls Chronicles is a journey through different eras and countries (historical accuracy is respected, however, without enthusiasm) and chuckles at the humor, solving certain puzzles, and participating in amusing games. This is shown in television shows, where the protagonist is an active participant.

The game begins in a large, studio-like center with lots of balloons, actors and performers wandering and playing around. You can explore the area, kick a ball around, and look at small scenes in an additional room; there is a separate room where you can “dress up” with the colors of every country around the globe, including Russia up to Venezuela. In the back, behind the doors that are locked (they are opened by collecting film reels in the course of adventure), There are doors to other realms: the opening of early access will only be a part of the conquering of England by the Viking’s However, shortly, there will be feudal Japan as well as the Caribbean at the peak of piracy, as well as others, up to exploration of the outer space.

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Each of the worlds in Bang-On-Balls Chronicles is a sandbox with some principal goals, including fighting Viking warriors, freeing English prisoners, and facing a balloon boss. There are other tasks to complete every secret, obtain the accessories for customization, and other things. It is up to the player to determine how to finish the quests and what method to use to accomplish the objectives. Except the boss will show up when all the major tasks have been accomplished.

The character we play with is an object, and the game is based on the particulars of his form. He’s round, which means you can bounce, roll (there’s the double jump) or accelerate, strike other balls and objects, and, consequently, fly away from the collision. It is also possible to pound the ground with force and use a shield to protect yourself against bigger opponents.

The developers have created several challenges that include locked trampolines and locked gates; the dungeons are cleverly concealed secret passageways… The place is massive, and it took me two hours to finish the quests and acquire a few things of equipment. It’s more than that to finish 100% of the area. In the open, you can travel anywhere you want, and navigation is simple: if you are lost, pressing an additional key, you can indicate the primary goals.

The game is a well-constructed destructibility system, and after slamming into another room filled with crates, I couldn’t go until everything that could be damaged was destroyed. This is evident in the game’s gameplay, too, as a thin wall can conceal a stash, and in one dungeon, I had to work out a solution using chains that had to be broken to free the captive Englishman.

Bang-On Balls Chronicles allows multiplayer on the network so that you can enjoy the game with your pals. Certain challenges are intended for decision-making by cooperative teams only. For instance, two bowls in which balls must “stand in a straight line.” It’s indeed best not to play with strangers in this case. Most likely, the players will just scatter across the map and not be able to interact with one another.

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It’s a great game. However, there are some things to be aware of.

First, the accuracy of control leaves much to be desired. The character has a tiny amount of inertia that can prevent you from jumping over the high ground on the first attempt. If you fall, you will need to restart the jump.

The second thing is that the image is pretty but soapy, and the designers are still working on improvement. Of course, this is just the beginning of early access, and performance is likely to improve; however, it’s worth mentioning.

Thirdly, the issue for the project is a result of early access status. There’s not much content available so far. The complaints are primarily personal – I like complete games, and I don’t like engaging in “piecemeal” game pieces. But at launch, there is only one location, and the date for adding new places isn’t yet determined. The release date is set to be released by the end of 2022. We don’t want to sit this for too long.

Bang-On Balls Chronicles is fun fun and a little insane platformer. If you enjoy such classic games from the genre such as Banjo-Kazooie, You’ll surely enjoy it as well with your friends also. However, waiting for the game to get released will be necessary if you’re not a fan of early access. At the moment, it might only provide a few minutes of excitement.

The draw’s terms and conditions can be found here.

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