Potion Craft Alchemist Simulator Review – How to Become a Half-Blood Prince Review

Potion Craft Alchemist Simulator is an intriguing alchemist simulation with graphics that are that are reminiscent of medieval manuscripts. It’s not yet available with early access but has already made it to the top of Steam – I’ll explain what it is that makes it interesting to create potion here even for those who might not have thought it was a great task.

  • Producer: niceplay games
  • Publisher: tinyBuild
  • launch date isSeptember 21st the 21st of September, 2021 (Early Access)

It’s not difficult to see that players are paying more at games that have an original concept – like the latest Gas Station Simulator, which requires us to run the operation of a gas station. I’m not certain the last time, this idea would have ever seen the dawn of the day However, developers are exploring more boldly, and the public is embracing the game.

One of the more unusual projects can be identified as Potion Craft Alchemist Simulator is an alchemist simulator from the past that lets you make potions by mixing various ingredients, and also maintain his store, meeting the needs of customers from all kinds of estates: citizens, knights bards, and other.

The game’s plot is, as it were is missing the entire concept of it is revealed in the course of a short training in which we discover an abandoned store that, through good luck, we find everything needed to make potions. With no time to think the master is set to begin work.

Potion Craft: The Alchemist Simulation is different from similar simulations , and here you don’t have to tediously clean a room prior to when it is ready to host guests. There’s just one unfinished space in the game and the reason is because the designers are developing the room.

However, before I go into the gameplay, I’d like to say a sentence or two on the incredible stylization that evokes the style of medieval medical books and manuscripts. The amazing drawing instantly stirs feelings of sympathy and a relaxed mood, and you don’t need to discuss an immersion into the world that was prevalent in medieval times. Middle Ages. The music, which is just one melody, improves the experience, but isn’t boring.

Making potions can be surprisingly enjoyable in the sense that Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator makes it in the traditional way.

In the center of the shop, you’ll notice an alchemist’s table with basic tools like a cauldron mech, stupa, and a small pot of water. The interaction with these tools is like the beginning screen in Lionhead Studios’ games – in their work you can use a logo to the loading screen, and rotate the screen however you like by scattering tiny cubes around. You could grab an cauldron spoon, or a pestle and move them across the screen and hit everything that is in your way while doing so. The controls are flexible and fun – it’s just a matter of trying to grasp. Watch the following video.

There are numerous kinds of herbs and mushrooms that can be used to make potions. The player is required to mix the ingredients. However, this shouldn’t be done by experimenting by throwing everything into the pot everything and exploring the interactive map. This was the main feature in Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator.

The ingredients have their own unique trajectory in the map: zipper lines, steep arcs knotted loops, and so on. When we pour the ingredients into the cauldron the potion starts to travel across in the dynamic map till it is at the point where it is the final product. It might be fiery toxic, frosty, medicinal or electric… The authors also offered other original versions including “Libido” is an analog to a love potion as well as others.

The map itself is quite fascinating! With a serious expression, you can follow the path mixing and grinding ingredients while gradually stirring the entire mixture inside the cauldron. The goal is to make sure you match the symbol of your drink to the one you’ve drawn. Because the more precisely we blend these ingredients, the more high-end it’s “product” can be. It also determines how much the customers are willing to spend for it.

There’s more it will also be filled with dead zones and experience points throughout the journey to the potion you choose to make, which will put us back to the beginning. Experience is essential to boost up the capabilities of an alchemist. This is done by implementing an easy tree with four branches, the improvement of which can increase the area of the map, raise the price of goods, and the list goes on. There’s even a hint of quests for which we can also earn the experience.

Regarding the customers – they’re certain people. The conversations they have with them are not typical and some will share stories of the way they were wounded on hunting, while some will declare an urge to explode the neighbor’s home, since it causes sleep disturbances. It is important to determine what kind of potion your customer requires.

I once encountered a warrior among my guests that seemed to me like an old witch. He talked about a specific hunt that was into the wilderness…

The funniest thing is, you don’t need to assist your guests. In Potion Craft, Alchemist Simulator comes with the reputation and karma system. If you assist the same pyromancer that is planning to do harm it is easy to get horns for our heads. Yes, indeed, if you perform good deeds, then , around the avatar will be angel wings and horns. It is contingent on what people will be visiting you, however at the beginning of access, this isn’t a major function.

After we’ve fed everyone and you’re ready to sleep in or play around with the map, exploring remote areas that contain uncommon potions. You can also tidy up your products with the sophisticated customization system which lets you change the look and appearance of the bottles, their colors and even label the bottles. The idea is just aesthetic, but it’s worth noting how amazingly the designers have dealt with this.

The creators of Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator remain far to get to. They’ve stated in the game’s description the plans to create reputation systems with consequences , as well as more sophisticated recipes, as well as refine the alchemy system and more. I’m confident that the game will have an exciting future, as even in its early access, it is stunning and enjoyable.

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